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Essentrics and Classical Stretch Review

By George Pierce
Miranda Esmonde-White author of Aging Backwards has created an exercise routine called Essentrics and Classical Stretch.
Aging Backwards is a NY Times Best Seller hard cover book based on an exercise program called essentrics.  Essentrics has been researched and developed by Miranda Esmonde-White, an advocate and educator of healthy aging.  She is probably best known for her appearance on PBS TV as the host of Classical Stretch.  

The Esmonde Technique owns both Classical Stretch and Essentrics.

What is Essentrics?  What is Classical Stretch?  

Both are workouts based on Miranda Esmonde-White's theories that lengthening and strengthening our muscles results in lean long muscles with great joint mobility.   These workouts are stretching exercises based on Tai chi.  They are designed to create health and balance and reduce or eliminate pain and relieve stress.  

Every muscle is targeted for a complete workout.  These workouts focus on eccentric
muscle training which is defined as an active contraction of a muscle while lengthening the muscle.  

Aging Backwards, the book, will open your eyes as to the miracles that exercise can provide, especially in regaining youth and health and vibrancy.   You will discover scientifically how exercise really does unlock youth and how lack of exercise really leads to death. 

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Does Essentrics and Classical Stretch Work?

These workouts have been successful is slimming the waistline, improving posture and flexibility, strengthening spine and back, and relieving pain.


More energy
Greater flexibility
Less pain
Increased blood flow
Feel younger
Helps you to look better
Increases range of motion


None that I could find. 

These exercises are geared to nearly every level of activity. 

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We believe that eccentric exercise (stretching and lengthening) is preferable to concentric exercise (contracting).  Essentrics and Classical Stretch are based on eccentric exercise.  We all want to live longer and live better and Miranda's Aging Backwards and DVD's are designed to make this desire a reality. 

Her DVD's are done to music but more laid back than Zumba, for example.  With over 300 DVD's to choose from, every age and every level of fitness is included which means that you should be able to find the perfect one that fits you.

Essentrics and Classical Stretch are among our favorite exercise choices.  We give them Two Thumbs Up!  We suggest that you consider putting Essentrics and Classical Stretch on your list as possible exercise choices. 

Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind regards,
George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight Founder

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