5 Factor Diet Review

The 5 Factor Diet Review

by George Pierce
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The 5 Factor Diet was written by Harley Pasternak, a fitness trainer.  Harley is known for his fitness training of celebrities.  

How Does It Work?

Pasternak claims that the 5 Factor Diet is not a diet, it is a lifestyle.  The diet is based on the number FIVE,  five meals at five minutes prep time each, and five segments of five minute exercises five times per week.  The premise is that five meals per day will keep you satisfied, help you to maintain a stable and low blood sugar level, give you energy all day, and help your mood.  

The Five Promises:
  1. Less time spent in the kitchen
  2. No need for supplements
  3. Never feel hungry
  4. One cheat day per week
  5. The diet works in any situation...travel, eat out, etc.
Your five meals per day are based on five parts.
  1. Fiber
  2. Healthy Fats
  3. Water
  4. Complex carbs
  5. Lean protein
The foods that are included in the 5 Factor diet are low glycemic, which means that they will not create huge spikes in your blood sugar levels.

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The 5 Factor 5 Stage Workout

Each stage is 5 minutes in duration (total 25 minutes):

  1. Stage 1: cardio warm-up
  2. Stage 2: upper-body strength training
  3. Stage 3: lower-body strength training
  4. Stage 4: core exercises that include a variety of crunches and twists
  5. Stage 5: fat-burning cardio work

A 5 Factor Diet Meal Sample

1 Apple-cinnamon oatmeal frittata Egg whites Dries apples
2   Nonfat cottage cheese Apple
3 Curried chicken salad Chicken breast, nonfat yogurt Slice of no-flour bread
4   Veggie salami, nonfat cheese Brown rice cake
5 Lemon salmon Salmon Quinoa, side salad

You can eat anything you want on your once a week 'cheat day', otherwise you need to adhere to the five food group guidelines.  The diet focuses on portion control, lower calories, and appetite control, all important ingredients for weight loss success.


Does It Work?

Yes.  Healthy eating and exercise should help you to lose weight.


Lose weight
Although a 5 week program, this diet can work long term 
Meals are relatively quick and easy
No added food cost
No supplements needed
A cheat day gives needed flexibility
Calorie counting is not necessary
Exercise is included
Lower sugar levels
Lower cholesterol
Lower risk of heart disease


No support
Seems gimmicky 
Celeb success does not equal real life success
Higher protein may be an issue for kidney patients, see your doctor.
Organization and motivation are needed
Exercise does not follow Heart Association guidelines, see your doctor.

thumb up


I consider diets that offer flexibility, such as a cheat day, to be easier to stay on.  The meal preparation simplicity and prep time are also a plus.   You should always see your health care provider before making any decisions that may affect your health.  the higher protein level and the exercise level may present a problem for some folks.  I feel that this diet is worthy of your consideration and give it a thumbs up.

Thank you for reading, My friends, I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind regards,
George Pierce
Founder Win At Losing Weight

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