Rice Diet Solution Review

The Rice Diet
Solution Review

by George Pierce
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The Rice Diet History:

The Rice Diet Solution gained popularity when Duke University's Medical Center opened the Rice Diet Center in 1939.  The Rice Diet was created by Dr. Walter Kempner as a way to treat patients with malignant hypertension with kidney failure.  Dr. Kempner felt that the kidney's role was excretory and metabolic.  He theorized that lowering protein and electrolyte levels to a minimum would allow the kidney to do a better job metabolizing.  His treatment was a diet of white rice, fruit, fruit juices and vitamins and iron.   Initially, the diet was only used on patients with chronic conditions and for short periods of time and under supervision.  

The results that the patients experienced exceeded expectations.  Dr. Kempner made a major breakthrough with the diet when a patient with chronic kidney disease (chronic glomerulonephritis) and chronic eye diseases (papilledema) misunderstood his German accent.  the patient went on the diet and instead of returning in two weeks, she accidentally returned in two months.  Her heart had made a noticeable decrease in size, her blood pressure has dropped from 190/120 to 124/84, her eye damage was resolved, and her overall health was robust.  

This occurrence led to longer use of the diet and over time the diet was used for numerous other illnesses including diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, cholesterol, common heart disease, narrowing of the arteries, chest pains, EKG abnormalities, stopping retinal hemorrhaging, kidney failure, and massive obesity.


Over time the Rice Diet Center became a two to four week boot camp for weight loss and curing illnesses.  It became so popular that movie stars and other celebrities visited the center.  

After 70 years, in 2002, Duke University ended its relationship with the Rice Diet Center. Dr. Robert Rosati, MD, took the center over until it closed in 2013.   Kitty Rosati and her husband, Robert,  put the diet on paper and published The Rice Diet Solution. (see Resources below for a free copy).  they have published several best sellers about the Rice Diet..

How does it work?

The diet claims that women should lose about 20 pounds during the first month and that men should lose about 30.  The plan also claims that you will cleanse and detox your body and not be hungry. The diet is a low calorie, low sodium, low protein, low fat program.  The diet consists of a 30 day meal plan at 1000 calories give or take 100 calories.  The Diet is a plan for life.  

Dr. Kempner chose white rice because he felt it put very little stress on the kidneys.  Brown rice seems to be preferred over white, but most experts seem to agree that you can eat either.

The plan also recommends that you keep a comprehensive journal, exercise, and meditate.  According to the book,  this is "a physical, emotional, and spiritual program that will change the way you live."


What you can eat:

The diet is mostly rice and fruit.  Vegetables, low salt beans, whole grains, and lean proteins are allowed.  Your diet will be centered around rice and starches, fruits, veggies, and non fat dairy.  No foods are off limits.  Portion size matters.  Eating organic foods is stressed.

Sample Menu examples:

Breakfast examples:
1 cup of brown rice
1 cup of fresh fruit
Unsweetened coffee or tea
1 cup of brown rice
1/2 cantaloupe
1 slice whole wheat toast
Unsweetened coffee or tea
1 cup of oatmeal
3 stewed prunes
Unsweetened coffee or tea
1 cup of brown rice
1 small glass orange juice
2 figs or prunes
Unsweetened coffee or tea
1 cup of brown rice
1 thin (1/2 ounce) slice fried ham
1/2 apple
Unsweetened coffee or tea
Lunch Examples:
1 cup brown rice with 1 cup Chinese mixed vegetables
1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese on a lettuce leaf
Unsweetened coffee or tea
1 cup brown rice served with 1 cup boiled cabbage
1 glass skimmed milk
1 cup brown rice
Cottage cheese and tomato salad prepared from 1/2 cup of low-fat cottage cheese and 1 tomato with a little vinegar & herbs dressing
Unsweetened coffee or tea
1 cup of brown rice
1 cup stewed tomatoes
Raw carrots or cauliflower
1 glass skimmed milk
1 cup of brown rice pudding
Two cups mixed carrots, cabbage, cucumber, cauliflower, radish and tomato salad
Raw carrots or cauliflower
Unsweetened coffee, tea, or skimmed milk
Over 50 Meal Plans Available

Dinner Examples:
1 cup Savory Rice
1 3 oz. piece of chicken breast
1/2 cup boiled carrots
1 fresh pear
Unsweetened coffee or tea
1 1/2 cups Rice A La Riston
1 2 1/2 oz. piece trimmed broiled pork chop
1 navel orange
Unsweetened coffee or tea
1 1/2 cups Chicken Pilaf
1 fresh tomato
Two fresh plums
Unsweetened coffee, tea, or skimmed milk
1 1/2 cups Russian Pilaf
1 bowl mixed carrots, cabbage, cucumber, cauliflower, radish and tomato salad
1/2 cup mixed fresh fruit cocktail (unsweetened)
2/3 cup Rice and Lamb Casserole
1 cup cooked cabbage
1/2 cantaloupe
Unsweetened coffee or tea
1 dietary serving of Veal Marengo over 1 cup of brown rice
1/2 cup green beans
1/2 grapefruit
Unsweetened coffee or tea
1 cup Fried Rice
1 cup Chinese mixed vegetables
1 tangerine
Unsweetened coffee, tea, or skimmed milk

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Sample Recipe (from Rice Diet Renewal below)

Stuffed Cooked Tomatoes 

1 teaspoon olive oil 
4 large tomatoes 
½ large onion, chopped 
½ leek, chopped 
¼ cup sliced mushrooms 
1 teaspoon minced garlic 
½ cup fresh, washed spinach 
1 cup cooked rice (cooked in no- s alt vegetable broth) 
¼ cup no- s alt tomato sauce (or marinara sauce) 
1 teaspoon oregano 
1 teaspoon basil 
½ teaspoon thyme 
1 teaspoon red pepper flakes (optional) 

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Heat a large skillet over medium heat. Core the tomatoes and set aside. When the skillet is hot, add the olive oil, onions, and leek and salute' for a few minutes. Add the mushrooms and garlic and continue to salute'┼Że until the mushrooms are tender. Then add the spinach and continue to cook the vegetables for 3 to 5 more minutes. 

Remove from the heat. Mix the cooked rice in with the vegetables, along with the tomato sauce, 
herbs, and red pepper flakes, if using. Remove from the heat and stuff the cored tomatoes with the mixture. Place the stuffed tomatoes on a baking sheet and bake them in the oven for 20 to 25 
minutes or until they are tender to the touch. 

Yield: 4  servings ( 1 tomato per serving) 
Each serving contains approximately: Calories 114 (16% from fat), 
Protein 3.5 g, Fat 2 g, Carbohydrate 22.2 g, Cholesterol 0 mg, Sodium 17 mg 
Allowances: 1 starch +  1½  vegetables 

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Level of difficulty:

The difficulty of this diet is high.  The low level of calories, fat, salt, and sugar may be a real hurdle for some.  Alcohol is not allowed which may be a problem for some.  

Other names for this diet are The Rice Diet, The Rice Diet Renewal. 

Vegan or vegetarian?

The diet is adaptable to either.

Gluten free?

Since rice is gluten free, this diet can be adapted to gluten free.  



Your food cost may go up a bit due to the higher cost for organic foods.  

Does it work?

Yes.  The diet is a low calorie diet  .Any diet that lowers calories and introduces exercise should help you to lose weight.  


The diet is considered to be lacking in calcium and vitamin D, so a supplement is recommended.  The amount of protein is low and less than what is recommended.  The diet is relatively bland, but there are many recipes to make it tastier.  This diet should qualify for those who seek a low salt diet or a low fat diet.

Kitty Rosario gives significant attention to the areas of weight loss that many diets fail to cover.  Helping you see the value both short term and long term, helping you with empowering your mind, connecting with your spirit, and pursuing true health are some examples.  Her information, healing stories, and testimonies help make her book more relatable.  The Responsibility Game that she shares, applies so well to weight loss.  

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The Rice Diet will help you to be healthier, to heal, and to lose weight.  The book helps you to make your lifestyle transition easier by sharing much helpful information regarding your mind and spirit.  I give the Rice Diet two thumbs up.  The down side is that this diet can be difficult for many dieters.  I recommend the diet, but it is definitely not for everyone.  

Free Resource:

Click Here for the 'Rice Diet Renewal, A Healing 30 Day Program For Lasting Weight Loss'  PDF written by Kitty Gurkin Rosati, M.S., R.D., L.D.N.    This free resource contains 555 pages (293 actual pages) which focuses on 'True Health' and includes recipes, grocery list, and much much more.
Accidental Weight Loss!??

Dr. Walter Kempner created the Rice Diet to help patients with chronic kidney disease.  The healing benefits and weight loss benefits became apparent over time.  Dr. Kempner kept track of his patients, their response to this diet, and more. 

His findings far exceeded expectations.

Click Here for Walter Kempner, MD, PDF to learn more.
Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind regards,
George Pierce
WALW founder

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