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Who in the world  needs training to lose weight?  

You are probably thinking that YOU certainly do not need weight loss training.

I wish that I could agree that you and no one else needs a training course for weight loss.

Your situation is simple.  If you knew why you are not succeeding at losing weight and how to do to fix it, you would not be reading this article.  Take a chance on me and on our Win At Losing Weight website and on learning a few new things about losing weight in our training course.  You have nothingt to lose but pounds, so read on.

About me:

Allow me to share a little about me, in order that it might help you to understand why weight loss eludes most people and how all this can help you.

I am George Pierce and I assure you that what you are about to learn is more empowering than you can ever imagine. 

I have been 'lucky' enough to reach a healthy weight and to maintain that weight for over 20 years.  For those 20+ years,  I have continued to research and learn as much as I can about weight loss.   

One of the many things that I have learned is that I was lucky enough to lose and maintain, because I created my own luck, and you can learn to do the same. 

Another of the many discoveries that I have made over the past 20+ years is that 95 to 97 out of 100 people need help with learning a few simple basic weight loss skills.  About 95 to 97% of us continue to fail again and again at losing weight.  The problem that you face and most other people face is not your fault.  Nearly everyone is not aware that the skills that you need, even exist.  Should they realize that there is a problem, they are probably not sure exactly what the problem is, or how to fix it.  What happens, is that most people keep making the same mistakes each time they try to lose weight, but if they had just a little help, they could change things. 

Why all the study, learning, and research?

My initial reason for continued research and learning about weight loss was that I felt that the more I learned, the more likely that I would be to 'maintain' and, of course, the less likely that I would be to backslide.   There is some truth to that thinking, but what I have uncovered over the years is the fact that there are basic weight loss skills and important mental aspects that no one teaches.  Unfortunately, they mean the difference between repeated failure and continued success.

Are you aware that the reason why no one teaches what is in our course is that they want you to remain a life long customer?

Once you know what the 3 to 5% know, you will see why failure is so common, but, more importantly, you will see how you can win at losing weight. 

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Life is for living!  Life is for enjoying!


I want to help you to not overlook this opportunity to win at losing weight, so I am highlighting a small part of what you will find in your 30 day course. 

You will learn needed skills for your pre-diet research.  One of these skills is 'Match Making' which helps you find a perfect match.  After learning several ways to test your research, you will find a 'decision making' process that has been simplified and boiled down to an easy to follow chart that will truly amaze you. 

Finding the perfect fit is such an important first step, yet many of us choose our diet plan on a whim. 

Has anyone ever shown you how to go about choosing the perfect diet? 

Has anyone ever provided you with the tools and knowledge that you need do the proper research? 

Has anyone ever shown you a decision making process that will help you make your best choice?

The answer is NO! 

Again, this is just a small part of what awaits you.  You will soon discover that there is so much more for you to learn and you will find it in your 30 day weight loss email training course.

How do you access this training? 

Click Here to Join Us or click the Join Us menu tab above to  begin right away. 

If you are wondering how much all this costs, it is free! 


Why free? 

You probably will not believe what you are about to read next, but if you will subscribe to the training, you will understand completely.

I made a commitment to give and to give back, quite a few years ago.  This site is an extension of that commitment and so is the course.

Should you decide to Join Us, you will learn why 'giving' is so very important to losing weight.  Yes, that was an eye opener for me!  Giving and losing weight...who knew?  


I hope that you will agree that it is time to stop being a lifelong weight loss victim and time to become a lifelong weight loss success.

Join us to learn how to win at losing weight.

My friends, I thank you for reading.  I urge you to join now, but whatever you decision, I wish you much success on your weight loss journey.

Kind regards,
George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight Founder
PS.  As a member, you will find more help and resources in your member area, such as the Five Crucial Factors.  Your training is, of course, part of your membership. 

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