1. The  Ten WORST Foods
    For Diabetics
    Avoid These Foods
    1. Salty foods.  Salty foods are an enemy of diabetes and blood pressure.
    2. Sugary Foods are foods that are usually lacking in nutritional value.  They tend to cause spikes in blood glucose.
       Sugary foods include baked goods, candy bars, sauces, condiments, and agave nectar.
    3. Sugar-sweetened beverages Regular soda, and energy drinks can all be bad for blood sugar. Energy drinks are often high in caffeine and high in carbohydrates,
    4. Refined grains. Refined grains include foods such as  white bread, pasta, and rice.  These foods are high in carbs, and low in fiber.  This can increase blood sugar levels more quickly than their whole grain counterparts. .
    5. Fried foods such as french fries, fried chicken, and potato chips
    6. Alcohol.  Drinking alcohol has the same health risks for people with diabetes as it does in otherwise healthy people.  However, there are certain additional risks that are related to having diabetes. Most alcoholic drinks like beer and sweetened mixed drinks are high in carbohydrates, this can raise blood sugar levels.  If you are taking diabetes medications, particularly insulin and sulfonylureas, alcohol can cause low blood glucose.
    7. Breakfast cereal. Most cereals are high in added sugar.
    8. Candy is also high in sugar.
    9. Processed meats such as high-fat meats like ground beef, bologna, hot dogs, sausage, bacon, and ribs should be avoided
    10. Fruit juice can contain natural sugar.

    Full Fat Dairy   Full-fat dairy used to be considered bad for diabetics, now it is considered by some to be a friend instead of an enemy.  The new opinion is that full-fat dairy shows possible health benefits. Eating a diet high in full-fat dairy is now linked to a lower risk of developing pre-diabetes or diabetes. However, the jury is still out, since some studies find that low-fat dairy can help protect against diabetes, while others find that only diets that include full-fat dairy are helpful.


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