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by George Pierce

George Pierce
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The VB6 Diet by Mark Bittman is a diet that is based on being a part time vegan.  VB6 is short for Vegan Before 6, which means that you eat like a vegan until 6PM. 

Mark is a columnist for the New York Times and he writes about food and food policy.  His personal story is that he was 40 pounds over weight and his doctor informed him that he was pre-diabetic and had high cholesterol.  His doctor suggested that Mark go on a
vegan diet.  Mark changed his diet but still allowed himself to have some animal products after 6 PM.

How Does the VB6 diet work?

It is very simple and straight forward.  Before 6PM, you eat like a vegan.  This means that you will eat mainly fruits and vegetables and beans and grains before your 6PM meal.  After 6, you can eat whatever you like, in moderation. 

His book provides a list of what you can eat before 6PM and includes many foods that you can eat in unlimited quantities. Naturally, some of the starchy veggies, higher fat fruit, and nuts, seeds, legumes, oils, and whole grains should be eaten in moderation.   Before 6PM, animal products, processed foods, dairy, eggs, cheese, alcohol, and sweets are off limits.

The diet also includes some great tips and advice such as reaching for a piece of fruit when you have a craving for sweets and even eat more than one piece of fruit if you need to. 

"Cheating is built in." said Mark in an interview with Shape.  This is an excellent point and plus for this diet or any diet.  Most experts agree that diets that eliminate foods are not going to work. 

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Does it work?

It should as long as you do not abuse your 6PM meal.  Mark's personal results were a loss of  15 pounds after 6 weeks and a loss of 35 pounds after 4 months.

Vegan or vegetarian?

This diet is already 75% vegan.  Simply eat vegan or vegetarian after 6PM.

Gluten Free?

Vegan does not mean gluten free, but you could adapt this diet to gluten free by watching your grains and reading labels.


Exercise is encouraged.  Mark says that we should get moving for better physical and mental health,

Level of Difficulty?

I believe that for most people, this diet will be medium, a few dieters may find it high.


Your grocery bill should stay about the same.


Bittman has a website for articles, blog posts, and recipes, but there is no support.  Support is always an added plus to help you to stay motivated.  Click here for a list of online communities and forums that are dedicated to weight loss support.

The 2 Week Diet


Healthy eating most of the time.
Plant based diet.
You should lose weight.
Lower risk of obese related diseases.


Food planning
Food Preparation
Going vegan, even part time, may not work for everyone.

thumb up
I personally like this diet because of its flexibility and the fact that it does not ban any foods after 6PM.  In addition,  even at 75%, vegan is very healthy and considered to add years to your life and life to your years. 

On the other hand, I know that veganism is not easy for some people.  I give the diet a thumbs up and feel that it is worthy of your consideration. Of course, if vegan diets are not for you, then this diet is not a good choice. 

Thanks for reading, my friends, I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Rooting for you,
George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight Founder
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