Diabetes, The Biggest 
Epidemic In History!??

An Article by George Pierce
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Diabetes, The Biggest Epidemic In History!??

In the 1990's diabetes was considered an epidemic.  According to dictionary dot com an epidemic is an outbreak or unusually high occurrence of a disease or illness in a population or area.  The area affected is the whole world, diabetes has been considered a global epidemic for the last decade or more.  Diabetes is now considered to be the biggest epidemic in history.  Worldwide, over 415 million people have diabetes.  In 2000, 151 million people had diabetes.  The growth rate is alarming.

To make matters worse, the World Health Organization (WHO) supports the STEPS program for diabetes testing.  This program diagnoses diabetes on the fasting level of glucose alone.  This diagnoses underestimates the presence of diabetes by 20 to 25%. 

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What breaks my heart is that science and the medical field has known that diabetes and it components can be reversed since 1982!  Kerin O'Dea, an Australian diabetes investigator worked with a group of bush people in 1982.  For 7 weeks, these people lived on traditional foods...in their case, native plants, kangaroo and crocodile.  The bush people lost weight, and improved glucose tolerance, blood lipids, insulin sensitivity, and blood pressure.  This was the first proof that reverting back to a traditional lifestyle can reverse diabetes.  View American Diabetes Association Article.

In a 3.2 year Finnish study in the early 1990's, 522 middle aged people, 172 men and 350 women, lifestyle changes reduced the risk of diabetes by 58%.   The study concluded that:  "Type 2 diabetes can be prevented by changes in the lifestyles of high-risk subjects.".   View New England Journal of Medicine Article.

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What causes diabetes?

Excess calories

Diabetes has affected more people than any other disease in history, it is the greatest epidemic in history.

The bad news is that too little is being done.  


What can be done or should be done?


The more that we are taught about diabetes, the better.


Diabetes has reached a point where we need to raise awareness in every media.

Mindset.  We need to change our thinking from diabetes is a disease we can live with to diabetes is a disease that we can die with.

Treatment.   We need to switch from an allopathic approach (treat the symptoms rather than the disease) to a homeopathic approach which is to target and fix the causes, thus reversing or preventing diabetes.

Do it NOW!

If you are heading for diabetes, you can pay now or pay later.  Lowering your caloric intake by as little as 100 calories ( about 30g of sugar) per day is a simple and smart and effortless way to start fighting overweight and diabetes today.   See Lose Weight Without Dieting.

Other Diabetes Resources:

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Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind Regards,
George Pierce
Founder Win At Losing Weight

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SIX Types of Diabetes!

Type 1 Diabetes:  due to a lack of insulin.  Little to no insulin is produced by the pancreas. Usually occurs in children and teens and young adults.

Type2 Diabetes:  due to insulin resistance.  This kind of diabetes, once triggered, seems to set off a chain reaction whereby the body develops a resistance to insulin.

Drug Induced Diabetes:  due to medications or a combination of medications.

Gestational  Diabetes: due to pregnancy.    Between 3 to 8 % of pregnant women experience gestational diabetes.

Other types of diabetes

LADA which stands for latent autoimmune diabetes in adults.  This is a rarer form that usually occurs in adults over 30.  It begins with type 2 symptoms and develops into a disease that resembles type 1 diabetes.

Double Diabetes can occur in individuals with type 1 diabetes who develop an insulin resistance to the medication that they are taking.


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