Sofia Vergara
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Sofia Vergara


Sofia Vergara Poses for Woman's Health Nude!

Sofia Vergara recently celebrated her 45th birthday by posing in her birthday suit.  She agreed to a nude layout for Women's Health Magazine.   

Sofia is a  TV star on "Modern Family",  she happens to be the highest paid TV star on the planet. 

Sofia has had a great figure most of her life, but how does she manage to maintain it?

She told Fox News... it is all about balance.  She tries not to have too much of any one thing.

Sofia Vergara Reveals Her Fitness and Diet Secrets

Sofia's biggest fitness tip is her Skinny Cow Secret.  “Doing everything in moderation… That’s why I’m so obsessed with Skinny Cow,” explains Sofia. “It allows me to know what I’m eating. The portion control is very easy with Skinny Cow and it doesn’t give me that guilty feeling.”

Sofia admits that she is not fond of working out.  She admits that she has to force herself to workout but how does and she works out at least three times per week.

sofia vergara and joe manganillo divorce

Recently, she married Joe Manganiello.  Soon after, rumors spread about cheating and divorce have  Both Sofia and Joe deny the rumors and say that they are happily married.

Sofia is now revealing her beautiful curves in Women's Health Magazine.

Sofia Vergara Nude in Womans Health

Sofia has reached an age where her beauty can no longer be taken for granted.  She has earned her place in the spot light in Women's Health and should be proud.



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