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In The Time You Take To Read This, You Can Begin!



In The Time You Take To Read This, You Can Begin!

The most important step in losing weight is the first step.  The first step actually begins in your head.  Your first step is when you make up you mind.  In that instant, you have taken your first and most important step.  

We can think about losing weight for weeks or months and until we take 'action', nothing is going to happen.  That action, your action and mine, will not be taken until we make a conscious decision to act.

You have in your brain (as well all do), a figurative switch.  Let's call it a 'decision switch'.  You can leave the switch in the off position, or you can flip it to the on position.  It is your choice, it is your call, it is your decision.

Losing weight is not as simple as making a decision to begin, but until you make that decision, until you consciously flip that switch, you will not take action.  I hope that you will decide to make a decision to lose weight and that the action that you take is to join us at Win At Losing Weight.  

Membership is free and in 30 days (thanks to a free ecourse that new members are automatically enrolled in), you will have acquired weight loss knowledge and tools and skills that you never knew existed.

Click Here for a free tour.



Not sure if you have diabetes?


Do You Have Diabetes?

About one in eleven people have diabetes.  Many people, however, do not know that they have this disease.  If you think you might have diabetes, but are not sure, please read my article, Diabetes Mellitus Explained.  

Click Here for Diabetes Mellitus Explained.

Click Here for The Diabetes Lie.

Click Here for The Diabetes Library.

Detox Diets, so popular but not so good.


Detox Diets Revealed!

Detox Diets tend to PREY on wannabe dieters.  They know that you want to lose weight and

to lose 10 pounds or even 20 pounds in a short time is alluring.   In addition, you also get detoxified.  

Most detox diets and detox products such as pills are NOT good choices.  

In my Detox Diet Review, you can learn more about the positives and the negatives of Detox Dieting.  

There is one Detox Diet, however, that I feel may be worthy of consideration.  Learn more....

Even the best diets have flaws!


Even the best diets have flaws!

When looking for a diet, do not be quick to judge.  Look at the positives

and more importantly, look at the negatives.  If you cannot find any negatives,

that may not be a good sign.  

Use your search box, type in the name of the diet plan or program and add

negatives or side effects and search or go to our home site, Win At Losing Weight.  

Choosing the diet that is right for you is crucial.  There is more to weight loss

success than finding the right diet, but success with the WRONG diet is not going to happen.  


The bottom line is that all diets have flaws.  

You need to know those flaws as well as the positives in order to make a quality decision.


What should you look for in an exercise plan?

wldw-exercise-to-lose-weight-fastexercise girl with tape

What should you look for in an exercise plan?

When considering an exercise plan, the following are a list of what to look for:

  • Step by step process
  • Aerobic (cardio training)
  • Anaerobic (muscle or strength training)
  • Ability to customize
  • Includes monitoring your food intake
  • 30 minutes or more of exercise per session
  • Warm up (usually stretches or low intensity movements)
  • Cool down (also stretches or low intensity movements)
  • Sleep and rest
  • Short and long term (maintenance) strategy

You must also use your own common not over step your abilities.

You may be amazed at what you can achieve, but you must work your way to the top, so do not bite off more than you can chew. 

If you are beginner, then start with a beginner plan or a customizable plan that will work for you.


The benefits that you will receive from a good exercise plan
go far beyond weight loss!

Did you know that exercise dramatically helps your brain! Thank goodness, you discovered this fact before it was too late-grin!  

You will find that in just a short while that you will be thinking more clearly and more quickly.  Your mood will improve.  You will also be helping to stave off dementia in later years.  

Exercise will also improve muscle tone, create more muscle mass, and reduce fat mass.  Guess what? Muscles burn more calories.  Even when you are not exercising you will be burning more calories!   
Ladies, you are more likely to lose weight more slowly than men, since you normally have less muscle.  

Exercise promotes a stronger heart and a lower heart rate which is great for your heart and your circulatory system.  

Exercise also keeps your bones strong, helps you to relax and sleep better, improves your immune system, and even improves your skin.

Remember that exercise is an essential part of the weight loss success triangle.

For more help, I welcome you to take a free tour, click here.

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Decolonizing Diet Project

Decolonizing Diet Project




Howard Schultz, longtime Starbucks CEO, is an alumnus of North Michigan University.

NMU had the first Starbucks in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (located in the Learning Resource Center). 

North Michigan 
Decolonizing Diet Project

NMU's Decolonizing Diet Project has a comprehensive website open to the public...

you do not have to be an NMU student with a username and password.

You will find a downloadable food list, a downloadable grocery list, lots of great recipes,

a forum, group discussions, and more at the NMU DDP site.














Why does losing weight seem as difficult as overcoming an addiction?


Why is losing weight  like 

overcoming an addiction?

drowning hand in water

For some people losing weight is as easy as giving up soft drinks.  For most people, however, losing weight seems to be difficult, very difficult, or impossible.  WHY?  The reason is twofold...and both reasons are abetted due to lack of knowledge. 

Food is addicting!

For some of us, eating is truly an addiction.  If you feel that you have a compulsive obsession with eating, click here for a list of 22 forums and communities that can help you.  I would recommend that you investigate #7 Food Addicts Anonymous and #8 Greysheet, in particular.  

With many addictions, the best cure is to stop.   But you cannot stop eating.  With a few addictions, you can 'substitute' another drug or option temporarily.  But many of us are not aware that we can 'substitute', when it comes to losing weight.   Excellent 'substitution' options are prepackaged meal plans, some weight loss options that use shakes to replace a meal, and some options use 'substitute foods' to replace less healthy and fattening foods.  The fact is that there are some outstanding weight loss programs, plans, tools, and options to help you to eat healthier, more sensibly, and to lose weight.  

If we have so many great weight loss choices, why is losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight so difficult?  

Weight Loss is INCOMPLETE!

What you are about to discover is that there is actually something NEW about successful weight loss. 

It is new to you and new to most people that are trying their darnedest to lose weight with no real success.  Most programs should work, so why don't they?

They do not work because they are INCOMPLETE.

How can they be incomplete? Because there is more to weight loss than diet and exercise. Diet and exercise make up two legs of the weight loss triangle.   There is a third leg, one that you are not aware of.  It is this new third leg, it is this 'missing information', that is holding you back.

thumb up gal

Finally Succeed!

If you have been seeking the keys to weight loss success, I have them for you. They are FREE to all our members, and membership is also FREE. they are included in our 30 day weight loss ecourse...just one of the benefits of free membership.

Should you decide to become a free member, you will discover that losing weight is possible, permanent weight loss is possible, and both are easier than you think. 

Your free weight loss ecourse is a 30 day training plan.  You will learn how to make better weight loss choices so you will be able to start off with the weight loss program that is the perfect fit for you.  You will also gain access to my long list of weight loss reviews...each of which I have done my level best to give you full weight loss disclosure.  In other words, you will know the good and the bad, so you can make better decisions.  Best of all, you will discover five crucial factors and three weight loss secrets that will arm you with the information that has been missing.  You need the third leg to make weight loss work.  It is included free in your training ecourse.  Your weight loss plans will no longer be INCOMPLETE!  

Begin your road to success, today.  Click Hereto join for free.

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Nasty Truth about Losing Weight!


The nasty truth!  continued

#1: Garbage!

So let's start by talking about the Weight Loss GARBAGE!

You get too much wrong information, we call that weight loss garbage. Most of this garbage comes in the form of hype about weight loss products that DO NOT WORK!

Our Lipozene review, Hydroxycut review and our Sensa review are a few examples of 'Miracle' products that we feel you should avoid and consider as garbage.

Our second reason is the root of why weight loss does not work!


You get too much wrong information and bad information, you already know that we label that as weight loss garbage.

You do not get crucial information that you need, we call that the third side of the weight loss triangle. This missing side, this missing information is essential for your long term success at losing weight. Unfortunately, no one tells you about it.

What is amazing to us is that even the most reputable diets omit this information! Perhaps this is on purpose...once you succeed you are no longer a customer.

This new information may be hard to wrap your mind around and you may not be relating to what we are attempting to share with you. That is understandable.

We have all been led to believe that successful weight loss equals diet and exercise and nothing more.

Since you are being exposed to what may seem to you to be a completely different aspect of weight loss, allow us to share the weight loss success triangle.

Two sides are weak, three sides are strong.

Weight loss success has THREE sides, not TWO!

Nearly all weight loss programs focus on two sides, diet and exercise. Unfortunately, they pay little to no attention to the third and essential side. This third side encompasses areas such as preparation, research, match making, attitude, escape routes, and mindset.

Without help with the third leg, you have almost no chance of long term success at losing weight. Your true chance of long term weight loss success is only 3%, your true chance of failure at long term weight loss is a whopping 97%!
It is our mission to help you to learn what the 3% know!
animated question mark in mosaic mind

It is what you do not yet know that has been holding you back and we hope that you will allow us to help you change that.


We have outlined an overview of what the 3% know and are doing. This overview is called The Five Crucial Factors. Missing out on just one of these five factors spells doom for your chances of success.

Next we have put together a 30 day email training course that will properly prepare you to succeed. All this and more are available to you as a free lifetime member of Weight Loss Disclosure Website.

What you do not know is hurting you!

Understanding or even believing that there is more to weight loss than you realize may be difficult. Allow us to share this example to help make things a bit clearer.

ceiling lamp

When you want to turn on the ceiling lamp, you flip a switch..right?

light switch on wall

When the switch goes to the On position,

the light goes on. But what happens when you

blow a fuse or flip a circuit breaker?


You can flip that wall switch again and again and again, but the ceiling lamp will not go on. No matter how much you try, the light does NOT go on.

Picture your 'essential missing information' as the equivalent of that blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Now consider that the breaker has been tripped and that you are a three year old child who knows nothing about fuses or circuit breakers!

You keep flipping that light switch or that weight losss switch, again and again...the light is supposed to come on but it does not. you are supposed to lose weight and keep it off but it does not happen...if only someone would teach you about fuses and circuit breakers, if only someone would teach you about what has been missing in your weight loss efforts!

Are You Serious?

If you are serious about losing weight, then we ask that you try to understand that what you have not yet been told about weight loss has been holding you back.

It is not you, it is probably not your exercise plan or your diet choice, it not your fault, it is ESSENTIAL INFORMATION THAT IS MISSING!

We encourage you to get started now at no cost.

Click Here to register for your free lifetime membership.


Potatoes, Friend Or Foe?



Potatoes, Friend Or Foe?

Potatoes are considered a bad choice by many experts due to a high glycemic index. You may have heard that we should eat colorful foods because of high antioxidants, and we feel that is not bad advice. On the other hand, when we hear 'stay away from white carbs', we do not concur.

Some white carbs such as sugar and withe bread should be avoided. On the other hand, there are many white carbs that are not our enemy.

Cauliflower is an excellent source of vitamin C and fiber and minerals. Cauliflower is one of those foods that are thought to help prevent excess belly fat.


White foods such as mushrooms, onions, and garlic are high in nutrients and antioxidants.

Potatoes are thought by some to be our enemy, we disagree. Potatoes are a great source of vitamins and minerals as well as a reasonable source of fiber. We consider potatoes to be a healthy carb as long as they are eaten in the right form. The right form is with the skin and NOT fried.

Seven to Nine Potatoes per day!

A recent study was made where some of the participants had to eat at least 7 to 9 whole potatoes per day! The potato eaters actually lost weight! Surprisingly, potatoes contain only about 100 to 120 calories each. Seven to nine potatoes per day would certainly be filling.

If you love potatoes, we are not saying to eat seven or nine per day, but an occasional potato should not stop you from losing weight.

Based on an article by Mike Geary, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist



The Shocking Problem With Eating Fruit!


shocked man

The Shocking Problem With Eating Fruit!  
by George Pierce
George Pierce

What you are about to discover are some little known facts about eating fruit that you need to know and one fact about eating fruit that may shock you!  

Certainly, making fruit a part of your diet seems to be a wise and healthy choice!

Let me share something about eating fruit that might surprise you. Without this information, your good fruit eating habits, may not be so good!
If fruit is so great, how can there be a problem?                                        

Most of you probably have fruit after a meal...sort of like dessert...mmm, and you might  have fruit on your cereal, and a glass of juice with breakfast and often a glass of juice with your other meals.  

Not knowing when to eat fruit, is a problem that most of us share!??

girl pointing to alarm clock

When we eat fruit matters!  

You should eat fruit on an empty stomach.  After you eat a piece of fruit, it is supposed to go directly through your stomach and into your intestines.  When you eat fruit after eating other foods, you are preventing the fruit from being able to go straight through your stomach.  Even worse, when the fruit comes into contact with these other foods and digestive juices in your stomach, it causes the entire mass to begin to spoil which means fermentation and rotting and acid.  This putrification can also cause you to bloat and have gas.  

The Secret is to Eat fruit before a meal or on an empty stomach!  

Eating fruit with a meal or after a meal is WRONG!  

Tips that you want to know about eating fruit:
  • Most of us think of some fruits such as oranges, lemons, or limes as acidic.  
  • All fruits actually become alkaline in our bodies.
  • Eating whole raw fruit is better than drinking its juice.  
  • If you drink fruit juice, only drink FRESH juice.  
  • Do not drink juice from concentrate and do not drink fruit juice that has been heated.  
  • Drink fruit juice one mouthful at a time to allow your saliva to mix with he juice.
  • Do not eat fruit that has been cooked.  
  • Cooked fruit loses all it vitamins and nutrients.
man holding bananas

Raw Fruits provide us with a wealth of nutrients!
  • Apples:  high in flavinoids and antioxidants which help your body with Vitamin C.  Apples, themselves are not high in C, but their ability to enhance vitamin C in our bodies, helps to lower our risk of  heart attack, stroke, and colon cancer.
  • Berries: high in antioxidants, which protect us from cancer causing free radials.
  • Guava:  very high in Vitamin C and high in fiber as well.
  • Kiwi:  also high in Vitamin C, about two times as much as an orange and also provides you with Vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, and fiber.
  • Orange:  Eat more than one a day to help prevent colds, dissolve and prevent kidney stones, lower your risk of colon cancer, and lower your cholesterol.
  • Papaya:  very high in Vitamin C and a good source of carotene for your eye health.
  • Watermelon:  a source of potassium and Vitamin C, high in glutathione which is good for your immune system, and also contains lycopene which is an antioxidant.
winning trophy

Fruit is a winner!

Fruit can help you with added energy, detoxification, weight loss, boosting your immune system, adding fiber to your diet, lowering cholesterol, lowering your risk of cancer and heart attack, reducing your risk of colds, improving your eye health, protecting you from free radicals, and more!  

Certainly, making fruit a part of your diet seems to be a wise and healthy choice!

We all know that fruits are wonderful foods!    

Including fruit in your diet and adding fruit to your diet is an important step toward losing weight and improving what you eat and improving your overall health.  

Remembering WHEN to eat fruit will maximize your benefits and eliminate fermentation.

Thank you for reading, my friends, I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind Regards,
George Pierce
Founder WALW

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Obesity - Overweight - Defined


Obesity - Overweight - Defined
by George Pierce
George Pierce image
obesity on the street

Obesity - Overweight - Defined

Obese or may be wondering...what exactly does that mean?

Being obese or overweight is determined by your body weight relative to your height.

One of the best measurements or indicators is called BMI.  BMI stands for Body Mass Index.  An easy way to help you to relate to your BMI is to consider BMI as to think of it as your thinness or thickness.  A low BMI means that you are thin, a high BMI means that your body is thick.  

If your BMI exceeds 25, you are considered obese.  Even a few pounds over your ideal weight can be surprisingly harmful.   I invite you to watch:   Why even slightly overweight is dangers, a video by Markus Rothkranz in The Horrors of Being Over Weight section of our forum.

Most experts seem to feel that once your BMI exceeds 25 or if your body weight exceeds your normal weight by 20%, you are at serious risk for health problems and early death.  

Some of your risks are:

Heart Disease
High Blood Pressure
Type 2 Diabetes
Gall Bladder Disease
Gall Stones
Shortness of Breath
Sleep Apnea
Compromised Life Style
Reduced Life Span

Garfield explains weight gain as we get older

Many of us may think that gaining weight is 'normal'.  You may feel that once you have children or once you reach a certain age, you gain weight.  Worst of all, you may feel deep down that weight gain is beyond your control, so any efforts that you make to lose weight are only temporary.  

I am happy to inform you that you are WRONG!

The fact is that a 'healthy lifestyle' means a healthy weight.  

The fact is that you do have control over your 'lifestyle' and your weight.  

The fact is that you are NOT doomed to fail at weight loss!

I am George Pierce and I have put together the Win At Losing Weight website.  I invite you to visit and become a free member.  As a member, you will learn the basics of weight loss and the basic skills of weight loss that you never knew existed.  You will be exposed to 'The Five Crucial Factors'.  I have discovered five factors that are essential to weight loss.  Miss out on just one and you will not succeed long term.  You will also have member access to tools such as a BMI calculator, resources, library and more.  Best of all, your membership includes a 30 day training course like no other.  In the next thirty days, you can learn the weight loss skills that you have never been told about, skills you simply did not know existed.

I urge you to no longer separate yourself from long term weight loss and allow yourself to get the help to Win At Losing Weight.  

I thank you for reading, my friend.  Much success with your weight loss endeavors.

Kind Regards,
George Pierce
Founder Win At Losing Weight

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Failure is the essence of success.

Failure is the essence of success.

I often compare weight loss to riding a bike.   Unfortunately, you must be willing to fail and fail in order to finally succeed.  At the Win At Losing Weight (WALW) website, I have put together a one of a kind training course, that is meant to take failure out of the weight loss equation.  

Learning to ride a bike requires a few basic skills.  Until you learn them you will fail.  Losing weight long term requires a few basic skills.  Until you learn them, you will fail.  It is not your fault, that is just how it is.  At WALW, my aim is to provide you with those skills and give you a proven path to follow.  

The fact is that most of us believe that we already know how to lose weight.  You probably feel the same way.  

Sorry, but it is not true.  

If most of us really knew how to lose weight and how to keep it off, you and nearly everyone else would not be reading this post. We would not need to.  Most of us would be maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight. About 70% of us need to lose weight.  A large majority do try and that is good.  Only 5% of us succeed, however.  That means that 95% of us fail and fail again.  

Yes, failure is the essence of success, but until we learn the skills necessary to succeed, we will continue to fail.  

For weight loss information like you have never seen, I invite you to visit Win At Losing Weight.

For training and skills like you have never seen, I invite you to become a member.

Thank you for reading, my friend, I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

George Pierce

Founder WALW



Five of the Most Frequently Asked Weight Loss Questions


Five of the Most Frequently Asked Weight Loss Questions

You can probably relate to one or more of these five questions.  Perhaps you have asked one yourself. Below you will find five of the most frequently asked questions regarding losing weight.

If I am on a diet, do I still need to exercise to lose weight?

Are all calories the same?

Does it matter what time you eat?

Perhaps, one of the most important questions is:

How many calories should I eat?

A more recent question and one that I may answer differnetly than most is:

What is gluten?

For my answers, click here.


Raspberry Ketone gets the 'Raspberry'


What is RK and why do I give it the 'raspberry'?  


Raspberries and most all berries are virtual super foods that are healthy and delicious and

loaded with anti-oxidants.  Most weight loss aids and diet pills, however, are not worth taking

and Raspberry Ketone is no exception.   Unfortunately, there is NO proof that Raspberry Ketone 

will help you with losing weight.   Raspberry Ketone or RK get a thumbs down in my RK Review.

Click Here to read my RK Review.




# 1 Diet Gets My OK, # 2 Diet Does Not!

#1 Diet, #2 Diet reviews.

#1 Diet Gets My OK, # 2 Diet Does Not!
by George Pierce
George Pierce Photo

weight watchers logo
The US News And World Report has chosen the Weight Watchers Diet as the number one diet.  This diet was created by co-founder Jean Nidetch.  She was an over weight housewife, who had trouble finding a weight loss plan that worked and one that she could maintain long term.   I give this diet a thumbs up and suggest that you consider adding it to your list.  In my Weight Watchers Diet Review, I cover the positives as well as the negatives.  I invite you to read my review to see if  Weight Watchers might be a good fit for you.

TLC diet

The US News and World Report has chosen the TLC Diet also the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet as the number two diet. This diet is endorsed by the American Heart Association and recommend by the National Institute of Health.  You may be surprised to find that I recommend that you should NOT add this diet to your list of diet choices.   Please read my TLC Diet Review to learn why.

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