GM Diet Review

The GM Diet

by George Pierce
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The GM Diet or the General Motors Diet is a diet that was supposedly developed by GM for its employees.  The diet is intended to help GM employees to feel healthier and to lose weight.   This is no evidence to confirm that GM is actually behind this diet, it has also been referred to as the 'cabbage soup diet' and the 'sacred heart diet'.

How does it work?  

The principle of the GM diet is that of a negative calorie diet. What this means is that it takes more calories for the foods that you eat to be digested that the number of calories that these foods contain.  

The General Motors Diet is a seven day eating regimen that is also a detox plan.  It is centered around fruits and vegetables and six to eight glasses of water per day.  No alcohol is permitted for the entire seven days.  

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Day 1:  Eat all the fruit that you want except bananas.
Day 2:  Eat all the vegetables (cooked or raw) that you want.  
Day 3:  Combine veggies and fruits but no bananas or potatoes.
Day 4:  Bananas, bananas, and bananas!  Eat 8 bananas with at least 3 glasses of milk.  Today is also 'Special Soup' day.  Eat this soup anytime you want today and each remaining day.
Day 5:  Lean beef and tomatoes with lots of water.  You can have two ten oz. portions of  lean beef or hamburger with tomatoes.  Drink plenty of water to flush the uric acid from the beef, try to drink at least a gallon of water on day 5.
Day 6:  Lean beef and protein and veggies with no limit on how much you can eat.
Day 7:  All the vegetables, brown rice, and fruit juices that you want.  Give your juicer a work out on day seven.

Day 8:  If you have not reached your desired weight by day seven, you can repeat this diet again and again until you reach your goal weight,

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GM Special Soup:

3 ½ cups water
6 large onions – chopped
4 whole tomatoes
2 red peppers – chopped
1 bunch of celery – chopped
1 head of cabbage –chopped
Add herbs of your choice

Bring your GM Soup to a boil, then let it simmer for 30-45 minute.  When the veggies are soft but not mushy., your soup is ready.

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Allowable drinks:

Water-you can add lemon or lime.
Tea-black or herbal.
Club soda.
Juices-veggies juices on veggie days, fruit on fruit days, combination (if you wish) in combo days.


You can modify this diet by substituting brown rice, tofu, or chick peas for meat.


You CAN:  

Choose vegetables that you like
Eat vegetables as a salad
Use  lemon, garlic or herbs as well as white or wine vinegar.
Change any veggie in the GM soup


Use salad dressing
Use more than one teaspoon of oil on your veggies
Eat beans such as kidney, pinto, Lima beans, etc. as they are high in starch and calories
Skip any days 

Does this diet work?

Yes.  When you combine a negative calorie diet and a detox diet, you have the ingredients for weight weight loss and significant weight loss..  This fast weight loss is what makes this diet popular.  

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Low salt and sugar
Low in fat
Higher in complex carbohydrates and fiber
Reduces cholesterol levels
Decreases the risk for insulin resistance and diabetes
Reduces the risk of hypertension
You will lose weight.
You can expect to lose about 10 pounds, the GM diet claims a 10 to 17 pound weight loss in seven days.
Since you can eat as much as you want, you will not be hungry.


Lacks protein which is needed for hair, skin, and muscle.
Muscle loss
Muscle weakness
Dull skin
Exercise is not encouraged so fitness will decrease
Loss of energy
You will probably gain all your lost weight back and more when you stop.
Some dieters feel constantly thirsty due to dehydration.
Headaches are common


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The GM Diet is a joke and you are the brunt of the joke should you try this diet.  For starters, any short term diet does more harm than good.  A short term diet puts your body on a roller coaster ride that ends up back where you started and usually with a few added pounds.  In addition, the GM diet lacks fish, dairy and whole grains which contain essential nutrients.  Any short term diet ends and then the weight comes back, even worse, is that it can develop a mental association of short term and diet.  A real diet is long term (actually for life) and is sustainable, the GM diet is not sustainable.

In addition, it causes dehydration and puts your body into a starvation mode.  This starvation mode means that your body holds onto fat for dear life and slows your metabolism-the basis for a weight gain disaster when you stop.

The benefit of a short term weight loss is fleeting and the health risks make this diet a bad choice.  I give the General Motors diet two thumbs down!
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