HMR Diet Review

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HMR Diet Review
by George Pierce

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HMR Diet or HMR Program is a part of Merck's Healthcare Services & Solutions, which a separate from the pharmaceutical division.  The HMR stands for Health Management Resources.
The HMR Program offers different
versions which vary in intensity. 
The most intense is only available
through an HMR Clinic which
includes in-person coaching and
medical supervision. This version
is best for those who are
significantly overweight or have
obese related medical conditions
that are severe and need medical

The HMR Diet at Home is the
Healthy Solutions At Home Diet
version   When most people talk about the HMR Diet, they are usually referring to the HMR Diet at Home.

The diet touts that it has been ranked as the #1 (tie) fastest weight loss diet.  This #1 ranking is by U.S. News and World Report.  HMR meals, snacks, and shakes are delivered to your door.

How Does It Work?

The diet was created by Lawrence Stiller.  Mr. Stiller is a behavioral psychologist.  The HMR At Home Program which also called The Healthy Solutions Diet consists of two stages.

Stage 1:  Quick Start phase.

In the Quick Start phase, the goal is to lose weight rapidly.  This is done by meal replacement.  You will replace your meals and snacks with HMR meals and snacks along with fruits and vegetables.  You will be adding exercise, learning weight loss management, and implementing lifestyle changes.  The Quick Start phase lasts until you reach your goal weight.

Stage 1 is based on a 3-2-5 plan.  You will have 3 HMR Shakes or more daily, 2 HMR Meals or more daily, and 5 servings or more of fruits and vegetables. All HMR food is convenient, you can mix and serve or heat and eat.  You are allowed to eat as many meals, shake and vegetables as you need in order to satisfy your hunger.  According to HMR. as many as 10 shakes daily can be consumed and you can still lose weight.

How to add variety to your HMR Shakes

Exercise is required.  You should exercise to burn at least 2000 calories per week. About 36 minutes of walking per day, should meet this requirement.

Weekly phone calls are required in this phase.

Eating out, alcohol, and sugary drink are not allowed in this stage.

Stage 2:  Weight Management phase.

Once you reach your goal weight, you will transition to the Weight Management phase.  More strategies are added to help you maintain long-term weight loss.  Reduction of the number of HMR meals, shakes, and snacks begin, as you gradually shift to other healthy options.  Five daily servings of fruits and vegetables are still required. 

The transition lasts about 4 to 8 weeks as you move toward your long-term self-management maintenance phase. 



Your food costs will go up.  HMR costs $199 (discount) to $265 for the first three week starter kit.  After that, the cost is $185 every two weeks.  This does not include any fruits and vegetables that you add and your third meal of the day. 

Your 3-week Starter Kit includes:

48 servings of HMR 120 Shake mix
42 assorted HMR Entrees 
18 servings of HMR Multigrain Hot Cereal
1 packet of HMR 70 Plus Pudding/Shake mix to sample
HMR Recipe Book
Support Guides
HMR Mobile App
Weekly group coaching by phone


Yes.  Weekly group coaching by phone is included in the program.


You should not be disappointed.  You have a variety of meals to choose from along with the ability to add more vegetables and condiments. 


As part of your Start Up Kit, you will receive an HMR Recipe Booklet.  You will find recipes for shakes, floats, puddings, cereal and more.  On the other hand, there are only 14 entree recipes, however, you will find more recipes at the HMR Program website.

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Does It Work?

Yes, you should lose weight.  The diet will lower your caloric intake and add exercise, a combination that will mean weight loss.  According to HMR, you can expect to lose about 23 pounds in the first 12 weeks. 


Lose Weight
Group support
Feel better
More energy


No eating out in stage 1
No alcohol in stage 1


Unfortunately, prepackaged diet plans have a high failure rate after about 6 months.  Clinical studies have shown that most people apparently lose interest for whatever reasons and quit between about 6 and 12 months. 

This diet begins as a prepackaged diet.  Prepackaged diets do work, at least for the short term.  For the short term you are losing weight and while you are losing weight, you are being coached and taught some of the skills and strategies that you will need to make this diet a long-term success.  When you wean yourself from the HMR products, you will be at your goal weight, so you will be motivated to maintain and prepared to maintain.  I give the diet, two thumbs up.  If you can afford it, consider adding it to your list of weight loss options.

Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.
Rooting for you,
George Pierce


Want to know why HMR gets great results?

In the above video, HMR Founder and previous president, Lawrence Stifler, PHD,  explains the diet.  He also tells why you will get more weight loss in less time.

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