Eating Well for Optimum Health Dr. Weil's Anti-Inflammatory Diet Review

Eating Well for Optimum Health
Dr. Weil's Anti-Inflammatory Diet Review

by George Pierce
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The idea behind Dr. Weil's diet is that you can eat healthy, reduce inflammation, and lose weight as a bonus.  Dr. Weil does not present the diet as a weight loss plan, rather it is a way to eat healthy for life.

How Does It Work?

The diet is aimed at reducing inflammation which in turn helps prevent diseases related to age and promotes wellness.  According to Dr. Weil, inflammation can result in serious diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's.  His diet is meant to bolster your physical health and your mental health, improve energy and lower your risk of age related diseases.

The diet is based on an intake of around 2,000 to 3,000 calories a day.  The amount of calories depend on gender and size.  About half of you calories will come from carbohydrates, about 30% from fat and 20% from protein.  Dr. Weil recommends a mix of all three sources at each meal.

Dr. Weil puts a lot of focus on fresh fruits and vegetables which will be your main anti-inflammatory source.  Regular consumption of omega 3 fatty acids is suggested with a strong avoidance of fried foods and fast foods.

Dr. Weil steers us toward healthier carbs that do not spike our blood sugar levels and steers us away from saturated fat and steers us clear of foods such as margarine, partially hydrogenated oils, and vegetable shortening.  

Your fats will come from healthier sources such as avocados, nuts, and extra virgin olive oil. Fish is suggested twice a week or an omega 3 supplement.


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Your protein sources will be less meat and more focused on foods such as fish, cheese, yogurt, beans and soy products,

If you like tea, it is preferred over coffee.  Dark Chocolate is OK, in moderation and if it is at least 70% and even a glass or two of red wine is allowed.

You will be avoiding foods that are processed or packaged.  You will be eating less animal protein, but fish is allowed almost every day.

Vegan or Vegetarian?

You can adapt the diet to vegan or vegetarian quite easily.

Gluten Free?

You can make the diet gluten free.


Dr. Weil recommends supplementation and his book is rather specific as to what you will need.



There are no in person meeting.  You will find support is available from his website in the form of an eight week customized health plan, once you fill out the online assessment.  In addition, his site also provides recipes, videos, and the ability to ask questions.


Although no specific exercise plan is recommended, exercise is encouraged.


Your grocery bill probably may go up a little.  The diet stresses eating fresh foods which can be more expensive. 

Level of Difficulty:

For most people, I believe that Dr. Weil's Diet will be easier than most diets. If you love red meat, the diet may be more difficult or impossible.


An plant based diet, include this one, should be anti-inflammatory.  The benefit is that you will decrease inflammation.  Also omega 3 definitely decreases inflammation. 

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Does It Work?

Yes.  You will lower inflammation and you should realize an added bonus of losing weight.


Healthy eating
Lose weight
More energy
Dr. Weil's website adds lots of help, information, and recipes
Easier to follow
A higher starting calorie allowance than most diets
Delicious...many great recipes
Alcohol is allowed

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Meal Planning
Food Preparation
Some fruits and veggies are restricted to organic

thumb up

Dr. Weil's Diet is based on the Mediterranean Diet, one of the highest ranking diets by U.S. News and World Report.  This diet also ranks well, coming in at #14 in Best Diets Overall and #6 in Best Plant Based Diets.  I give the diet two thumbs up and suggest that you add it to your list of weight loss options.

Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Rooting for you.
George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight Founder

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Anti-Inflammatory Tips from
Dr. Andrew Weil

Meet Andrew Weil, M.D.

Dr. Weil is a physician, author, health guru, spokesperson, and celebrity.  Weil is a Harvard graduate and received his M.D. from Harvard in 1968. 

Weil is interested in integrative medicine which combines alternative medicine and other practices with conventional medicine.


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How to Make Anti-Inflammatory Golden Milk-Dr. Weil

Weil is thought to be a leader and guru in Holistic Health by some.  He is also criticized by some for his entrepreneurialism and self branding.

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