The Flavor Point Diet Review

by George Pierce
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The Flavor Point is Dr. David Katz's second book.  Dr. Katz is a MD and a professor at Yale University School of Public Health. where he works in disease control and health promotion.  His first book, 'The Way to Eat' focuses on healthy eating to prevent disease.  In 'The Flavor Point', Katz contends that by controlling flavors at our meals, we can turn off our appetite and therefore eat less.  Eating less means weight loss.  

During each me, we reach a point where we feel satisfied...the flavor point as Dr. Katz calls it.  According to Dr. Katz, an abundance of flavors in a meal can over stimulate our brains into over eating.  Limiting our variety of flavors in a meal helps us to reach our flavor point earlier and therefore eat less.

The Flavor Point Diet is broken down into 3 stages.  Each stage is 4 weeks long.

Stage 1:  Each will have a flavor theme  which means that all your meals for that day will share that common flavor.

Stage 2:  More flavors are added.  Flavor themes change from meal to meal rather than day to day.  

Stage 3:  This phase allows you to build your own meals based on the principles that you have learned thus far.  Stage 3 is your final stage that you will stay in for maintenance.

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Sample Meal Plan from Spinach Day in week 3.
  • Breakfast: Spinach and feta cheese omelet with whole-grain toast
  • Snack: Crackers or baby carrots with spinach-yogurt dip
  • Lunch: Turkey and spinach salad
  • Dinner: Pasta with spinach marinara sauce, salad, and mixed berries

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Flavor Themes for the first four weeks:
  • Week 1: raisin/currant, pineapple, cranberry, lemon, peach, orange, apple
  • Week 2: tomato, carrot, mushroom, onion, pumpkin, spinach, bell pepper
  • Week 3: apple, tomato, almond, thyme, walnut, sesame, basil  
  • Week 4: spinach, orange, mint, lemon, pecan, dill, cranberry


The Flavor Point Diet suggests exercising moderately for 30 minutes daily.  Aerobic and muscle toning exercises are recommended.



Low fat and calorie restrictive which means that you should lose weight
Healthy and nutritious.
Flavor themes are built on healthy foods
Well balanced, meets USDA Guidelines
Includes fiber
Well laid out which makes it easier to follow
Over 100 recipes are included


There are no studies to validate Dr. Katz's claims regarding Flavor Point.
You will need to plan and prepare your meals.
Some experts feel that the diet is 'gimmicky' since Flavor Point is unproven.
The recipes are a bit difficult, if you are not at home in the kitchen.
Limited variety of foods at one time


Although sensory satiety is yet to be proven, I know that in my case, when I am eating a meal that is utterly delicious, it is more difficult to push away form the table.  The Flavor Point Diet is healthy and should help you lose weight and maintain your weight.  It is a low fat diet, which may be a negative for some.  I give the diet a thumbs up, but I am not recommending it for those of you who feel that you might have a hard time with meal planning, and especially the  preparation.  

Allow me to add that the experts seem to be highly in favor of Dr. Katz's diet.  Their reasons are valid since this is a well balanced diet based on whole foods, vegetables, proteins, fiber, whole grains and moderate amounts of fat, The Flavor Point should help with short term weight loss as well as a long-term lifestyle for maintaining your healthy weight.

Thank you for reading, my friends, I wish you success on your weight loss quest.

Kind regards, 
George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight Founder

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