Fiber 35 Diet Review

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The Fiber 35 Diet Program Review
by George Pierce

The Fiber 35 Diet Nature's Weight Loss Secret is a NY Times best selling diet guide.
The Fiber 35 Diet is by Brenda Watson,
a certified nutritionist and Leonard
Smith, an MD who specialized in gastrointestinal surgery.  The name of
the diet is the focus.  The diet is based on a daily intake of 35 grams of fiber

An advantage of fiber is that it helps you to feel fuller and for a longer period of time.

 The diet also adds exercise in order to increase your metabolism.

The diet claims to help with losing weight and preventing disease.  Exercise is encouraged. 
In fact, Brenda adds a complete strength and cardio work out. 

Fiber is that part of plant food that your body cannot digest. 

There are two kinds of fiber.

Soluble Fiber is the kind of fiber that will dissolve in water.  Insoluble Fiber does not dissolve in water.  Click Here to see my High Fiber Diet Review for more details.  The ideal blend of fiber is thought to be 65% insoluble fiber and 35% soluble fiber.

The main reasons why a high fiber diet helps you to lose weight is that
  • it usually takes longer to chew high fiber foods which gives you more time to feel full
  • fiber will help you to feel full
  • you will fell fuller longer
  • high fiber foods are typically lower in calories

The initial stage of the diet is limited to a 1200 calorie intake.   This low caloric intake should help anyone to lose weight.  You are encouraged to ease into the diet by slowly switching from refined and white grains to unprocessed and whole grains, adding a handful of berries to cereal, and adding flax seeds to your afternoon yogurt.

Road To Wellness ~ The Brenda Watson Story

Watson's Weight Loss Secret is "eat 35 grams of fiber daily". 

Since the average American eats only about 10 grams of fiber daily, a diet of 20 grams or more should help with both weight loss and better health.  For a printable list of high fiber foods, click here.  You can print the food chart or bookmark it.

For a free 2 page PDF report on Dietary Fiber from the FDA, click here.

A high fiber diet should have about 7 to 10 grams of fiber per meal and 2 to 3 grams per snack.  Eating 3 fiber rich meals and 2 fiber snacks should mean 30 to 35 grams of fiber per day.  30 grams of fiber or more is a high fiber diet.

Foods that are high in fiber are usually lower in calories and lower on the glycemic index.

The diet book also covers how stress can cause weight gain as well as hormones.
According to Watson, carbs are an essential part of a healthy diet.  The book goes on to cover cleansing and detoxing and claims that these methods will help you get off to a fast start.


You will find help and recipes in the book.   In addition, you can find many high fibers recipes onlne.

Getting Kids to Eat Fiber

Good sources of dietary fiber include

Whole grains
Nuts and seeds
Fruit and vegetables

The diet also offers Fiber 35 products such as shakes, bars, and supplements.


Lose weight
High fiber
Prevent disease
You should not feel hungry
Long term

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Meal Planning
Food preparation
Make cause stomach discomfort at the beginning.


I do not agree with the diet regarding colonic cleansing for weight loss, but a high fiber diet is a good healthy weight loss option that is sustainable.  I give the Fiber 35 Diet two thumbs up and recommend that you consider adding it to your list of weight loss options.

Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Rooting for you,
George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight Founder

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Brenda Watson's  Fiber 35 Diet - Fiber from Fruits and Veggies

Fiber 35 Diet ~ Eliminate Calories Using The Fiber Flush Formula

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