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Never Be Hungry And Lose Weight!


Never Be Hungry And Lose Weight!

By swapping foods that are high in calories with foods that are

low in calories, you can eat as much or more than you are already 

eating and still lose weight.  This is the diet strategy behind Volumetrics.


Volumetrics is a diet that is based on eating more low calorie foods and

less high calorie foods.  This method of weight loss not only works, Volumetrics

is ranked as the 2nd best weight loss diet by U.S. News and World Report.


Bobby's Mom Won't Be Coming Home!

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Bobby and Teddy (Teddy Bear).  This story is fiction but it is based on fact.

Bobby's Mom Won't Be Coming Home!

Bobby's mom won't be coming home!  Several hours ago, Bobby's mom, Shelley, suffered a massive
heart attack.  The cause of the attack was due to obesity.  The paramedics did all they could to revive

She was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. 

This story happens more and more.  About 300,000 adults are now dying each year in the US from obesity.
An estimated 2.8 million adults are dying worldwide from this disease.  What is so horrifying about these
deaths are that they are all preventable.  Obesity is now the fifth largest killer of adults. 

How can this happen?

The leading cause is not so much lack of exercise, rather it is what we are eating and drinking that is killing us.
According to the New England Journal of Medicine and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, about 604 million
people are now obese.  The main driver behind our increasing world wide obesity is our massive caloric intake.

fast food

It boils down to eating more calories than we burn. 

To make this situation even worse, childhood obesity is rising faster that adult obesity. 

Bobby's mom knew she was obese,  it had been sucking the life out of her for the last few years.  Shelley knew she needed to do something about being overweight, but she would never have procrastinated if she knew that her obesity was going to kill her! 

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Begin With One Small Change!



Begin With One Small Change!

Getting started on losing weight is not any easy decision.  Making one small change is an alternative that is much much easier and, best of all. will get you started.

Deep down, we all want to get started, but we may not be ready for a huge weight loss commitment. Rather than do nothing, start small with just one change.  It is easy, you can add more changes later, and the important part is that you are getting started.

For more help:

Make One Small Change!

The Easiest Way To Lose Weight and Not Diet!

Lose Weight Without Dieting!

Lose Weight With Others


Lose Weight With Others!

197 entrants at the annual weight loss challenge at Scott AFB lost 1207 pounds.

Lower carb and more cardio were the lifestyle changes that the dieters attributed to their success.

Losing weight as part of a group can have significant advantages for some people.

Your biggest benefit is the support and motivation that you can give and receive.

For online support, click here for a list of 22 online forums and communities that you can join.


Great Diets Are NOT Great!??


Great Diets Are NOT Great!??

Many great diets may not be great because they are not right for you.  They may be too strict, too hard, not strict enough or too easy.  They may not suit your palate...the diet may be centered around bananas or grapefruit...and you hate bananas or grapefruit. 

My point is to find a diet that is a good fit for YOU.

At the Win At Losing Weight Website, you will find candid diet reviews that should help you with your diet decision.  Should you decide to 'Join Us', your free membership will include further help, instruction and training on how to research and choose the diet that fits you best...and much more.

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Losing Weight And FUN!


Losing Weight And FUN!

If losing weight is NOT fun, won't it be very difficult to reach your goal weight?

If losing weight is NOT fun, won't it be nearly impossible to maintain your goal weight?

The changes that you make when losing weight are simply trading in old habits for better habits in the areas of diet, exercise and mindset.

Most of us think that losing weight is 'Difficult' and 'No Fun'. That's our first mistake.

Weight loss can be much easier than you ever expected!

There are so many tricks and secrets to make weight loss easier. The first is to start with our mindset and attitude. This time, make yourself a promise to really make an effort....and to focus your effort on finding, learning, and implementing ways to make your new journey easier and more fun.

Your new look does not have to take the fun out of life.

A few tips:

#1: Make eating fun. Find and add new recipes to your eating plan on a weekly basis. Make sure that those recipes are ones that you will love.

#2: Made it a point to find an exercise plan that you will enjoy. Finding the right exercise means that you will look forward to exercise.

#3: Have fun. Celebrate your new life. Make having fun a new habit.

#4: Look for the fun. Just about everything we do can be viewed as a joy or a drag. Look to children and pets to help remind you how much fun the little things are.

Your new lifestyle can and will be fun. It takes just a little effort at first. Once it becomes a habit, you will see 'losing weight' as easier than you had expected.

Thanks for reading, my friends, I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

George Pierce

Win At Losing Weight Founder

For more help, visit our website, Win At Losing Weight.


Free Ebooks for Weight Loss, Diet, and Exercise!


Free Ebooks for Weight Loss, Diet, and Exercise!


I have recently added a library section for non members of Win At Losing Weight.

The Member area has had a library since the beginning, but non members now also have access

to some of our ebooks.  No email address is required.  The books are digital, so you can download 

them and begin enjoying them almost immediately.  

The two newest additions are:

super foods originality ecover insomniac ecver

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