Zero belly diet recipes

Zero Belly Fat Diet Recipes
ole omelet zero belly diet recipe

Olé Omelet
Makes 4 servings

1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
Juice of one lime
Dash of hot sauce 
4 eggs
4  egg whites
Salt and pepper, to taste                                          
4  tbsp bottled salsa              
1⁄2 avocado, sliced

1) Pulse the black beans, lime juice, and hot sauce in a food processor.
2) Coat a small nonstick pan with cooking spray and heat over a medium flame.
3) Crack one egg and combine in a bowl with egg white, salt, and pepper. 

Whisk, then add to the pan. Use a spatula to stir, and lift the cooked egg to let the raw egg slide under.
4) When the eggs have all but set, spoon a quarter of the black bean mixture onto the omelet.
Fold over a third of the egg to cover the mixture, then slide the omelet onto a plate, using the spatula to flip
it over at the last second to form one fully rolled omelet.
5) Top with salsa and avocado. Repeat with the remaining eggs.

Nutrition: 232 calories, 9g fat, 6g fiber, 17g protein

detox water zero belly fat diet recipes

Spa Water

Begin your day with a large pitcher of “spa water”!  Create delicious 'detox water' from lemons, grapefruits, or oranges. 
Drink eight 8 oz. glasses for the day.

home made trail mixzero belly fat diet

Home Made Trail Mix

Store bought trail mix is high in oils, salt, and even sugar.  Make your own Zero Belly trail mix from nuts,
seeds, unsweetened dried fruit, and dark chocolate pieces. 

peanut butter and banana sandwich

Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich

Tasty, fast, and delicious

Peanut butter and jelly zero belly recipe


PB&J Bowl

1 cup water
1⁄2 cup quick-cooking oats
1 tbsp natural peanut butter
1⁄2 cup strawberries or raspberries

1) Bring the water to a boil.
2) Stir in the oats and cook until soft, about 3 minutes.
3) Just before the oats are finished, stir in the peanut butter and berries.

Nutrition: 269 calories, 11g fat, 7g fiber, 9g protein

zero belly smoothie

Zero Belly Drinks and Smoothies

Strawberry Banana 

Makes 1 serving

1 scoop vegetarian protein powder 
1⁄3  cup frozen strawberries
1⁄4  frozen banana
1⁄2  tbsp almond butter
1⁄2  cup unsweetened non-dairy milk (almond, hazelnut, coconut, hemp, etc.)
Water as needed

1) Place all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.

Nutrition: 232 calories, 5g fat, 4g fiber, 29g protein

Vanilla Milkshake
Makes 1 serving

1 scoop vegetarian protein powder
1⁄2  frozen banana 
1⁄2  tbsp peanut butter        
1⁄2 cup unsweetened non-dairy milk (almond, hazelnut, coconut, hemp, etc.)                                                                                                                                        
Water as needed

1) Place ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Nutrition: 248 calories, 6g fat, 3g fiber, 29g protein


Blueberry Dazzler
Makes 1 Serving

1      scoop vegetarian protein powder
1⁄2    cup unsweetened non-dairy milk (almond, hazelnut, coconut, hemp, etc.)
1⁄2    cup frozen blueberries 
1⁄2    tbsp almond butter
Water as needed

1) Add ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

Nutrition: 2,232 calories, 6g fat, 3g fiber, 28g protein



Serves: 4
Cook time: 10 minutes


4 5 oz portions of halibut Salt and Pepper
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 cup canned chickpeas, drained and rinsed
1 English cucumber, halved and sliced in half moons
1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
½ avocado, diced into ¼ inch cubes 1 red pepper, diced into ¼ inch cubes
2 sprigs mint, coarsely chopped

¼ cup of chopped parsley
¼ cup Kalamata olives, pits removed, halved
2 tsp whole cumin seed, toasted in a dry pan over medium heat until fragrant (about 2 minutes)
2 cups fresh baby spinach, packed 2 vinaigrette Salt and pepper


Season the halibut with a pinch salt and fresh ground pepper on both sides.
Heat a nonstick pan over a medium heat, and add one tablespoon of olive oil. Add halibut to the pan,
and cook until the fish starts to turn brown, about 3 minutes. Flip over the fish, and cook for an additional 5 minutes,
 or until the fish is firm to the touch.
 While the fish is cooking, place all the ingredients for the salad in a large bowl, season with a pinch of salt and pepper
and mix well.
Divide the salad among four plates, and top with the warm halibut.

Per serving: 375 calories/ 17 g fat/ 21 g carbs/ 6 g fiber / 35 g protein


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Going Lentil Soup
Makes 6 Servings

1      tbsp olive oil
1      medium onion, minced
2      cloves garlic, minced
1      tbsp fresh ginger, peeled and minced
1⁄2    jalapeño, minced
2      medium carrots, peeled and diced
1      cup dried green lentils 
1⁄4    tsp cumin 
1      bay leaf 
1      can lite coconut milk
3      cups low-sodium vegetable stock or water
1      tbsp reduced-sodium soy sauce
Salt and black pepper, to taste
Chopped cilantro for garnish

1) Heat olive oil in a medium-sized pot over medium heat. Add onion, garlic, ginger, jalapeño,
and carrots and sauté till the onions are soft and translucent, about 3 minutes.
2) Add the lentils, cumin, bay leaf, coconut milk, and stock (or water). Turn heat to low and simmer
until the liquid has reduced and the lentils are tender, about 30 minutes.
3) Season with the soy sauce, and add salt and pepper to taste. If you like, use a hand blender to gently
purée the soup for a thicker consistency. Garnish with cilantro.

Nutrition: 300 calories, 12g fat, 9.5g fiber, 11g protein


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Voodoo Chili 
Makes 4 servings

1      tbsp olive oil
1      medium onion, minced
1      medium zucchini, diced
1⁄2    lb cremini mushrooms, diced
1      medium carrot, diced
1      red or green bell pepper, diced
2      cloves garlic, minced
1      can (28oz) whole peeled tomatoes
2      canned chipotle peppers, finely chopped
1      tsp chili powder
1⁄4    tsp ground cumin
1⁄2    tsp dried oregano
1      can pinto beans, drained
Salt and black pepper, to taste
1⁄2    avocado, sliced 

1) Heat the oil in a large saucepan or pot set over a medium flame. Add the onion, zucchini, mushrooms,
carrot, bell pepper, and garlic and cook, stirring frequently, until the vegetables are soft and lightly browned,
about 10 minutes.
2) Add the tomatoes, crushing lightly between your fingers to give the chili a coarse texture. Add the chipotle,
chili powder, cumin, oregano, and beans, plus salt and pepper to taste. Turn heat to low and simmer for 20 minutes.
Serve in bowls and top with sliced avocado.

Nutrition: 220 calories, 7g fat, 10g fiber, 9g protein

Mediterranean Dinosaur Salad 
Makes 1 serving

2      cups kale (preferably lacinato, or “dinosaur,” kale), ribs removed and chopped
1⁄4    cup cherry tomatoes, halved
4      Kalamata olives, pitted, halved
1⁄4    cup artichoke hearts (canned in water, preferably)
1⁄4    cup cooked chickpeas 
1⁄8    red onion, diced 
2      tbsp walnuts 
1      tbsp cider vinaigrette
Salt and black pepper, to taste


1) Before making the salad, spend a few minutes massaging and squeezing the kale. It sounds funny,
but roughing up the leaves will help break down the tough fibers, making the kale more tender.
2) Combine the kale, tomatoes, olives, artichoke hearts, chickpeas, onion, and walnuts in a mixing bowl.
Toss with the vinaigrette and season with salt and black pepper to taste.

Nutrition: 273 calories, 12g fat, 8g fiber, 10g protein



Cashew Gesundheit
Makes 4 servings

1⁄3    cup coarsely chopped unsalted cashews
2      tbsp virgin coconut oil
1      lb boneless, skinless chicken breast, cut lengthwise in thin strips
2      cups red bell pepper (about 1 large), julienned
1      tsp garlic, minced
1⁄2    tsp fresh ginger, peeled and minced
3      tbsp scallions, thinly sliced
1      cup cooked brown rice

1) Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add cashews to pan; cook until lightly toasted,
stirring frequently. Remove from pan.
2) Add coconut oil to pan, swirling to coat. Add chicken; sauté 2 minutes or until lightly browned.
Remove chicken from pan and place in a bowl.
3) Add bell pepper to pan; sauté 2 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add garlic and ginger; cook 30 seconds.
Add chicken back to pan; cook 1 minute. Sprinkle with cashews and scallions. Serve with 1⁄4 cup brown rice.

Nutrition: 350 calories, 19g fat, 2g fiber, 28g protein


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The M*A*S*H Grill
Makes 4 Servings

1      lb flank or skirt steak
1⁄4    cup low-sodium soy sauce
1      tbsp brown sugar
1⁄2    tbsp sesame oil
3      tbsp rice wine vinegar (white wine vinegar can be substituted)
1      English cucumber, thinly sliced
Pinch salt
1      head Bibb lettuce, leaves separated
2      cups cooked brown rice
Sriracha or other Asian chili sauce for serving
Hoisin for serving

1) Combine the steak, soy sauce, brown sugar, oil, and 1 tbsp of the vinegar in a sealable plastic bag.
Marinate in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours before cooking.
2) An hour before cooking, combine the sliced cucumber with a pinch of salt and remaining vinegar in a small bowl.
Set aside.
3) Preheat a grill, grill pan, or cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat. Cook the steak 3–4 minutes per side, until
a nice crust develops on the surface and the meat is firm but yielding to the touch.
4) Slice steak thinly, then serve with the lettuce leaves for wrapping, plus the rice, cucumber, Sriracha, and hoisin
for topping.

Nutrition: 320 calories, 8g fat, 3g fiber, 29g protein

The Ultimate Burger 
Makes 4 servings

1      lb ground 94% (or leaner) beef
1      tsp salt
1      tsp freshly cracked pepper
8      oz mushrooms, sliced
1⁄2    tsp extra-virgin olive oil
4      gluten-free hamburger buns
2      cups arugula
1⁄2    cup caramelized onions
Ketchup and mustard (optional)

1) Heat a grill or stove-top grill pan until hot. Combine the beef, salt, and pepper in a bowl and gently mix.
Form into 4 patties. Caution: Overworking the meat or packing your patties too tight can make tough burgers.
2) Cook the burgers for 2 to 3 minutes and flip. Cook on the other side for another 2 to 3 minutes, until nicely
charred on the outside but still medium-rare to medium inside. (The center should be firm but easily yielding.)
3) Meanwhile, sauté the sliced mushrooms in the olive oil until the mushrooms soften and release their liquid.
4) After you remove the burgers, toast the buns briefly. Divide the arugula among the buns and top with the
burgers, mushrooms, and onions.

Nutrition: 387 calories, 13g fat, 6g fiber, 31g protein


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Simple Frittata

Makes 2 servings (2 wedges per serving)
1/2 tablespoon olive oil
1 red bell pepper, sliced thinly
1 cup mushrooms, sliced
1 clove garlic
4 cups baby arugula or baby spinach
3 whole eggs
3 egg whites
Salt and black pepper to taste
Herbs and spices to taste
Preheat the broiler.
Heat the oil in a nonstick pan over medium heat.
Add the sliced bell pepper, mushrooms, and garlic and sauté until softened.
Stir in the arugula and cook for another two minutes, until slightly wilted.
Meanwhile, whisk together the eggs and egg whites. Put the eggs on top of the vegetables.
Season with salt, pepper, and herbs and spices of your choice.
Cook on stove top for five to six minutes, until most of the egg has set.
Place the pan under the broiler and cook for about three minutes, until the rest of the egg
has fully set and the top begins to brown.
Cool slightly, cut into four wedges, and serve.
Nutrition: 228 calories, 12 g fat, 3 g fiber, 19 g protein

Keen-Whaaa? Salad

Makes 4 servings
2 cups cooked quinoa
Salt and black pepper to taste
1 bunch asparagus, woody ends removed
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 cup cooked green lentils
1/4 cup chopped sun dried tomatoes
1/4 cup store-bought pesto (Note: while there is some Parmesan in pesto, the amount in this recipe is
unlikely to cause gastrointestinal discomfort. If you run into issues, consider swapping for 1/4 cup
Zero Belly vinaigrette and a handful of chopped fresh basil instead!)
1 tablespoon Zero Belly Vinaigrette
Preheat the oven to 450˚F.
Bring a pot of water to boil, season with salt, and cook the quinoa until just al dente, about 20 minutes.
Drain in a colander.
While the quinoa cooks, drizzle the asparagus with olive oil and season with salt and black pepper.
Place in the oven and cook until gently browned and softened, about 10–12 minutes, depending on the
thickness of the asparagus. Chop into bite-size pieces.
In a large mixing bowl, combine the quinoa with the lentils, asparagus, and sun dried tomatoes.
Mix together the pesto and Zero Belly vinaigrette, and then add it to the bowl of quinoa. Toss to combine.
Adapted from Eat It to Beat It! by David Zinczenko
Nutrition: 205 calories, 12 g fat, 8 g protein, 6 g fiber



Quinoa is a complete protein with a full amino acid profile. It’s light and fluffy in texture, but has
that whole-grain ability to fill you up, and the same gene-hacking powers as brown rice.

1 cup quinoa
2 cups cold water
1/2 teaspoon salt
Rinse quinoa under cold water for 30 seconds. Drain and transfer to a medium pot.
Add water and salt and bring to a boil.
Cover, reduce heat to medium-low, and simmer until water is absorbed, 15 to 20 minutes.
Set aside off the heat for five minutes. Uncover and fluff with a fork.


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Green Lentils

Lentils are a ZERO BELLY favorite. A half-cup serving delivers 3.4 grams of resistant starch,
a healthy carb that resists full digestion and boosts metabolism. Cooked lentils will keep refrigerated for about a week.
Quick tip: Any amount of lentils can be cooked in this manner. Just maintain a 2:1 ratio of water to lentils.

1 cup dried green lentils
2 cups water
1 bay leaf, garlic clove, or other seasoning
1/4–3/4 teaspoon salt
Rinse dried lentils in a colander and transfer to a saucepan.
Cover with the water and the bay leaf and any seasonings. Reserve the salt.
Bring the water to a rapid simmer over medium-high heat, and then reduce the heat to maintain a
very gentle simmer. Cook, uncovered, for 20–30 minutes.
Add water as needed to make sure the lentils are just barely covered. Lentils are cooked as soon as
they are tender and no longer crunch.
Strain the lentils and remove the bay leaf or garlic clove.
Return the lentils to the pan and stir in salt.
Zero Belly Vinaigrette

There’s developing research to suggest vinegar can aid weight loss by keeping our blood sugar steady.
One study among pre-diabetics found the addition of two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a
high-carb meal reduced the subsequent rise in blood sugar by 34%. Shake up this recipe in a mason jar
and you’ll have delicious, additive-free dressing for the week!

Yield: 1 cup, about 16 servings
1/3 cup raw apple cider vinegar
2/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil
1 1/2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
1 1/2 teaspoons honey
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
Combine ingredients in a mason jar and shake vigorously until emulsified.
Store in fridge and shake before serving.
Nutrition per Tbsp: 83 calories, 9 g fat, 0 g fiber, 0 g protein

The Ultimate Burger

Makes 4 servings
1 pound ground 94% (or leaner) beef
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon freshly cracked black pepper
8 ounces sliced mushrooms
1/2 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil
4 Gluten-free hamburger buns
2 cups arugula
1/2 cup Caramelized Onions (see recipe below)
Ketchup and mustard (optional)
Heat a grill or stove top grill pan until hot.
Combine the beef, salt, and pepper in a bowl and gently mix. Form into four patties.
Caution: overworking the meat or packing your patties too tightly can make tough burgers.
Cook the burgers for two to three minutes and flip. Cook on the other side for another two to three minutes
until nicely charred on the outside, but still medium-rare to medium within. (The center of the patty should
be firm but easily yielding—like a Nerf football.)
Meanwhile, sauté the sliced mushrooms in the olive oil until the mushrooms soften and release their liquid.
Divide the arugula among the buns and top with the burgers, onions, and mushrooms and one teaspoon each
ketchup and mustard (optional).
Nutrition: 387 calories, 13 g fat, 31 g protein, 6 g fiber

Secret Weapon: Caramelized Onions

Properly caramelized onions take time, but make up a big batch and have them on hand for smothering burgers,
covering sandwiches, and topping juicy hunks of grilled steak or fish. Cook at least three large red onions
(remember, they’ll shrink down as the water cooks out) in a large pot with 1/2 tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil
over a very low flame. Add a generous pinch of salt, which will help draw the moisture out.
Cover the pot, removing the lid every three or four minutes to stir the onions. Cook for at least 20 minutes,
up to 45 minutes, depending on how sweet you like your onions.

Strawberry Banana

Makes 1 serving
I scoop vegetarian protein powder
1/3 cup frozen strawberries
1/4 frozen banana
1/2 tablespoon almond butter
1/2 cup unsweetened nondairy milk (almond, hazelnut, coconut, hemp, etc.)
Water to blend (optional)
Combine ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
Nutrition: 232 calories; 5 g fat; 4 g fiber; 29 g protein

Zero Belly Cookies

Ripe banana acts both as the glue that holds these together as well as a major source of natural sweetness,
while ground almonds stand in as a fiber-and protein-rich substitute for refined flour. Peanut butter and dark
chocolate complete the package, adding healthy fat, antioxidants, and a double helping of deliciousness.
The end result—nutty, sweet, chocolaty—is like a fresh slice of banana bread, in crunchy, chewy cookie form.

Makes 12 cookies
1 1/3 cups unsalted blanched almonds
2 very ripe bananas
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
Pinch of salt
1/2 cup vegan dark chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350°F.
Place the almonds in a food processor and pulse until ground to a near flour-like consistency.
In a mixing bowl, mash the bananas into a paste. Add the brown sugar, peanut butter, baking soda,
salt, and ground almonds and stir until evenly combined. Gently fold in the chocolate chips.
Form each cookie by dropping two tablespoons of the batter onto a cookie sheet, leaving at least
three inches between cookies. Bake for eight to ten minutes, until the edges are just brown.
Nutrition: Per cookie: 114 calories, 8 g fat, 3.5 g protein, 2.5 g fiber

David Zinczenko

From the book ZERO BELLY DIET by David Zinczenko. 

David is the author of 14 New York Times best-sellers, with more than 10 million books in print.
David also spearheads the Random House lifestyle books imprint, Zinc Ink. He is the Nutrition and Wellness Editor
for ABC News across all their platforms. He was formerly the General Manager for Rodale, Inc’s Healthy Living Group,
serving as Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Health magazine and Editorial Director of Women’s Health and Prevention magazines,
and Rodale Books. Under his leadership, Men’s Health was named “The Most Influential Magazine Brand of the Last 25 Years”
by Media Industry Newsletter. David created the best-selling Eat This, Not That! series of books and is a regular guest on
Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, The View, and other top-rated television programming.


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