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The Diabetes Section

The Diabetes Section is meant to help you through information and resources.

Over weight and diabetes

Diabetes Type 2 and over weight are inter-connected. If you are over weight, you are at a much higher risk of diabetes, thus the Diabetes Section has become a part of our website.

Beware of what may be the wrong approach to diabetes!

What makes this section different than most is that I am not in favor of an allopathic approach to diabetes. Allopathic means to treat the symptoms rather than the cause. I want you to be aware of this because it is only fair that you know my point of view.

My intent is to help you to do more than just cope.

What you will find in this section are diabetes articles, diabetes resources, news, secrets, revelations, and more. 

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A List of Diabetes Forums and Communities
What is the Diabetes Lie?
Diabetes Mellitus Explained In Understandable Terms
Diabetes Is Growing and Is Considered To Be The Biggest Epide
Grab Your Free Diabetes Lie Preview Copy
Take this free test to see if you have prediabetes or are at risk.
If you are concerned that you might have diabetes or pre-diabetes, read this.
Is Your Child Thirsty or Tired? These are two indicators that your child may have juvenile diabetes.
Diabetes Type 1 Breakthrough! A cure for diabetes one seems to be in sight!
A CURE for Type 1 Diabetes has been found in mice! A cure in humans is hopefully to happen in about 3 years
Vitamin D and Diabetes

More Diabetes Help:

7 Tips To Save Your Feet From Diabetes!

Diabetes Video Section

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