Fat Smash Diet Food List

The Fat Smash Diet
Food List

Article by George Pierce
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Fat Smash Diet Food List  ~ click here for Fat Smash Diet Review

Foods that are allowed in phase 1:

all fresh fruits all you can eat
all vegetables all you can eat, but NO  potatoes and NO avocados; vegetables can be raw or lightly cooked (steamed or grilled)
one cup  fresh-squeezed only fruit or vegetable juice per day
one cup cooked unsweetened oatmeal, grits, farina, or cream of wheat daily
up to four egg whites per day
dried beans such as lentils or chickpeas
2 cups cooked brown rice daily 
two tablespoons per day of tahini 
low fat yogurt, maximum of 12 oz (340 g) per day
2 cups  low fat or non fat milk or soy milk daily

up to two pickles per day
one or two teaspoons of low-fat virgin olive oil for grilling
low fat salad dressing, no more than three tablespoons per salad
herbs and spices
hot air popcorn, NO butter or margarine
up to two tablespoons of artificial sweetener per day 
2 cups daily of unsweetened decaffeinated herbal or green tea
Water, all you want

Foods that are not allowed during phase 1 include:

cheese, including soy cheese
fast food
fried food

Rinse canned foods thoroughly to remove excess salt.

Phase 1 is nine days, but you can choose to stay for1 for one to two weeks or longer.



PHASE 2 which is called THE FOUNDATION. 

During Phase 2,  the quantity of food is  slightly increased and exercise is increased by 10-15%.,

Foods that you add during phase 2 include:

3 to 4 oz (85-110 g)   turkey, chicken, lean meat, or fish daily, pork is not included
another one-half cup of unsweetened hot cereal
another one-half cup of unsweetened cold cereal 
one whole egg daily
1 oz (28 g) of cheese
2 teaspoons of peanut butter
one-half avocado
up to four teaspoons of sugar or artificial sweetener or one tablespoon of honey per day
up to two teaspoons of salt per day and unlimited herbs and spices


The four-week construction stage mandates at least four meals per day. In this stage you add protein and whole grains. You are also allowed larger portions.  You continue with ample amounts of fruits and vegetables. Exercise levels are now increased 25% to 45 minutes daily. Dr. Smith suggests exercising twice per day several days per week to boost metabolism.

Phase 3 is a bit more lenient and allows:

up to 5 oz (140 g) of meat daily
seafood remains at 3 oz (85 g)
two whole eggs are OK, daily
four slices of wholegrain bread per day
1 cup of whole-wheat pasta
16 oz (475 ml) of fresh-squeezed fruit juice
1.3 oz (37 g) of low fat or fat free cheese per day
3 cups of skim or soy milk daily
one daily dessert which can be one scoop of low-fat ice cream or two to three oreo sized chocolate chip cookies or oatmeal raisin cookies or graham crackers
fat free mayonnaise
10 oz (300 ml) of coffee
2 cans of diet soda daily

Dr. Smith recommends that  you follow the phase 1 regimen at least one day a week during phase 3 to lose weight,  If  your weight loss goals are not met by the end of phase 3, you can repeat the previous phases as needed.

The Fat Smash Diet by Ian K. Smith, M.D.--Audio book Excerpt


There are no foods that are banned.

White starches such as potatoes and white rice are OK but in limited amounts
You can have up to three glasses of wine or beer each week

In phase 4, your exercise increases to one hour of moderate to intense exercise.  and weight training is introduced.  Exercise is five times per week. 

If you gain back any weight, You can  return to phase 1 for about seven days.

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