Paleo Diet Review

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Paleolithic diet/ Paleo diet/ Caveman diet/ Stone Age diet
Paleolithic Diet Review |
Paleo Diet Review

by George Pierce
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The paleolithic diet is based on the way that man ate about 2.5 million years ago and ending around 10,000 years ago due to man's ability to farm. 

What is the Paleolithic Diet?

The Paleolithic Diet is also called the Paleo Diet, the Caveman Diet and the Stone Age Diet because it focuses on the animals and wild plants that man ate during the Paleolithic era.  

This diet is centered around fish and meat as well as vegetables, fruits, and roots and nuts. Modern day foods such as dairy, grains, legumes, sugar, and salt, as well well as processed foods and oils are not included.  The result is that the Paleo Diet differs from modern day eating and is lower in carbs and higher in protein.  

The Caveman Diet became popular in the 1970's.  The idea behind this diet is that modern man has not evolved much since Paleolithic man.  Farming has only been around for a short period compared to 2.5 million years, so genetically man is still very much adapted to a Paleo Diet.  Thus, a good diet for modern man is to eat like his stone age ancestors ate.  
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Avoiding processed foods, eating less sugar and less salt will mean better health and probable weight loss.

The high protein aspect from meats and fish will result is felling fuller longer.

Studies of the Paleo Diet indicate that the Paleo dieters had improved metabolism and cardiovascular health, but these studies have been too small and the data is too limited to be conclusive.

Many Paleo advocates believe that many of the 'diseases of the affluent' may be avoided with this diet.

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The Paleo Diet is nutritionally deficient.  Long term users face a lack of Vitamin D and calcium which will compromise bone health.  

Those that are opposed to the Paleo Diet, rebut that 'diseases of the affluent' are caused by inactivity and a sedentary life style rather than diet.  


The Paleo Diet resembles many ethnic diets as well as  the Mediterranean Diet.  If you are considering the Paleo Diet, may I suggest that you compare it to the Mediterranean Diet, which seems to be a healthier choice.  

My opinion is that the Paleo Diet is somewhat of a FAD diet.  I say this because it fades into almost oblivion until someone writes a book about it.   In 1975, Walter Voegtlin; in 1985, Boyd Eaton and Melvin Konner; and in 2002, Loren Cordain; each wrote a book about the Paleo Diet which gave a boost in popularity,   In 2012, it was described and the latest trend in diets and surged once again.  

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The stone Age Diet is the basis of a good diet, but it does lead to bone health problems.   Supplements can solve that problem, but there are similar diets that I believe are better.   I therefore give the Paleo Diet, a thumbs down.

My friends, I thank you for reading and I wish you much success on your weight loss journey.

George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight Founder

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