Whole30 Diet Review

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Whole30 Diet |
Whole 30 Diet Review

by George Pierce
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Whole30 Diet | Whole 30 Diet Review
The Whole30 Diet | Whole 30 Diet is a 30 day program developed by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig.
The diet eliminates certain foods from your diet which it considers to be 'trigger foods'.

These foods are thought to be responsible for weight loss issues and other health issues.  Inflammation, inducing cravings, spiking sugar levels and disrupting our gut are some of the weight loss reasons.  Skin problems, allergies, and pain are some of the health issues that may be reduced or eliminated.

The idea is to strip these foods from your diet for 30 days.  This is to allow your body to reset, recover, and heal.  Some of the foods that you are eating are negatively affecting your health and your weight.  Removing these foods will restore your health.  By changing your eating, you will be changing your relationship with food. 

Begin with throwing out the banned foods, then going shopping.

What Can You Eat?

Plenty of vegetables and some fruits are allowed.  Moderate amounts of meat, eggs, and seafood are OK.  Natural fats are allowed, as well as seasonings, spices, and herbs.  Stick with foods with few ingredients. You can have coffee, but no dairy and no sugar.

What Foods Do You Need To Avoid?

Sugar is at the top of the list, no sugar, no added sugar, no artificial sugar.  This includes eliminating artificial sweeteners such as Splenda, Stevia, or NutraSweet.  Natural sweeteners such as maple syrup, date syrup, agave, and honey are also restricted,  

Dairy is no allowed.  All forms of dairy ar off limits which includes sheep and goat.  Dairy products are also bammed sich as cheese and yogurt.

Grains are banned. Oats, corn, wheat, rice,  sprouted grains, bulgur, millet, and sorghum are not allowed.  Even grains that are gluten-free such as quinoa, are no OK. Also, avoid added grains.

Legumes are banned.  Any kind of bean is eliminated as well as soy and any form of beans or soy are banned, such as peanut butter and soy sauce.

Baked goods, treats, and junk foods are forbidden.  Even if you modify these foods and make them with ingredients that the diet approves, they are still off limits.    To name a few of these kinds of foods:  cookies, muffins, pizza crust, cereal, biscuits, ice cream, brownies, waffles, and pancakes are to be avoided.

No alcohol, alcohol is not allowed even when added for cooking.  Certain food ingredients such as MSG, sulfites, and carrageenan are off limits.  You are instructed to NOT weigh yourself during the 30-day program. 

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There are certain food 'exceptions':

Two forms of dairy are allowed, ghee and clarified butter.  Fruit juice is OK, vinegar is allowed, and certain legumes that are 'pod-like' such as sugar snap peas, green beans, and snow pears are OK.   Vinegar, salt, and coconut aminos are allowed.

At the end of 30 days, you can slowly re-introduce foods back into your diet


You should lose weight
More energy
Better Health
Less pain
Better digestion


Difficulty is high
Lots of foods that are banned
Meal planning
Food preparation
Short term

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To learn what foods are creating allergies or inflammation or other maladies, this diet may have some merit.  As a way to lose weight, I feel that it is an extreme approach.  This diet is certainly not for everyone.  Eliminating foods or food groups can make a diet difficult to impossible for some people, in this case quite a few foods are banned.  For most people, I do not believe that this diet will work.  I give it a thumbs down and do not recommend that you add it to your list of weight loss options. 



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