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The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t
Want You to Know About

by George Pierce          George Pierce Photo     



Kevin Trudeau is the author of "The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About". 

The diet say you will be lean and sexy within 30 days and lose the weight for good!

The diet is based on a low calorie intake and using hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin).   The use of hCG is not approved by the FDA, is expensive, is usually by injection, and must be prescribed by a doctor.

The book resulted in Trudeau's conviction of fraudulent claims by the FTC.  The conviction was based on Trudeau's giving medical advice and not being a doctor.  This was not his first offense, he had already been warned to stop making fraudulent claims.  Trudeau was sentence to 10 years in prison.

How Does It Work?

The diet relies on four components.  The first is going all organic.  The second is a drastic reduction in calories.  Initially, your calories will be at 500 per day.  Third is hCG injections. Fourth is cleansing and detox. 

The diet is based on a 3 phase 1950s diet by Albert T. W. Simeons. 

Phase 1:  The initial phase is switching your diet to an all organic diet with repeated detoxifying of the liver and cleansing the colon, 

Phase 2:  In this phase you add daily use of hCG, which is usually by injection.  The injections can only be given by doctor or health care provider. 

Phase 3:  At this point, the hCG injections stop.  You continue to eat all organic.


An hour or more of exercise per day is recommended


Supplements are recommended.


Level of Difficulty:

The difficulty is high to nearly impossible.  Your calorie intake is simple so low, that most people will not be able to stay on this diet.

Does It Work?

Any diet that significantly reduces your daily calories will help you to lose weight.

Red Flags!  WARNING!

The use of hCG Diet Products is illegal.  In my review of hCG, I conclude with

Products with hCG are not approved for weight loss and hCG has not been shown to aid in losing weight. Studies show that hCG diets are typically low calorie diets which should result in short term weight loss, but the addition of hCG did NOT help with weight loss. 

To quote the FDA, which advises that if you are using hCG, "stop using it, throw it out, and stop following the dieting instructions,"

500 calories per day is dangerous.  Most experts seem to agree that 1200 calories is the minimum for people to stay healthy.  If you are active, you will need to raise that minimum number of calories.  In addition, a diet of less than 800 calories per day is likely to hurt your body. 

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You will lose weight.


Too low in calories
Very expensive...it is estimated that it would take $18,000+ to follow the diet (per Carrie Popper of the Skeptical Inquirer).
hCG does not aid in weight loss, is illegal, and expensive.

thumb down

Of all the diets that I have researched and reviewed, this is one of the worst.  The amount of harm that you might do to your body and mind could be serious.  Even with professional help and guidance from your doctor, eating so few calories means that the body will lose muscle as well as fat, your metabolism will stall, and too few calories can invite all kinds of health issues.  Constipation, sleep issues, low energy, hair loss, irritability, endless hunger, and not being able to get pregnant are some of the problems that too few calories can cause.

I give the diet an emphatic two thumbs down!  I strongly suggest that you do not consider adding this diet to your list of weight loss options.

FYI:  Most very low calorie diets are under supervision and do not go below 800 calories per day.

Thank you fro reading, my friends.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Rooting for you,
George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight Founder

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Low Calories

Very Low Calorie Diets are for people whose BMI is over 30 and are having significant physical complications such as very high blood pressure or diabetes.

These kind of diets are for rapid weight loss and should only be followed with a doctor's supervision.

The length of a very low calorie diet is short, typically several weeks.  This kind of diet is an extreme measure that should only be used when rapid weight loss is critically important.


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