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by George Pierce

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UltraMetabolism The Simple Plan For Automatic Weight Loss is a book written by Mark Hyman, M.D.  Dr. Hyman claims to have discovered how our food interacts with our genes.  This communication is called nutrigenomics.  He has discovered seven keys to losing weight.  The theory is that your diet can reprogram your genes.  Bad food send bad messages, good food sends good messages.  The diet promises that you will lose from 11 to 21 pounds int the first 8 weeks.

Dr. Hyman's "Seven Keys to Losing Weight"

Control Your Appetite
Limit Stress
Cool the Fire of Inflammation
Prevent Rust or Oxidative Stress
Turn Calories to Energy
Fortify Your Thyroid
Love Your Liver

The book also debunks seven weight loss myths such as 'skipping meals aids in weight loss', 'eating fat makes us fat' or 'no carbs or low carbs will make you thin'.

The stages of the diet

Stage One is a detox stage.  No processed foods, hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup, alcohol, caffeine, refined carbs, artificial sweeteners, or sugar are allowed. The diet recommends that you throw these foods out.  You will also be eliminating dairy, eggs, and wheat for the first two stages.

Stage Two allows you to add back some of the banned foods.

Stage Three is the maintenance stage based on healthy eating.  Your diet will be rich is fiber, fats, plant proteins, and small portions of meat. You will be allowed up to 3 glasses of wine per week and one cup of coffee per day.  Supplements are highly recommended.

The 3 Week Diet

Sample Menu

Breakfast  Apple-walnut amaranth (a whole grain)

Snack   Seasonal fresh fruit, raw nuts, and seeds

Lunch  White beans on a bed of greens

Snack  Avocado with lemon

Dinner  Wild salmon with rosemary, sweet potatoes, and lemon asparagus

Detailed shopping lists are provided.  Whole foods, organic foods, and fresh foods.


Arugula, ½ pound
Asparagus, 1 bunch (about ½ pound)
Baby bok choy, ½ pound
Baby mixed greens, 2 pounds
Baby spinach, ½ pound
Belgian endive, 1 head
Bean sprouts, 2 ounces
Boston lettuce, 1 head
Broccoli, 1 head
Carrots, 2, and 1 pack age organic baby
carrots for snacks
Cauliflower, 1 small head or 1½ pounds
Celery, 1 bunch
Cucumbers, 4
Daikon radish, 1
Escarole, 1 small head (½ pound)
Garlic, 5 bulbs
Ginger, fresh, 3-inch piece
Herbs (bunches): Rosemary (1) Parsley,
flat-leaf (1), Cilantro (1), Taragon (1)
Olives: 20 green, 10 kalamata
Onions: 5 yellow, 2 red
Pep per, red bell, 2
Radishes, 1 small bunch
Romaine lettuce, 1 small head
Scallions, 1 bunch
Snow peas, 2 ounces
Sweet potatoes, 2
Water cress, 2 bunches



Apple, 3
Avocados, 3
Bananas, 2
Berries, any type, 3 pints
Coconut, 1 wedge (2" ´ 2" ´ ½")
Figs, 5 (green or black)
Lemons, 4
Limes, 3
Oranges, 2
Peaches, 2 (or 1 10-ounce package frozen if not in season)
Pears, 2

Nuts and Seeds

(Purchase raw nuts and seeds and store in
refrigerator; these amounts include nuts/
seeds for snacks.)

Almonds, ½ pound
Brazil nuts, ¼ pound
Cashews, ¼ pound
Flax seeds, 1-pound pack age
Hazel nuts, ¼ pound
Pine nuts
Sesame Seeds, ½ pound
Walnuts, ½ pound


You can get more free information in the UltraMetabolism Guide, a free 108 page PDF from Dr. Hyman.Click here for the instant download

Portion control and counting are not required.


The level of difficulty of this diet is high, especially in the first two stages. Avoiding unprocessed foods may not be easy and no wheat, no dairy and no wheat is difficult.


There is no support.  Click here for our list of online support forums and communities.


Your grocery bill may go up a bit due to purchasing organic. Dr. Hyman recommends lots of supplements which can add up.

jogging on


It is strongly suggested that you add strength training or aerobic exercise.

Vegan or vegetarian?

The diet includes vegan and vegetarian options.

Gluten free?

Although you will be eliminating wheat for the first few weeks, you will still need to read labels in order to make it gluten free.

Will you lose weight?

Eliminating foods such as sugar, refined carbs and processed foods should help you to lose weight.  Since there are not set guidelines on portion control or calories, you could over indulge and not lose weight.


You should lose weight.
Healthy eating.
Heart healthy.
You should also lower your risk of obese related diseases such as diabetes, and high blood pressure.


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Food planning is required.
Food preparation is needed.
Diabetics need to consult with their doctor to avoid low blood sugar.
Lots of supplements to buy and keep track of.
Your diet will be highly limited, especially in the first stages
No treats are allowed.
The level of difficulty may make this diet hard to sustain.
Most experts fell that elimination diets are not our best choice.
There is no scientific corroboration that diet affects our genes.

thumb up


There is no scientific evidence to support nutrigenomics, but healthy eating and weight loss and weight control go hand in hand.  The diet is healthy and well thought out and healthy.  Yet I give it a reluctant thumbs up because of the high level of difficulty.  This diet is not for everyone. 

Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind Regards,
George Pierce
Win Al Losing Weight Founder


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