What You Should Expect From An Exercise Program

What should you expect 
from an exercise program?

by George Pierce
George Pierce Win At Losing Weight
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What should you expect from an exercise program?

In this article, we will specifically be looking at using exercise to help you to lose weight, so allow me to rephrase the question.

What should you expect from an exercise plan that will help you to lose weight?

    * Step by step process
    * Aerobic (cardio training)
    * Anaerobic (muscle or strength training)
    * Ability to customize
    * Includes monitoring your food intake
    * 30 minutes or more of exercise per session
    * Warm up (usually stretches or low intensity movements)
    * Cool down (also stretches or low intensity movements)
    * Sleep and rest
    * Short and long term (maintenance) strategy

You must use your own common sense, as well...do not over step your abilities. You may be amazed at what you can achieve, but you must work your way to the top, so do not bite off more than you can chew, especially at first.

In other words, if you are beginner, then start with a beginner plan or a customizable plan that will work for you. 

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The benefits that you will receive from a good exercise plan go far beyond weight loss!  

Did you know that exercise dramatically helps your brain! Thank goodness, I discovered this fact before it was too late-grin!  

You will find that in just a short while that you will be thinking more clearly and more quickly.  Your mood will improve.  You will also be helping to stave off dementia in later years.  

Exercise will also improve muscle tone, create more muscle mass, and reduce fat mass.  Guess what? Muscles burn more calories.  Even when you are not exercising you will be burning more calories!   
Ladies, you are more likely to lose weight more slowly than men, since you normally have less muscle.  

Exercise promotes a stronger heart and a lower heart rate which is great for your heart and your circulatory system.  

Exercise also keeps your bones strong, helps you to relax and sleep better, improves your immune system, and even improves your skin.

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What you want to avoid or be wary of regarding an exercise to lose weight fast or any weight loss plan :
  • Unrealistic claims
  • Unrealistic promises
  • Free trials
  • No contact  
  • One size fits all
  • No track record
An area that you want to be careful about,
is called "reassurance(s)".  

Testimonials are a specific example.  Some of these 
weight loss plans are as honest as the day is long 
and all their testimonial are completely valid.  
Other plans are bogus and there testimonials are lies.  
Do not let testimonials be a major factor, when making 
your decision as to which plan is best for you.  

Refunds, Guarantees, and Free Trials are
also subject to scrutiny.  If  they are not associated with 
Clickbank or Paypal, be careful.  Clickbank and Paypal 
do not stand for any funny business (such as complaints 
or excessive refunds).  You are not assured that such an 
association proves credibility (the vendor could be new),
but it is a good sign.  

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No contact:  If you cannot contact anyone, how do you get 
help or service, if needed.  No contact, for me, is an 
immediate deal buster!  I have little trust to start with, and 
no contact makes me feel that someone is trying to avoid 
something, hide something, etc. 

One size fits all does not work when it comes 
to exercise or weight loss.  We are all unique.
We all have different needs and requirements,
so an exercise program or weight loss plan
must be flexible or customizable.  

No track record may be because the product or service 
is new, BUT BEWARE.  It may mean that the track record 
is so shameful that it cannot be divulged.

Free Trial is another type of a reassurance technique that
often means trouble.  You are often set up on 
auto-ship and  you will find it usually IMPOSSIBLE to 
get a refund on any product that has shipped.  To add insult
to injury, you might also find that canceling future shipments
takes an Act of Congress.  



Be careful, be selective, begin at a level that suits you, 
and weigh your options before making your exercise choice.  
Your exercise homework and choice is just as important 
as your diet or lifestyle choice, it is one that you will 
WANT to live with, not regret. 

Thank you for reading, my friends.

I wish you the best of luck with your weight loss goals. 

Much Success,
George Pierce

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Top Ten Benefits of Exercise

If you are thinking of exercise as a way of losing weight or losing more weight, that is fine.  Exercise will help you to burn calories and a caloric deficit will equal weight loss.  Exercise, however, should be a normal part of your life.  I hope that the following benefits will help you to consider adding exercise as a permanent habit.

#1:  Exercise helps us to lose weight by burning more calories.  Exercise will help you to boost your metabolism and the effects can last for hours.

#2:  Exercise strengthens muscles and bones.  Exercise can help prevent osteoporosis.


#3:  Exercise increases energy.  Are you tired on a regular basis?  You might think that exercise will wear you out even more.  Give it just a few day and you will find that exercise will begin to invigorate rather than exhaust you.  Ease into exercise if needed, but get back to exercise unless your doctor says no.

#4:  Exercise adds years to your life. Every hour of exercise can add seven hours to your life (see NY Times article).

#5:  Reduces pain.  Exercise reduces inflammation and can lower and even eliminate pain.

#6:  Improves sleep.  Sounder sleep helps your total physical well being.

#7: Improves mood.  Want to be happier?  Exercise can help.

#8:  Lowers your risk of chronic illness and disease.  Some people are almost never sick.  Genes may be partially responsible, but so is exercise.  Stay well.

#9:  Improves skin and  helps you look younger.  Skin products can do some amazing things, but they are superficial and often expensive.  Exercise literally can rejuvenate your skin and continue to do so each time you exercise.

#10:  Improves brain health and memory.  Exercise is responsible for more blood to the brain, more oxygen to the brain, more nutrients to the brain.  Keep your brain healthy, exercise.

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