The 5-2 Diet | 5:2 Diet | Fast Diet Review

by George Pierce
George Pierce


What is the 5:2 diet?

The 5:2 Diet is a diet that involves intermittent fasting.  This diet which was popularized by Dr. Michael Mosely, is presently the most popular diet that requires intermittent fasting.  

How does it work?

The Fast Diet or the 5:2 Diet consists of 5 days of regular eating and 2 days of very limited calories.  The limited calorie days or 'fast' days allow 500 calories for women and 600 for men.   Your fast days will put your caloric intake for those days about 3000 to 3500 calories below what you should need.  this means that you should lose about a pound per week with the 5:2 Diet.

On the other five days, you can eat what you want, but use common sense, so you do not cancel out your fast days.  

Does it work?

Yes,  you should lose about a pound per week.

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You get to eat what you want (within reason) five days per week.
Intermittent short term fasting is thought to help lower insulin levels and insulin resistance as well as lower CRP levels (lower inflammation), decrease Leptin levels, and reduce fat without losing muscle.
Intermittent fasting also reduces belly fat.


The medical community considers the 5:2 Diet to be a FAD Diet which actually means that there is no solid science to back up the weight loss and health claims that this diet makes.
The Fast Diet is not for everyone and should not be attempted without first consulting your health care professional.  Some people cannot tolerate fasting.
Even when eating wisely on your 'fast' days, you may get hungry.  
Most people will get hungry for the first few fast days.
Feeling faint, weak, or ill is common during your initial fasts. 
Exercise needs to be added.


A few fast day suggestions:

Try three smaller meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and then two larger meals(lunch and dinner) to see which works better for you.
Split your fast days an example...Monday and Thursday. 
Focus on foods that are high fiber and High protein since they are more filling.
Soups have been shown to make you feel fuller versus eating the same foods in normal form.
Eat generous portions of vegetables.
Try Greek natural yogurt with berries which should have 5 or 6g of sugar or less (please read the label, some yogurts have 17+g of sugar).
Boiled or baked eggs are excellent.
Grilled fish or lean meat.
Cauliflower and rice are healthy and filling.
Black coffee, Tea, and especially water help you feel fuller and more satisfied, especially before a meal.

Since the two fast days are the hardest part of this diet, I have found many meal plans online to help, 
Click Here for 10 free fast day meal plans.  Click Here for 27 free fast day meal plans.  Click Herefor some delicious low calorie meals perfect for the 5:2 Diet.

5:2 Diet Meal under 400 calories


ome people find the 5:2 Diet easier than other diets, some find it impossible. Although there are no studies or concrete clinical proof that this diet works, and although you may be hungry for your first few fasts, I am not giving the Fast Diet a thumbs down. 

It seems obvious that it should work, but it should be accompanied by an exercise routine that works for you.   I cannot give it a thumbs up, but I am aware that most diets can get boring and humdrum after a while.  This humdrum stage can lead to cheating that gets out of hand and eventually quitting.  

My opinion is that the two fasting days may make your regular days seem like cheating days, therefore you may not reach that humdrum stage.  

Thanks for reading, my friend, I wish you success with your weight loss efforts.

Kindest Regards, 
George Pierce

Win At Losing Weight Founder


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Therapeutic Fasting: Dr. James Fung

Dr. Fung is one of the experts who is a proponent of fasting.  You will find many more videos and help from Dr. Fung on Youtube.

While I am definitely not in favor of fast diets, the 5-2 Diet may be an option for some people.

In my opinion, fasting can be dangerous.  Splitting your fasting days up such as Sunday and Wednesday or Monday and Thursday, in other words alternate day fasting may be safer.


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