The Coffee Lover's Diet Review

by George Pierce
  George Pierce
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The Coffee Lover's Diet is a diet based around coffee written by Dr. Bob Arnot.   Arnot says that you will burn about 100 calories more daily if you drink coffee.  According to his book, Dr. Arnot came up with the book idea while studying the Ikarians.  Ikarians have one of the longest life spans on the planet.  Their diet is a Mediterranean and the coffee that they drink is made like Greek Coffee.  Greek Coffee is usually made from finely ground coffee that is boiled...about 1 to 2 teaspoons  of finely ground coffee, 1 teaspoon of sugar and 2 oz of water.  The result is coffee with 40 to 60 mg of caffeine or more.  Dr. Arnot says to find a coffee with high phenol content (high antioxidants) and brew it like Greek Coffee without the sugar.  He says that quality coffee tastes good black.

Dr. Arnot along with Dr. Nieman conducted a double blind study regarding high phenol coffee.  A decaf low phenol group was compared to a high phenol caffeinated group.  The result were not about weight loss, rather that the high pheno group reported a better mood, and more energy and liveliness.

In addition to a diet that includes high phenol Greek Coffee, a plant based diet with some lean protein is recommended (similar to the Mediterranean Diet).  This kind of diet is similar to what people who lived in the Mediterranean area atein the 1940's and 1950's.  Processed foods and man made fats are avoided since they were not yet invented.   Added sugars and refined carbs are avoided. 

The fascination of Dr. Arnot with coffee is a plus, since coffee seems to have health benefits, and weight loss, although small (see below), is one.  On the other hand, the expensive brewing equipment that it strongly recommends may be a problem. 

ABC NEWS  Can drinking coffee promote weight loss.  Dr. Bob Arnot

Researchers seem to agree that drinking coffee can help us to lose weight, but the amount of caffeine needed to lose weight equals about 6 to 7 cups daily.  In addition, coffee needs exercise to work.  One pound is about 3500 calories, so 100 calories per day means that it can help you lose about .2 pounds per week (about 3.2 oz.).  Over 52 weeks that can mean an additional 10 pounds of lost weight. 

Per a study published by the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition, caffeine releases more stored fat into your blood stream (fatty acids).  If you exercise, you will burn more fat, if you do not, these fatty acids will be re-absorbed over time.

Coffee also can suppress appetite.  Strangely, coffee before a meal in men reduces appetite by 21.7% per a study by Ph.D.AngeloTremblay B.Sc.EricMasson B.Sc.SylvainLeduc B.Sc.AlainHoude Ph.D.Jean-PierreDespr├ęs, but did not reduce appetite in women. 

How much coffee?

There is not a definite answer, although, in my research, I discovered that 23 liters of coffee in one sitting can kill us.  I am not so sure, but 23 liters of coffee would seem almost impossible to consume. 

Coffee brewed in a conventional way...about one to six or seven cups daily seems to be the preferred amount. 

coffee with
view of an island
Since coffee does dehydrate our body, drinking it with water is a good idea.


Healthy eating
You should lose weight
Feel better
More energy
Improved mood
Coffee is believed to lower your risk of diabetes
Coffee is naturally high in antioxidants
Coffee may help prevent cancer
Coffee improves memory


Adding sugar or cream can turn weight loss into weight gain
Coffee stimulation can make you edgy, over stimulated, or jittery
Some people experience food cravings after coffee wears off.
Other hot drinks such as herbal teas may work better
May cause osteoporosis (it causes the body to   excrete calcium)
Too much coffee can cause wrinkles (coffee dehydrates)
Conventional coffees are heavy with pesticides (stick with organic)
Can cause insomnia



I believe that adding coffee or herbal tea to your diet has benefit.  The diet is good diet but I am reluctant to give it a thumbs up.   Adding coffee to a diet makes good sense, but building a diet around coffee seems gimmicky, as if it may be a ploy to sell the diet or to sell coffee.  Either way, it seems to have worked since this diet is among the ten most searched diets per Google. 

About Greek Coffee:

Greek Coffee is usually consumed in the morning and after waking from napping. In Greece, from about 2-5 PM is quiet time or nap time.

Making Greek Coffee:

You are welcome to purchase expensive equipment but that should be unnecessary. If you would like to learn how to make Greek Coffee in 12 steps with image, click here to visit "How To Make Greek Coffee" at wikiHow. 

Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind regards,
George Pierce
Founder Win At Losing Weight



   Coffee Lover's Diet -Bob Arnot MD.

Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life!

You may recognize Dr. Arnot.  He has been a medical and foreign correspondent for CBS and NBC.

Dr. Arnot is an MD in internal medicine.  He is also a journalist, former host of the Dr. Danger TV series, entrepreneur, and author of 12 books.

Arnot has created his own brand of coffee, Dr. Danger. About 76% of Dr. Danger reviews are 4 or 5 stars of 104 reviews (per Amazon).  9% gave it a one star rating and 6% a two star rating, 


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