Which Diet Is For You

Which Diet
is for YOU?

by George Pierce
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Trying to decide on which diet is 'best', is often the mindset of most of us that are wanting to lose weight.  Unfortunately this mindset is wrong!??   You do not want to look  for the 'best' diet, you  want to determine which diet is 'best for you'.  The YOU part of your diet search is extremely important.  It will probably mean the difference between long term and short term success.  

'This Time', this diet is the one that you want to be the last one.  This is the one that you want to be able to stay with.  The reason why other diets have failed is usually due to your not being aware of some of the skills and tricks and secrets that you will be exposed to, in your free membership training course...however...the better your diet choice suits you, the better chance that you will have of success.  You want to have as many things in your favor as possible, so spend some time on researching which diet is best for YOU.

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Research tips:

Consider diet longevity.  How long has the diet been around?  The longer the better.  If a diet is a 'fad diet' or a 'bad diet', it won't last.  If a diet has been around for years, that is a good sign that it works for some people...perhaps, it will work for you.

Consider which foods that you are allowed to eat and which foods that you are not allowed to eat.  Ask yourself if you can live with this diet indefinitely...forever.  Some diets will please your palate, some will not.  If you are pleased with your diet, you can and will succeed.  

How many meal plans are available?  How easy are the meal plans?  How tasty are the meals?  Some diets are true genius, when it comes to offering you a long list of hundreds or more fabulous meals.  A limited list may be a flaw.

For more help and more tips and ideas, see 'match making skills' in your 30 day training course and the Five Crucial Factors in our member area.

Thanks for reading, my friends, much success on your weight loss quest.

Kindest regards,
George Pierce
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