Hormone Diet Review

The Hormone Diet Review/ 
Supercharged Hormone
Diet Review

By George Pierce
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The Hormone Diet  is based on a book by naturopathic Doctor Natasha Turner.  The premise of this diet is that hormone imbalances contribute to weight gain as well as sugar cravings, tiredness, stubborn belly fat, slowing libido, stress, and other health problems.   The Spercharged Hormone Diet is an accelerated 30 day plan to restore hormonal imbalance.  

The diet claims to help regulate your hormones which lead to losing weight and to keeping the weight off. Dr. Turner theorizes that hormonal can make it difficult to lose weight.  Cortisol, for example, a stress induced hormone, can lead to uncontrollable appetite.  

The diet is a three stage diet.  

Stage 1

This stage is a two week 'detox' phase.  During this stage, you are not to eat many oils, alcohol, dairy, grains that contain gluten, peanuts, caffeine, sugar, artificial sweeteners, citrus fruit, and red meat.  Foods that are allowed are poultry, fish, gluten free starches and grains, eggs, soy, plant milks, goat or sheep dairy, and certain oils.  During this stage, you will be taking supplements for nutrition along with anti inflammatories such as turmeric and fish oil.  This stage is intended to help you flush and detoxify your body of unwanted excess hormones.  

Stage 2

For the next two weeks, you are allowed to add foods back into your diet with the intent of detecting those foods which your body does not tolerate well.  In the second stage you will rid your diet of  man made foods such as refined grains, artificial sweeteners, processed foods, and foods that contain nitrates.  

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Stage 3

Your diet from stage two continues into stage three which focuses on Glyci-Mediterranean Diet.  this means eating foods that help maintain more stable blood sugar levels.  Stage three promotes wellness both physically and mentally through strength training and cardiovascular exercise.

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The Hormone Diet recommends an ongoing avoidance of certain foods that are considered to be 'hormone hindering'  Some of these foods are raisins, dates, peanuts, high fructose corn syrup, fish with high levels of  mercury, non organic coffee, and non organic meats.  You can find the complete list in the book.

The Hormone Diet is the first to promote the importance of hormonal balance and weight loss and to explain how lifestyle habits such as sleeping, eating, exercising, and managing stress can affect weight loss and weight gain.  

Exercise:  Doctor Turner suggests about 30minutes of exercise daily for 6 days per week.  An exercise mix of yoga, cardio, strength training, and interval training ate recommended.


The Hormone diet suggests a weight of  12 pounds in two weeks which seems over stated.  
Hormonal balance may be relevant to weight gain and weight loss, but has no clinical proof.  
Our hormones affect nearly every process and function in our body, so trying to control them with strictly weight loss in mind, may have unexpected results.  
Although this diet may be considered a mild detox diet during the first two weeks, the change is drastic enough to where you should consult your health care professional before beginning this diet.

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You will lose weight due to exercise and lower caloric intake. 
Healthy eating.
Lowers health risks such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
Improve overall health.


The initial weight loss may be less than promised.
'Avoidance' diets (which this diet is) are sometimes hard to follow long term.
The level of difficulty is rather high.
You will be testing hormone levels often.
You will need to plan and prepare meals-no prepackaged meals.
Your food bill may increase since organic foods are recommended where ever possible.
Recipes are basic and limited.
No support.   You do have many online support options.  Click here for our list of 22 online Weight Loss Forums and Communities.

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Conclusion: thumb up icon

The Hormone Diet also known as the Super Hormone Diet is a healthy diet.  Although many of its promises such as balanced hormones better sleep, and the ability to cure a host of diseases are unsubstantiated, I still give it a thumbs up, but I do not recommend this diet.  My reasons are that it is fairly difficult to adjust to and stay with.  There are many other diets that may prove to be easier and would be more likely to be maintained.  Since this diet resembles the Mediterranean Diet which is one of the top rated diets, ranked #4 by US News and World Report, may I suggest that you check it out.  Click here for my Mediterranean diet review.  

Thank you for reading, my friends, I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind regards,
George Pierce
Founder Win At Losing Weight


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sssss Dr. Natasha Turner
Dr. Natasha Turner ND

Dr. Turner is one of the leading naturopathic doctors in North America.  She is a New York times best selling author.  She is the author of the Hormone Diet which she followed up with the Supercharged Hormone  Diet.

Dr, Natasha Turner and Dr. Mehmet Oz

Dr. Turner has been on the Dr. Oz Show nine times.  She is also a regular guest on the Marylin Denis Show.  

She is  a regular columnist for Vitalize Magazine.



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