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Volumetrics is a diet by Barbara Rolls, PhD which is based on eating all you want.  The idea of volumetrics is that people are going to eat the same amount or volume of food or more as they are now eating, but they will lose weight.  Barbara is a professor of nutritional sciences and an obesity researcher at Penn State.  The U.S. News and World Report ranks the best diets each year.  Volumetrics not only got on the list, but ranks #2 as the Best Weight Loss Diet.

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How Does Volumetrics Work?

The diet is based on feeling full.  According to Rolls, fullness is achieved due to amounts and types of food that we eat and not the number of carbs, calories, fat grams or grams of protein.  The secret is to eat plenty of food, but eat the right foods that will fill us up with less calories.  The claim is the you can eat as much or even more and still lose weight.

The weight loss is gradual, probably a pound or two per week, which is what the experts prefer.  You will have daily goals for calories and daily steps goals for exercise.

What can you eat or not eat?

There are no food that are eliminated or banned, so you can eat what you like with moderation.  Your food consumption is focused on 'energy density'.  High energy density foods are high in calories, low energy density foods are low in calories.  These low energy density foods will mean less calories and more volume.

Foods are divided into four categories:

Category 1 is very low energy density which includes foods such as broth based soups, low fat milk and non starchy fruits and vegetables.

Category 2 is low energy density foods which includes grains, breakfast cereal, starchy fruits and veggies, low fat meat, and legumes

Category 3 is medium energy density foods such as pizza, cheese, meat, bread, salad dressing, and cake and ice cream.

Category 4 is high energy density foods such as chips, cookies, chocolate candies, nuts, butter, oil, and crackers.


Your strategy is replace higher energy density foods with lower density energy foods.  This simple Volumetrics philosophy will help you to lose weight and to keep it off.

The diet opts for foods with higher water content since the water increases volume and not calories.  Soups, fruits, and vegetables which are about 80% to 95% water, yogurt which is about 75%water (read the label to keep the sugar down), and pasta which is about 65% water, top the list.

If you have a craving, eat foods that are similar but lower in energy density.  Carrots are a good substitute for chips.  If you cannot do without a high energy density food, then indulge, but make up for it elsewhere.

Your meal plan will be based on three meals daily, along with two snacks and a dessert.

Does It Work?

It should help you to lose weight.  Any time you lower calories and engage in exercise, weight loss is likely to follow. 

Volumetrics is backed by several studies.

A study of 97 obese women divided into two groups, low fat  which focused on fruits and veggies and low energy dense foods group, the low energy dense foods group lost 14 pounds over 1 year vs. 11 pounds for the low fat group. Several other studies substantiate that low energy dense foods are effective in losing weight, but the most impressive (released in Oct. of 2016 in the European Journal of Nutrition) looked at the eating patterns of 9500 adults It concluded that  people who ate higher amounts of low and very low energy density foods had a lower Body Mass Index,  a smaller waist and were less likely  to be obese.


Level Of Difficulty:

The level of difficulty is fairly low  The diet books will help you with which foods are less dense and more dense in energy along with lots of recipes. 

Is It Healthy?

Volumetrics is considered to be able to meet or  almost meet recommendations for your daily nutrients.  The experts seem to agree that it is safe and health.

Is it easy to follow?

It should keep you satisfied (not hungry) and is relatively simple to follow.  Food planning and preparation are involved which might be a deal breaker for some folks.

Is it convenient?

You are allowed to eat out, as long as you stay within the diet's guidelines. Alcohol is also allowed, in moderation.

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A major plus for any diet is the availability of recipes and Rolls has come through for you.
You will find hundreds of recipes in her books.  The recipes coves ever aspect of your eating from appetizers to desserts, with many mouth watering dishes to choose from.



Exercise is encouraged and Rolls emphasizes the value of walking at least 30 minutes daily. Your goal is to walk 10,000 steps a day by adding 150 steps daily.


You will find help with meal planning, as well as grocery shopping.  If you like to eat out, her dining out guides will make it easier,  In addition, the diet includes nutrition basics and advice for maintaining motivation.  


You are not forced to give up your favorite foods.  Best of all, you will find some smart and delicious ways to make food swaps that you will enjoy.  For example, you can still have your morning stack of pancakes,  simply omit the oil and butter, switch to whole-wheat flour, use raspberry sauce instead of syrup and add fresh fruit on top.  Try it, you'll love it.

Vegan or Vegetarian?

Yes, you can adapt this diet to either.


There ate no meetings, you are on your own.  For online support, click here for our list of online weight loss communities and forums. 

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Your grocery bill should stay the same.

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pants after diet


Healthy eating.
Smart eating.
Lose weight.
Lower your risk of obese related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.
This diet should also help with sleep apnea and arthritis.
You may reduce your need for medications.
More energy.
Feel better.
Look and feel younger.


Food planning
Food preparation
If you are not at home in the kitchen, this diet may not be for you.


Are you TOO BUSY for this diet?

In order NOT to miss out, consider planning, making, cooking, and preparing all your meals or most of them at a time that is convenient.  Put the meals in the fridge or the freezer and they are ready when you need them.


Occasionally I will review diets that are good, very good, and some that are great.  The idea behind volumetrics of swapping high calorie foods for lower calorie or low calorie foods which are just as filling is one that works.  The good news is that this simple strategy can continue to work, in order to help you make a permanent lifestyle change.  I give this diet two thumbs up.  I feel that this diet is very good and is worthy of your consideration.  I suggest that you add it to your list of weight loss options. 

Thank you for reading, my friends, I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Rooting for you,
George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight Founder

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