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Our Top Weight Loss Apps! 
Article by George Pierce

With hundreds or perhaps thousands of weight loss apps available, finding a weight loss app that is right for you can be frustrating and confusing.  

The apps below are convenient tools that make weight loss easier and more sustainable.  Most apps are something like having your own personal weight loss coach available whenever you need him/her.  If you have not tried weight loss apps yet, give  one or more a try.  Most have a free version for you to try.  

In First Place!

Lose It! logo

Our top rated weight loss app is Lose It! by Fitnow, Inc.  You can also access Lose It! online at loseit.com

Lose It! helps you to easily set your daily goals and track your exercise and your food.  Lose it even helps your to stay motivated as well as to make wiser choices.  Your benefit is that Lose it! helps you to succeed.  We think that it is the best weight loss app available.  

Lose it! puts all the tools that you need for weight loss success in your hand. 

Click Here to visit Lose IT! App.

Second Place!

my fitness pal logo

The most popular health app is Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal.   Several key weight loss factors make Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal unique.   First of all, it is FREE, totally free, no strings.  Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal is touted to be the best diet app of all.  Approx. 95% of those who have rated Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal (over 950K out of about 1M ratings) have given it 4 or 5 stars.   Click Here to visit Calorie Counter.

Our Third Place Choice!

Spark People logo

SparkPeople is not an app, it is a website, with a lot of powerful apps that are available for free.  SparkPeople, the website is free to join.


There are a number of reasons why SparkPeople ended up in our top five weight loss apps, allow us to share a few.

The weight loss  information and education that SparkPeople has available is outstanding.  The more you know about weight loss, the better your chances of success.  SparkPeople is fun and has a built in community and forum for added help and support.  As a new member you will be invited to participate in a 21 day challenge.  Should you choose to join, take the challenge.  It so happens that it take 21 days for a repeated action to become a habit.  Visit SparkPeople.

In the Number Four Spot!

Fooducate Weight Loss Coach

Fooducate is a weight loss coach, tracker, motivator and more.  Fooducate educates you on how to eat real food and to eat right.  Approximately 10 out of 11 people give Fooducate a 4 or 5 star rating.  Visit Fooducate website.

Our Fifth Choice!
endomondo logo

Endomondo - Running & Walking

Endomondo is a sports and fitness app that helps you to get the most out of your walks and runs.  It uses GPS to track your activities and analyzes your performance.  Exercise is a MUST when losing weight, so if you are running, cycling, walking or engaging in any one of 40+ other sports, Endomondo is worthy of your consideration.

FYI:  We are in favor of weight loss apps since they make losing weight easier for you.  Our advice is simply to do your homework before choosing.

Runners UP!

During our research we came across many weight loss apps that are excellent.  Allow us to share with you some worthy runners up:

Noom Weight Loss Coach

Available for: Android

Noom focuses on behavioral change which is what weight loss success is all about.  Noom makes learning, planning and tracking easy.
Visit Noom


Jefit is for a more serious workout or bodybuilding.  It personalizes your routines, tracks, and motivates.  About 90% of Jefit users rate it as 4 or 5 stars.

Visit Jefit.


Pact pays you to lose weight!  You can earn up to $20 per month with this app for living healthy, eating right, and exercising. Can you make a pact?  A veggie pact, a gym pact, and a food logging pact?   Visit Pact.

Diet Assistant Weight Loss

You can choose from great meals for vegetarian, pescatarian, high-protein diets and many more.  Provide Diet Assistant with a little information about you and your goal weight and it will present you with mouth watering meal options.  Diet Assistant focuses on diet, of course with many tools and tips.  It does not include exercise.  Visit Diet Assistant Weight Loss.

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  road not taken, missing out
The Road Not Taken

Are You Missing Out? 

If you are not using
a weight loss app,  you
should try one
or more than one.

In my research of
weight loss apps, I
discovered that nearly
all weight loss apps are
worth our while. 

Every app that I investigated
did its job and seemed to
do it well.

Before You Try One:

Decide what you want or
need from an app. 

Look for an app that satisfies
what you are looking for, and
give it a try.  Most apps
over deliver, but read the
reviews to be sure that the
app is worth using.

You will be glad you did!


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