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by George Pierce
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Plant Based Diets are considered to be healthier diets that will help you to lose weight.  A plant based diet does not have to be a vegan or vegetarian diet. Many of these kinds of diet focus on fruits and vegetables along with whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes, but allow some animal protein, milk, eggs, fish, poultry, etc.

Originally, the phrase 'a plant based diet' did not include any animal products, now the diet can include varying degrees of animal products.

Diets that are centered on plants (over 50% plant based) should lower your cholesterol, reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, lower your risk of high blood pressure, reduce your risk of stroke, and minimize your risk of colorectal cancer. 



Plant Based Diet


Which Diets are the best plant based diets?

The Top 10 Plant Based Diets
(ccording to the experts who rank the top diets each year for U.S. News)
#1:  The Mediterranean Diet

This diet is based on the lifestyle of people that live in the Mediterranean area in the 1940's and 50's. 
The diet is based on plants with moderate consumption ofdairy and fish and low consumption of animal products.

Southern Italy shore line
  #2:  The Flexitarian Diet
#3:  The Ornish Diet  
  #4:  Vegetarian Diet
#5:  The Traditional Asian Diet  
  #6:  Dr. Weil's Anti-inflammatory Diet
#7:  Nutritarian Diet  
  #8:  Engine 2 Diet
#9:  Vegan Diet  
  #10:  Eco-Atkins Diet



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