New Beverly Hills Diet Review

The New Beverly Hills
Diet Review

by George Pierce
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The New Beverly Hills Diet is an update of the original Beverly Hill s Diet.  The original version was created by in 1981 by Judy Mazel.  She revised and update her diet in 1996 as the New Beverly Hills Diet.

Judy Mazel was an over weight child who never had success at losing weight.  Six months after being told by her doctor that she would always be fat, Mazel broke her leg in a skiing accident.  While recovering, she read a book about nutrition. From there she developed her own ideas as to how the body works and how she could lose weight and keep the weight off.

Her weight loss theories led to her losing 72 pounds and maintaining her weight loss. 

Although she had no formal nutrition education, the success of her book led to her opening a Beverly Hills weight loss clinic.

Mazel's diet promises that you will lose 10-15 pounds in 5 weeks and continue to lose weight until you are skinny.  Her strategy focuses on a fruit based diet for 35 days and then adding back foods based on the diet rules regarding how you combine carbohydrates, fat, and protein.

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The first 35 days:

During this phase, you will be eating mostly fruit.  On day two, for example, you'll be eating baked potatoes, strawberries, and prunes, the first 10 days are all fruit.  On Day 11, bagels and corn on the cob are added. No complete protein is added until Day 19 , then you can have steak or lobster, fruit still remains your staple food, as an example, on day 22, you'll be consuming cherries or grapes.  

After the 35 days:

During this stage, you will be combining foods.


Food Combining Rules:

Proteins can be combined with fats
Carbohydrates can be eaten with fats
Fruit must be eaten alone 
Champagne goes with everything

Portion control is not an issue, so you can eat as much as you want.

You are to avoid products that can cause 'digestive problems' such as margarine or other artificial butter products, artificial creamers, artificial sweeteners, additives, and non-dairy creamer.  

The New Beverly Hills Diet is difficulty, the level of effort is considered to be high.  Getting past the first 35 days, being on a mostly fruit diet will not be easy.  If you reach the second stage, 'combining' foods may prove to be a challenge.  

Warning:  Diabetes, anyone with a disease that may be affected by high levels of fructose and people who do not love fruit should not consider this diet.

Exercise:  Two or more exercise classes per week.  Find an exercise you love and do it often.

Food Cost:  Food costs should not change much.

Planning:  Your first 35 days are essentially fruit, after that combining foods may be difficult.

Vegan or Vegetarian?  You can adapt this diet to either.  Mazel suggests tofu as a protein source, just do not combine it with carbs.

Gluten Free?  Yes, you can make this diet gluten free.

Support and meetings:  None.

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Does the New Beverly Hills Diet Work?

Yes, you should lose weight due to a low caloric intake.


You will lose weight.
You will eliminate junk food.
You will eliminate artificial foods.
The diet has withstood the test of time.


There is no evidence that food combining or a fruit based diet is beneficial.
The diet lacks nutrition and is not a balanced diet during the first phase.
Many days are fruit only. 
The diet is difficult to stay on.
Staying on this diet long term is unlikely.
Combining foods and not combining foods seems like a challenge.
Some critics, experts, and nutritionist label the diet as a fad diet.
Does not help dieters learn how to eat balanced meals for long-term weight loss.

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A fruit based diet may not be nutritionally sound.  After the first stage, not combining protein and carbs would be tough for me, personally.  Based on the high difficulty, the lack of any science behind the diet, and the nutritional short comings,  I give the New Beverly Hills Diet a thumbs down and do not recommend that you add it to your list of weight loss options.

Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind regards,
George Pierce
Founder Win At Losing Weight

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Judy Mazel

Judy Mazel

Judy Mazel was an American weight loss crusader.  Her 1981 book, The Beverly Hill Diet, swept the nation.  It became a best seller and a diet craze nationwide.  

Mazel was born in Chicago and moved to California to become an actress.  That did not work out, but her book was a huge success. It has been endorsed by notable followers of the diet such Linda Gray, Sally Kellerman, and Maria Shriver.
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The Beverly Hills Diet offers hope and promise to dieters.  Since portion control is not an issue, being hungry is not a problem.

Judy Mazel passed away in 2007 from  peripheral vascular disease.  She has been credited with helping hundreds of thousands of people to lose weight. 
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