Social Resources For Losing Weight



Getting support from others makes losing weight easier. 

Support can also help you through the tough times when backsliding or

quitting may be on your mind. 

Support can be from anyone, even a perfect stranger. 

There are many social websites, forums, and communities in which the members

are dedicated to helping each other succeed at shedding pounds and keeping them off.   

The following websites offer weight loss support from people just like you,


who have joined together to encourage, strengthen, and support one another.


List of 22 Weight Loss Forums, Communities, and Social Sites.


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Local In Person Support

Local  in person support may also be an option. 

Local support depends, of course, on where you live.

To see if there is a group near you, you can type keywords into your search box such as:

Weight Loss Support

Weight Loss Support Groups


The add the follow keywords

near me

Your City or Town, Your State

A larger city or town nearby,  Your State.


An example of what your search words might look like:

Weight Loss Support Groups, Dallas, Texas

If you live anywhere near a big city, you should find several in person groups

near you that you can join.


The bottom line is that you want to make weight loss

as easy as possible and joining a support group will help.

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