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Three Week Diet

By George Pierce
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The 3 Week Diet

The Three Week Diet is a new diet by Brian Flatt.  Brian is a personal trainer and nutritionist.  He claims his diet is based on a revolutionary weight loss idea that helps dieter lose more weight faster.  The Three Week Diet promises dieters that they will lose 12-23 pounds in three weeks.

Brian feels that mot diets do not work because they do not generate results fast enough.   Brian is the owner of R.E.V. Fitness in So. California and says he has seen dieters become discouraged and quit again and again.  The reason was too much sacrifice for too little results.  Brian set out to find a way to lose weight faster.  

He claims his diet works faster because it focused on breaking down harmful triglycerides.  According to Flatt, what we eat is broken down into fatty acids.  The fatty acids are small which allows them to travel  in and out of cells and make themselves available for energy.  When these fatty acids are not used, our body stores them away.  Brian says that this is where our weight problems begin.  Our body stores the fatty acids with two other fatty acids and a glycerol molecule.  The result is what is known as a triglyceride.  

Triglycerides are big which means that they cannot exit the fat cells like the free flowing fatty acids. This leads to stubborn body fat which is so hard to get rid of.

Flatt says the triglycerides can be 'targeted' and broken down into fatty acids and then burned as energy.  According to Flatt, breaking down triglycerides creates a surge of energy that our bodies love.  

Brian claims that the secret to his diet's success is that it not only breaks down triglycerides, it also prevents the body from forming new ones.  

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How does the Three Week Diet work?

The diet is separated into four parts.  
  1. Diet:  The diet consists of three phases.  Each phase lasts one week.  The first phase is the toughest, but the diet promises weight loss as much as 10 pounds by changing the foods that you eat and do not eat.  Get past week one and you should make it all the way
  2. The Exercise:  The Three Week diet workouts are about 20 minutes a few times per week. You can go to the gym or do them at home.
  3. Supplements:  The diet provides a supplement review of what you will need on the Three Week Diet.
  4. Motivation and Mindset:  This is an area that too many diets fail to address.  The diet will help you to learn how to focus your energy in order to achieve your goals.  You will discover valuable tips, tricks, and secrets for losing weight and for keeping it off.
Brian chose 21 days because it takes 21 days for your actions to become habit.  

The 3 Week Diet focuses on protein, fat, and carbs.  

Protein causes your body to release a hormone known as glucagon.  Glucagon slows the harmful effects of  excess carbs and seems to attack fat stores.  

Fat alone does not make us fat.  The diet focuses on essential fat (essential fatty acids) which actually help burn stubborn fat.

Carbs are defined as simple and complex.  Carbs in any form can spike blood sugar levels which can cause weight gain.  Fiber, which is a carb, is not actually digested and therefore does not create sugar spikes.  

The theory behind the 3 Week Diet is that controlling your blood sugar will control your weight.  The Golo Diet is an another example of  diet that is based on this premise.  

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Eat Often:

On this diet you will be eating often, about 5-6 times per day.  The reason is that you will maximize your metabolism.  Meal frequency is a key factor.


Water is essential and most of us drink way too little.  Plenty of water keeps our kidneys working at full capacity.  Too little water means that our liver needs to help out.  Our liver is responsible for metabolize fat.   So too little water ends up slow our metabolism.  

Does the Three Week Diet work?

Yes.  Lower calories and carbs help you to lose weight along with exercise. 

Level of difficulty:

Phase One is high, after that medium.

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Lose Weight
Quick weight loss
Feel better
Look better
More energy
Healthy eating
Lower blood sugar level


Phase one is difficult, bout only one week.
No clinical trials or studies 
A strict diet that needs to be followed closely
Meal planning
Meal preparation


I am rather impressed with this straight forward approach to weight loss.  You will lose weight and lose it quickly.  Best of all the diet lays the groundwork for your lifestyle transformation in three short weeks.  I give the Three Week Diet a thumbs up. On the other hand, I remind you that the first week will be difficult.  

Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you much success on your weight loss journey.  

Kind regards,
George Pierce
Founder Win At Losing Weight


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   The Three Week Diet

The 3 Week Diet

The Three Week Diet is a digital download.  The advantage of a digital download is that you can start immediately.  

Once you make a decision to begin a diet, whichever diet you choose, the sooner that you start, the better.  

Your most important step is the one you take to 'get started'.  Being able to make that commitment allows you to focus on what you need to do and to do it.

Once you make a decision to get started, then you no longer want to wait.  With the three week diet there is no waiting.  

We always welcome comments and feedback.  Since the diet is new, we would love your feedback should you decide to try it. 

Use the contact form below and thank you. 



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