Naturally Thin Diet Review

Naturally Thin
Diet Review

by George Pierce
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The Naturally Thin diet was created by Bethenny Frankel.  Bethenny is best know for her appearing on the TV show, the Real Housewives Of New York City and her appearances on Martha Stuart Apprentice.   Bethenny is also a chef an a former constant dieter.  

Bethenny's approach to dieting is not to diet, rather to change your relationship with food. Frankel says not to count calories or  fat grams or carbs, which she says is time consuming and obsessive. 

In the first part of her book, she presents 10 rules to base your food relationship around.  

1. Your Diet Is a Bank Account

Frankel's idea is that of balance.  We balance or spending and savings, we need to balance our eating choices.   Our options need to be a blend or balance of fruits and vegetables and proteins and starches.   She suggests not to  eat too much of any one thing and not to  eat the same thing twice.  She also advises to always balance a splurge with a save.

2. You Can Have It All, Just Not All at Once

You can "cheat', have something which is fattening, but have less and and have the rest tomorrow or another day.   Offset it with a salad later.  Your benefit is that no food is off limits, simply eat responsibly.

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3. Taste Everything, Eat Nothing

When you are faced with indulgent options, just have a bite or two.  According to Frankel, she says I "tell myself that the first bite is always the best and the rest will never be as good, so I can stop with just a bite or two "

4. Pay Attention

Be conscious of your eating.   Do no do something else when eating.   Slow down, savor your foods.  You will eat less and be more satisfied.

5. Downsize Now!

Frankel suggests smaller portions.  She suggests using smaller dishes which helps portions seem bigger. 

6. Cancel Your Membership in the Clean Plate Club

Do not worry about leaving food on your plate.   Eat until you are satisfied and stop.


The 3 Week Diet

7. Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Stop 'dieting''.   Deprivation can lead to binging.  When you do over eat, be kind to yourself, do not beat yourself up.  

8. Know Thyself

Learn you and your food tendencies.  What foods  trigger a desire to over eat, what foods  are your biggest challenges?  

9. Get Real

Eat REAL foods.  Whole foods, natural foods, organic foods.   Put your attention on fruits and vegetables,  lean protein, and whole grains.

10. Good for You

Take care of yourself.  Do not put yourself last, put yourself first.   Eating healthy, exercising and drinking lots of water  are how you do it.  

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Each of the rules are accompanied by two or three recipes.  

The second part of  Naturally Thin is week long walk through of how to implement her 10 rules.  

The last part is a 3 peak at 3 weeks on her food journal.  

What You Can And Cannot Eat

Your focus will be on fruits and vegetables, along with lean protein and whole grains.   Organic and locally grown are preferred.

The are no foods that are 'forbidden', but you should avoid packaged and processed foods.


You do not have to count, but you will need to keep track of what you eat.  You are allowed to eat what you want as long as you  watch your portion size.


Be Careful:  

Some of the recommended meals are very low in calories.  Although being low in calories may sound good, any diet that goes below 1200 calories per day may be risky.  In addition, some of Frankel's meal plans are lacking in nutrition.  

Bethenny recommends taking a small bite of tempting decadent foods.  Most diets suggest that you remove or avoid those temptations altogether.  Taking just one bite may be difficult tor those of us with weaker willpower. 

The plan suggests skipping meals which most experts disagree with.  Skipping a meal can slow your metabolism and create blood sugar problems.

Frankel allows up to two drinks of alcohol per day.  Experts recommend only one drink of alcohol per day for women. 

Skipping meals can each lead to hunger.  Alcohol typically makes you hungry.  Skipping meals and alcohol are counter-productive.  Hunger can lead to mistakes such as comfort food.



Your food cost may go up just a little due to fresh, local, and organic choices.


Exercise is not part of the Naturally Thin Diet.   Frankel does recommend to stay active and engage in activities that you like.  


There are no meeting or support.  In the Article Section, you will find a list of 22 online weight loss forums and communities for support. 


Does It Work?

Whether it works depends on the dieter.  If you adhere to the rules and exercise, you should lose weight.  Lower calories should equal weight loss.


Lose Weight
No counting carbs, calories, or fat grams
Excellent tips and advice
You will improve your relationship  with food
No forbidden foods
Free yourself from counting and dieting


Loosely structured...some dieters may need tighter guidelines
This plan may not be a good idea if you have diabetes,  high blood pressure, heart disease, or high cholesterol.
Skipping meals 



I like the ten rules.  This diet helps you to make better choices and create better eating habits (except for skipping meals and alcohol) and will help you to gain a better relationship with food.  The diet has no scientific or clinical evidence to support any of its claims and adding that some meals are nutritionally lacking, I do not recommend the Naturally Thin diet.  What I do suggest is to add Frankel's ten rules to whichever diet you choose.

Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind regards,
George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight Founder

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