Eat What You Love Diet By Dr. Oz Review

Dr. Oz's Eat What You Love Diet Review
by George Pierce
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There are two Eat What You Love Diet plans, one is  by Dr. Oz and the other is by Dr. Michelle May.  This review is the one by Dr. Oz 

Click here for Dr. May's Diet.

dr. oz eat what you love diet
Eat What You Love and Lose Weight!??  That is the promise of Dr. Oz's Eat What You Love Diet.  

If you are like most people you like to eat or if you are like me, you LOVE to eat.  So being able to eat what you love and still lose weight seems like a dream diet or a huge scam.  You will be glad to know that it is not a scam.  

How Does It Work?

The idea behind this diet is that when you totally give up carbs or fats, you will find yourself craving them. Even thinking about dieting can cause you to want to eat.  Researchers have coined this pattern, the "Last Supper Effect".  With Dr. Oz's Eat What You Love Diet, you do not have to give up the foods you love.  Dr. Oz's diet helps you to eat smart.  

Many diets equal deprivation.  Deprivation not can create cravings, even worse, is that deprivation can cause your body to go into 'starvation mode'.  This means that your body is doing its extra best to store fat at a time when you are trying your best to shed fat.  

The Dr. Oz plan claims that it is not a diet, rather a plan to help you make better eating choices.  Much of its success is based on swapping foods that are high in calories, fat, or carbs for better choices.  Click Here for the diet.

The four rules of this diet:
  1. Portion control
  2. Do not skip a meal
  3. Get enough sleep
  4. Walk not just daily but whenever you get a craving.
Does It work?

Yes and No.  It depends on how closely you follow the diet and how much you eat of the foods that you love. 

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An easy diet.
More of a lifestyle change that a diet change.
Little to no extra cost
Allows you to eat the foods you love (in moderation).


Not enough recipes and meal plans
Being able to eat what you love is great, but some may need a more restrictive diet
No support

Click here to learn more about the diet.
Click here for Today video of Dr. Oz talking about Eat What You Love Diet.

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I like being able to eat what you love and I believe it is an excellent strategy to help you to eliminate cravings and to make it easier to stay on track.  I am disappointed with the small number of  meals and swap options.  I feel that this is a great diet strategy, but due to limited meal plans, I believe it will fail to help you long term. 

I give it a thumbs down, mainly due to its limitations. If you are considering adding this diet to your list of choices, check out Dr. May's version. 

Dr. May's Eat What You Love diet has a similar strategy and much more help.  Click here for more information about Dr. May's version.

Thank you for reading, my friends, I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind regards, 
George Pierce
Founder Win At Losing weight

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