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My Personal Weight Loss Story:   
by George Pierce  

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I believe that my story will be of help to you.

I am George Pierce.  

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I have been fortunate enough to be able to lose about 25 pounds and to be able to keep those pounds off for over 20 years.  This fact does not make me any kind of an expert, but it does represent that I know what you are up against, I know how you feel, and I can certainly relate to failures before my weight loss success.  

Why I am sharing my story with you is so that you might be able to take whatever you feel is good and use it for yourself.

Almost 25 years ago, I had several failures at weight loss, and I finally ended up trying a low fat diet.   My low fat diet worked!  (It has since evolved, please read on).

During the "losing weight" part,  I focused on the 5 crucial factors without even knowing how important they are. Since I had been trying unsuccessfully to lose weight for a while, I had learned a few things that I was able to apply:


Some of these insights:
  • I realized that I was not about to be able to achieve my weight loss goal (20 to 30 pounds in my case), under a military weight loss regime.  
  • I would need some "reasonable" flexibility on limited occasions 
  • I also provided a "window" regarding my target weight.  What I had discovered is that my target weight was going to be one that felt right and was NEAR a healthy weight.  
  • I believed that it would be easier for me to maintain a comfortable yet reasonable target weight, rather than a specific weight or BMI. 
In addition to health and family reasons, there was one thing about my extra weight that really aggravated me.

Do not laugh, but I wanted to be able to tie my shoes without squeezing all the air out of my lungs...when I bent over to tie my shoes, I had to hurry because my extra weight made it difficult to reach my shoes, and quite difficult to breath...perhaps you can relate to what I am saying

apple and tape indicating weight loss

The weight loss part took about 5 months for me. 

I focused on trying to make my eating habits just that..."HABITS". During this 5 months I strove to eat reasonable portions, with foods like rice cakes and popcorn and healthy treats as well as fruits and vegetables and nuts and berries as snacks.  

I did then and still eat until I am "Satisfied", not FULL, "Satisfied"!

I do not even want to be FULL any more, but I did at first...so I had to use a little will power to "push away" from the table.  One of the best "exercises" that you can learn is the "push away"-grin.   


Satisfied is achieved easier if you eat slower...eat S-L-O-W-L-Y!  

By eating slower, you allow yourself to be satisfied and avoid eating more than you need to eat or more than you should eat.  I cannot eat like a DOG anymore, I have learned to eat slowly (it becomes a habit after about 21 days). Eat slowly, and make it a habit!  Eating slowly is easy to do and easy to make a habit, so just do it!

counting on calculator

I did not and still do not COUNT!  

I did cheat a little...I had gone to a Fat Gram table and determined approximately how many fat grams that I am allowed...however since I am in charge...I determine how many fat grams that I would allow myself per day...not the book, not the table, not the doctor...me...this was my weight loss plan, I was in control.  

(now my focus is on calories rather than fat grams)

I felt that if I had to count for the rest of my life, that I would subconsciously talk myself out of  this or any other weight loss plan that involved counting. 

Here is how I cheated:  I knew that I allowed myself so many fat grams per day...less so many gram for snacks which are meant to keep me feeling satisfied and not hungry.  I eat three meals per day...or you can choose to eat more but not less.  

I now focus on sugar and calories since fat is no longer a villain...in fact, "it takes fat to burn fat"-Dr. Kelly Ann Petrucci-The Bone Broth Diet.

BTW...I always eat breakfast, you must eat breakfast to lose weight (
see Boost Your Metabolism).

My eating habits now seem to gain calories as the day progresses.  Breakfast is usually the least, lunch is usually a few more and dinner or supper is usually the most. 



I used to snack mid afternoon and rarely need to now and I almost always snack in the evening.  So I planned or "counted"  for one day of  3 meals and 2 snacks. Those were my guidelines, pre-counted and pre-planned.  I almost never counted after a little pre-planning and almost never count now, but I do pay close attention to what I purchase.  I never shop for groceries, unless it is after I have eaten.  If I am not familiar with a food, I take nothing for granted, I will read the label and look at sugar grams and calories.

At first I had to read a lot of labels, but in no time I learned what to buy and what not to buy.  

I am not a dietitian or a health professional, so I will not advise you regarding your weight loss or health.   See your health professional and do your own research.

fresh foods in grocery store

The following is my typical day in regards to what I eat. 

This is not intended to be a weight loss plan or regimen, just an example that might help you to get some ideas.  

I also want to make it clear that since this inception of my 'low fat' diet, science has learned (and so have I) that fat is much more essential than previously thought.  My low fat diet has evolved into what I call a common sense diet or a healthy diet.  My diet now somewhat resembles the DASH Diet.


Real juice, Cereal (I look for fiber and low sugar) with (0-2%)low fat milk and less than a teaspoon of real sugar, topped about half the time with a handful or two of berries. Toast  or muffin or English muffin with real butter.  Half a cup of coffee...unsweetened and either black or with a bit of low fat milk. 

Lunch is usually one, or two, of these three...soup, salad, sandwich with a piece of fruit and WATER.

Dinner for me, may include a salad (or soup), then a small portion (4 oz.) of meat, and one or two or even three or more vegetables, and a small portion of potatoes or rice or broccoli or rarely a potato substitute and a half cup of coffee.  (I like coffee, water is even better).

If you are "HUNGRY" or "STARVED" at dinner time, you might consider lots of vegetables to help fill you up.  You might also need an afternoon snack, to help you along.  I used to use a little low fat margarine on the veggies, I use butter now.  

I usually have a dessert of some kind.  The dessert seems to help me to be more "satisfied". This "satisfied" feeling may be as much mentally satisfied as physically satisfied.  

two fresh bananas

My snacks:

Rarely, I will have a snack in the afternoon.  If I do, I will have some type of  health bar or a piece of fruit or berries or nuts.
In the evening, I will almost always have a snack.  I try not to have it too late, since it supposedly is more likely to stick to my waist line if I eat late, and I try to keep it light just for the sake of digestion.  I do not want to have to be digesting my snack all night (I avoid evening snacks of heavier foods such as meat).  

I have a large choice of healthy snacks that I can purchase or make.  I have water with my snacks.  I usually drink a total of ZERO soft drinks per week (check the sugar content, and diet drinks are toxic)

When I started out (while I was losing weight), I put a lot of emphasis on numerous servings of vegetables, and lots of snack options.  The reason was that I did not want to be hungry.  

I always associated weight loss with hunger...that is so wrong!  

Fortunately, I did not starve, I was never hungry, and I did not need as many servings and snacks as I thought.  

You know that losing weight is only half of your goal!??  Keeping it off, is the real key to weight loss.  I know that it may be hard to see that far ahead.  I am convinced that if you do not include "keeping it off" as part of your overall weight loss strategy, you may arrive at your destination, but you will soon return to whence you came.   

Weight loss is not a destination, it is a journey and needs to be a life long journey...but weight loss will not be and cannot be more than temporary, until you (YOU) decide beforehand, that you will include maintenance (keeping it off) in your weight loss plans.

smilingfamily of five

OMG...the rest of your life...yes...that is not horrible...it is WONDERFUL!  

Do not be overwhelmed, but do not leave the "keeping it off" part of weight loss, out of the equation. Putting more thought into your preparation (research and homework) and how to make your weight loss plan work before you ever start, will add to your chances of continued success.  


I never counted and still don't, but I do try to use 'common sense' and eat healthy.  I do read labels, but now I look mainly at sugar content.

I do not think 'diet', I think 'eating habits' and have worked to make them good habits.  Improved eating habits or quality eating habits seems to me to be easier than 'diet'.

I try to exercise at least 30 minutes per day, EVERY DAY.  Every day equals a 'habit' in 21 days.  Losing weight boils down to improving our habits.  

Uh Oh!

About five years ago, I started gaining weight...argghh...I am sure that some of my readers can relate.  I have several swap or safety valve options, built into my eating, such as a teaspoon of sugar per day, one binge item per week, and occasional ice cream.  I love ice cream but I knew it was time to 'swap' ice cream  for a low cal alternative.  I chose pudding that I make and yogurt (low sugar).   

I still have a very satisfying menu and I am never hungry.  I eat well and enjoy great meals.  You can do the same.

To make it easier and to help you to make your next choice last, I urge you to check out the Five Crucial Factors for Weight Loss Success.  If you miss out on just one of these five factors, your chances of success are about zero.  

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Thank you for reading, my friends, I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

George Pierce

Founder Win At Losing Weight




Weight Loss Motivation!

Motivation can act like the fuel that we need to get started, to stay on track, or to maintain our commitment.

If you need a little push or help or motivation, I hope that the following will help.


#1:  Get Serious!

In order to succeed at losing weight, be serious about losing weight.  Losing weight is serous business, so you have to treat it that way. 

#2:  Discipline!

Motivation ebbs and flows, discipline is lasting.  Work on your discipline.  Discipline is one of many habits that you can change.  Effort and practice will get you from poor weight loss discipline to good weight loss discipline.

#3:  Be stubborn!

This time, be stubborn.

How?  Refuse to quit. Refuse to go back.  The only way to fail at weight loss is to quit, so be stubborn and refuse to quit! 




#4:  Think LONG TERM!

Short term weight loss does not work,  It is only temporary and the weight comes back and you and I know that is true.  Short term thinking becomes a bad habit and an unhealthy habit.  This time, do things right and think LONG TERM weight loss.  You cannot succeed at permanent weight loss without a permanent weight loss commitment and mindset.

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