Lose Weight With Hypnosis

Lose Weight
With Hypnosis 

by  George Pierce
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Is Losing Weight With Hypnosis a SCAM?

What you are about to discover:
  • Does losing weight with hypnosis really work?
  • Can you eat what you want and still lose weight with hypnosis weight loss?
  • Do you need to exercise and diet or is hypnosis weight loss enough?
  • Eight Hypnosis Fears dissolved.
  • A SUPER unexpected benefit.
  • Hypnotherapy at home, is that possible?
Hypnosis Weight Loss

 may prove to be the key that you have been looking for.

The fact is that hypnosis for weight loss works and works quite well.  Hypnosis weight loss is not a hoax or a scam, rather, an effective way to help you to succeed!

Your mind is a key factor in weight loss, and hypnosis helps you gain control so that your brain becomes a weight loss 
ally rather than an enemy.
One of several surprises that I uncovered was all the fears 
regarding hypnosis.  If you are unsure of hypnosis, or somewhat afraid of it, you are not alone.  
Eight of these fears are about 
to melt away!

Hypnosis helps people with 
all kinds of problems, such as quitting smoking, bed wetting, learning disorders, weight loss, weight control,  high blood pressure, 
sleep disorders, and more.
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My Intent for this review was to reveal a HUGE SCAM!  I was wrong.

If you visit the "Diet Scams Revealed" Section, you will find a list to help you to better determine whether a weight loss option is a SCAM.  Hypnosis for weight loss seems too good to be true...and if it is too good to be true, it must be a scam.  My instincts have been right in all but a few instances.  Most weight loss products, services or options are blown way out of proportion and I was sure that hypnosis weight loss was just another way to get more of your money and waste more of your time with no real results.  When I say results, I am not looking for a bunch of "manufactured" testimonials.  I am looking for scientific studies and/or clinical studies...which are usually lacking.  

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Clinical and Scientific Proof:

Hypnosis Weight Loss works!

The effect of  hypnosis for weight loss and weight control is significant.  Hypnosis has been proven to be a valuable clinical tool to help you with weight loss because it is so easy and can have a profound effect on behavioral modification.  The success of hypnosis weight loss has been backed by research.

SUPER unexpected benefit:

The American Society of  Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) made some valuable discoveries.  

In a 9 week study of two groups trying to lose weight (one group used hypnosis for weight loss and the other group did not), the group that used hypnosis for weight loss were found to continue to benefit while the other group did not.  
The study continued for two years and the hypnosis for weight loss group were still seeing results for the two year time frame!  (ref: Journal of Clinical Psychology)

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More Proof:

An ASCH study with 60 women, with one group using hypnosis weight loss and the other group not.  The group that used hypnosis weight loss were able to lose an average of 17 pounds vs. less than a pound for the group that did not use hypnosis weight loss. (ref: Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology)

Unexpected benefit:
An ASCH comparison was made of multiple studies in which hypnosis weight loss was added to a weight loss treatment and the results were EYE-OPENING!  Adding hypnosis for weight loss resulted in a 97% increase in weight loss during treatment! Hold on to your hat!   Adding hypnosis weight loss increased post-treatment results by over 146%! Adding hypnosis weight loss has immediate benefits, and also has unexpected long term benefits!   (ref: Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology)

Note: The only fly in this ointment is that the ASCH is the one that made these studies.

Eight Fears that you (and I) might have concerning hypnosis weight loss!
  1. Hypnosis will put you into a state of  unconsciousness or sleep. Wrong! Hypnosis actually induces a state of  relaxation.  Your mental awareness and alertness is actually increased. 
  2. You will not remember what was said during hypnosis.  Wrong!  You will remember everything that is said.
  3. You will lose control under hypnosis.  Wrong!  Hypnosis allows you to have more control.  What about those people who volunteer to get on a stage and become hypnotized?  They are aware of the "context" before they go on stage, and they are aware that they will be letting their inhibitions show.  Their choice to go on stage is an exercise of control. Change the "context" to clinical, and your conscious and subconscious minds will reject and suggestion that you are not willing to accept.  
  4. Hypnosis is supernatural or unnatural or evil.  Wrong!  You are simply achieving a state of relaxation and increased mental awareness.  Due to the workings of  your mind (and mine too), side effects can only be positive!  Negatives will be rejected.
  5. Hypnosis can be harmful.  Wrong!  There are no known cases of  anyone suffering harm from hypnosis.
  6. You will go into a state of hypnosis and not be able to return.  Wrong! Fortunately, hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation...similar to just before you go to sleep. If you were not brought out of hypnosis (your hypnotist died or had to leave suddenly), you would simply fall asleep and then awaken naturally. 
  7. Not everyone can be hypnotized.  Wrong!  If you are normal and if you are willing to be hypnotized and be willing to follow instructions in a self improvement context, then you can be hypnotized.
  8. Hypnosis will cause you to reveal dark deep secrets.  Wrong!  You are in control and anything that violates your will, your morals, your ethics, or your values will automatically be rejected.
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If you have any fears about hypnosis, you are certainly not alone.  

Even if your fears are unfounded, they are still real fears as far as you are concerned.  I hope that this information will help you to see that hypnosis is not a negative...and that you can use it in a very positive way, which is to help you to more easily and more effectively lose weight and to help you to KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF later!      

Eat all you want and still lose weight!??

Some hypnosis weight loss programs make this claim.  This statement is not totally untrue, but is (IMO) misleading.  The fact is, that even though you are 'allowed' to eat all that you want, you will not want to eat more. Hypnosis weight loss will help you to want to eat less and to feel satisfied and not be hungry.  Your brain says when you are hungry, and hypnosis weight loss helps you to turn your "hungry" switch off!  

How does Hypnosis Weight Loss work?
Hypnosis weight loss helps you to strengthen your positive attitudes, resources and beliefs that you already have, but they may have become weakened or submerged due to negatives, environment, or past experiences. 


How can you use hypnosis weight loss at home?  (without a hypnotist or another person):

You can achieve a safe state of self hypnosis or deep relaxation without the help of another person. This makes hypnosis weight loss easy and convenient, since you can use this tool in the comfort of your own home, and on your own schedule.  
The only caveat I have for you, is that when you are done, rise and move slowly. Rising
 too quickly could cause your blood pressure to drop, and you could become dizzy. This is orthostatic hypotension, and has nothing to do with hypnosis.

Is Hypnosis Weight Loss all you need to do?  Can you skip the exercise and diet?

The answer to this question depends on who you ask.  A few say that the hypnosis weight loss is all you need.  In my opinion, using hypnosis weight loss in addition to your weight loss program is your best bet.    Using hypnosis weight loss helps you to "think thin" and more.  The results of an existing weight loss program can be so much improved with adding hypnosis weight loss that it is a no brainer.  If you have failed at losing weight or if you are at your wit's end regarding weight loss since nothing seems to work, add hypnosis weight loss immediately.  For those of you who have not yet reached that stage, you want to add hypnosis weight loss to your weight loss program as well, so you will not have to reach that point where you feel like you are desperate or worse!  

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Hypnosis can be a valuable tool to help you to lose weight.   Why not have it in your arsenal.  I give Hypnosis Weight Loss two thumbs up.  

I wish you the best of luck with your weight loss goals.  Thanks for visiting and thanks for reading.  

Much Success,
George Pierce
Founder Win At Losing Weight

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