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Our site is all about helping you to lose weight!   How we will help you, however, is unlike anything that you have seen before.  (SEE BELOW) arrow down

You, along with so many others, want to lose weight, simply eat less and exercise more...right?   Not right!   The fact is that there is more to permanent weight loss than diet and exercise, but no one ever teaches us about what is missing.

Not until NOW!

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… Getting Started!

Getting started is essential, but... what you are doing right now is just as important.  HUH?

Research!  The time you spend on gathering information before you make your weight loss decisions is 'RESEARCH'. 

The better your research, the better your decision.  Why no one teaches this to you is simple.  They do not want you doing any research since they want you to make a snap decision now.  That decision, of course, is to choose their plan or program or product and look no further.    An impulsive weight loss choice is normal, so please do not be embarrassed or offended if you are guilty.   

You already know that winning at weight loss is a matter of improving some of our habits, but you may not know that there are a few habits that we need to include in addition to diet and exercise.

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Do Things Right The First Time!

It certainly would be nice if all of us could succeed at losing weight on our first try!  Why is it that so many of us do not?

Think of weight loss as being similar to learning to ride a bike with no adult help, no instruction, and no training wheels.

Your new discovery (our website) is meant to be the help, the training wheels, and the instruction.  There is just one and most everyone else do not realize that there is anything missing.  But there is something missing and the proof is that only 5% of us WIN at losing weight, while the other 95% keep falling off that bike. 

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How Will Win At Losing Weight Help YOU?

Our goal is to help you to lose weight and to keep it off permanently.

Resources:  You will see a menu tab above that says 'Weight Loss Resources' with a drop down that includes weight loss articles, reviews, and more.

Social Resources:  Here you will find lots of online groups, communities, and forums.

Training:  As a free member, which is optional, you will have access to our member area, tools, private pages, and more.  You will also receive 30 days training which will include many of the essentials that will prepare you to WIN at losing weight.  Essentials like you have never seen before.

It is all free, but what matters most, is that it works. So bookmark our site, now.  You'll be glad you did! 

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Win At Losing Weight!

How can you benefit most from our site?

Use our Weight Loss Resources and Social Resources (see the menu above).  Here you will find reviews, articles, recipes, a new library that is free to non-members, support, support sites, and more.  


You can easily find online support groups, communities and forums by left-clicking the Social Resources menu tab.


Our articles are meant to help you to stay informed and find answers and solutions.  Left
click on the Weight Loss Resources menu tab and you will find articles in our Article Directory and our Article Section.


Nearly all of our reviews are done by yours truly, George Pierce.  I do my best to give you an honest evaluation, full disclosure (the good and the bad) and my thoughts. My intent is to make your search and/or research easier.


Knowledge is a key ingredient to success. Our member area has had a library since its inception. Our non members still need help, so a non member library has been added.  Left click on the Weight Loss Resources menu tab and you will see Library in the drop down menu.


You never what I might say in our blog.  The idea behind the blog is to keep you up to date. Also, you can comment directly about the blog post if you would like. You will also find our blog by left clicking the Weight Loss Resources menu tab.

Diabetes Section:

Unfortunately diabetes is a disease that often accompanies being over weight.  Diabetes can be very serious, but a little knowledge can make a world of difference.  You will find lots of useful information in this section along with The Diabetes Risk Test and Do I Have Diabetes.  If you visit this section, I encourage you to read about Vitamin D and Diabetes.


A new addition to our site is a recipe section.  Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight does NOT mean giving up the joy of eating.  You will find delicious healthy recipes and many recipe resources to help make your weight loss journey easier.  Recipes will also be found by left clicking the Weight Loss Resources menu tab.


Exercise is such an important part of your new healthy lifestyle and so rewarding.  Exercise does much much more than help you to lose more weight faster.  Click here to enjoy "100 Benefits of Exercise" free PDF from the St. Croix Central School District.

News Section:

Our News Section is a direct news feed for both medical news as well as the latest news and headlines.  It is always up to date and always interesting.  You will find it by left clicking on the Weight Loss Resources menu tab.


Weight loss training is optional.  It is one of the perks of our free membership.  Left click on Weight Loss Resources and then on left click again on 30 Day Email Training Course for more information.

Contact Us

If you have a question, suggestion, criticism, recipe, or need help, you can contact us.  Contact us is in the Weight Loss Resources drop-down menu.


Our website has one goal and that is to help you to lose weight permanently. 

If long-term weight loss is your goal, then you may want consider our  free membership, which includes (along with many perks) an ecourse that covers the weight loss skills, the matchmaking skills, the motivational skills, the attraction skills, and more, that you will need to win at losing weight. 

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If your answer is no, then you are not going to succeed.     No is OK, simply bookmark our site and return at a better time. 

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If your answer is YES, congratulations, and I urge you to join us now, so we can help you to WIN at losing weight permanently! 

George Pierce Founder of Win At Losing

George Pierce

Win At Losing Weight Founder

PS.  Thanks again for visiting, I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

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Are You Afraid to Lose Weight?

Your fears are usually why you fail at weight loss!

Your fears are more likely to ruin your long-term success at losing weight over anything else.

Fear can be a real weight loss success killer!

Fear can be a real monster hiding under your bed.

The good news is that once you are aware of or acknowledge your weight loss fears, you can meet them straight on.

The best way to handle fear is to face it, the sooner the better.

With most weight loss fears, your best advice is always to see a health care professional.


Let's Look at some of the fears that may be holding you back.

Fear Of Failure.

This is a fear that we all face whenever we make any kind of a change.
The fact that we might fail is certainly a possibility.  So what!
What if you do fail?  You will have tried and you will have learned
a few more things about losing weight.  As long as you do not quit on
trying, you will succeed.  The only way to truly fail at anything is to
quit trying. 


Fear of Succeeding!???

I find it hard to believe but some of us are afraid of success.  Pertaining
to weight loss, I believe that our fear of success may be rooted in a
belief that we can NEVER enjoy eating again.  NEVER have a
favorite food or dessert, again.  Or we might fear that we will be hungry
for the rest of our life.

Fortunately, many weight loss plan allow us to 'indulge" on occasion. 
Part of the reason for this website is to put many of the popular weight
loss programs at your fingertips and all in one place.

The idea is to allow you to compare and to find the plan that fits you
best.  What you will discover is that you will find numerous options
that will not force you to give up the pleasure of eating. 

Considered to be one of the scariest videos ever!

As far as being hungry, nearly all  programs will never leave you hungry. 
There are exceptions such as diets that include fasting or very low calories,
but those are few and you can avoid them. if you choose.

I love to eat, and yet I found a way to lose weight and maintain for over 20 years.
I have not starved and do not starve and that was one of my fears.  I also get
to enjoy delicious meals and an occasional treat...and so can you.

Fears are common and fears are real, but most fears about weight
loss can be overcome by facing them straight on. 

Doing nothing or even procrastinating is allowing those extra pounds to
continue to sap the life out of you.  Fatigue, lack of energy, and
lack of desire can be results of being overweight and not age.

If you are ready to lose weight, congratulations.  You will find that our
website free membership should be quite helpful. 

If not, may I suggest that you bookmark our site, so it can help you when
you're ready.

  So Many Weight Loss Options!??

Where do you begin?

Let's make it easier for you!

The following is a list of most of the kinds of diet that you can choose from.  The idea is that the information below will help you to be able to rule out certain kinds of diets and to better focus on the kinds of diets that suit you.

Before you continue, allow me to remind you that not all diets are healthy.  Some diets may need medical supervision and some diets are literally deadly! 

I am not excluding any kinds of diets from this list in order to be fair to you.  On the other hand, because a type of diet is listed here, does NOT mean that I approve it.  My reviews will reveal my opinions.

Most good diets are plant-based, so keep that in mind.  Talking about plant-based diets, let us start with Vegetarian.

Vegetarian Diets exclude meat and meat by-products.  Vegetarian Diets have several sub-categories. 

Vegan is probably the best-known variation.  Vegan excludes all animal and animal by-products and animal products, so foods such as dairy, eggs, and even honey are off limits.

Fructarian is predominantly raw fruit.
Ovo Vegetarian includes eggs and no dairy.
Lacto Vegetarian includes some dairy and no eggs.
Ovo Lacto Vegetarian includes but eggs and dairy.

Semi-Vegetarian diets allow some meat. Some of the variations are:

Pollotarian Diet which allows chicken and other poultry but no other meats.
Pescetarian Diet includes fish and no other meats.
Pollo-Pescetarian Diet allow fish, seafood, and chicken but no other meats.
The most common semi-vegetarian diet is the Plant Based Diet.  This diet focuses on fruits and vegetables, but usually allows some meat, although a plant based diet can be completely vegetarian.

Low Calorie, Low Carb, and Low Fat diets focus on restricting your intake of calories or carbs or fat grams.

Very Low Calorie Diets (VLC Diets) are diet that are based on consuming less than 800 calories per day.  Less than 1200 calories per day is considered unsafe by most experts.  Less than 800 calories per day is dangerous and even deadly.  The Sunlight Diet is an example of a VLC Diet that is deadly.  The Weight Loss Cure is an example of a VLC Diet that is dangerous and potentially deadly.

Belief Based Diets are diets that are based on one's faith or belief.  Kosher Diet, Hindu Diet, Buddhist Diet, and Jain Diets are examples.

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Crash Diets are usually short term diets.  Often the diets include somewhat extreme measures for losing weight.  The result is rapid weight loss but the diets are typically unhealthy.

Fasting and Intermittent Fasting Diets include not eating during certain times of the day or not eating for longer periods.  A few experts feel that fasting is an excellent weight loss choice, most experts are opposed.

Fad Diets are often associated with bad diets.  Technically, a fad diet is one that has not yet been scientifically proven to work.  A fad diet is one where no studies or trials have been made to validate that it works.

Detox Diets are based on the idea that we can flush out substances (toxins) that are thought to be harmful. Some forms of detox diets or other names are cleanse, master cleanse, and juice fasting. 

Medical (reason) Diets are diets based on medical needs.  Low salt, low glycemic, and gluten-free are some examples.  The DASH Diet is considered to be one of the best diets.  DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.  The DASH Diet was created to help those with hypertension, in other words, to lower one's blood pressure.  Gluten-free diets were created to help those with Celiac Disease.  Keto Diets were a result of diets created to help people with epilepsy.

Other Diets:  Some diets do not seem to fit any of the above categories, thus the other diets category.  Some of the better known diets that might fit into this category are the Raw Food Diet, The Zone Diet, The Pritikin Program, the MIND Diet, and the Jenny Craig Diet.

Although finding the right diet may seem confusing, keep in mind that you are searching for the one that fits you the best. 

If you would like help or need help, click on the Join Us menu tab and enroll as a free member.


Free membership includes many benefits, one of the benefits will be help on finding the program that is right for you.  You will also find a decision making process that will make choosing easy.


Gluten Free Low Glycemic Cookbook For Diabetics & Allergy Sufferers


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