Dr. Oz's Ultimate Diet Review
by George Pierce
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Dr. Mehmet Oz, TV personality, best selling author and heart surgeon.

Dr. Oz's Ultimate Diet Review

Dr. Oz's Ultimate Diet  http://www.doctoroz.com/slideshow/dr-ozs-ultimate-diet-plan   helps you to diet 'smart'. The premise is that in two weeks, you can reboot your thinking, your diet, and your shopping.  

How does it work?

By cutting your calorie intake by 100 calories a day and walking 10,000 steps per day, Dr. Oz says that you will lose about a pound a month or 12 pounds per year.  The plan is laid out in an easy to follow and easy to understand process.   Just follow the steps.  

The first step is to clean out your refrigerator, your pantry, and your kitchen   Read label and throw out sugar, syrup, white flour, trans fats, or saturated fats items.

Next is to go shopping using Dr. Oz's shopping list:

droz 100 foods shopping list

Dr. Oz wants you to lose 100 calories a day.  Often this is as simple as cutting out soda or sweets.

His Ultimate diet also helps with reducing plate size (go from 12.5" to 9" plates) for easier portion control.  In addition, he suggest being prepared to stave off cravings by having fiber snacks available such as nuts and edamame. 

Other tips are to recruit a buddy, how to cheat, and to make an appointment with your doctor before e beginning the Dr. Oz Ultimate Diet.

A maintenance phase is also included...which is a shopping list from You On A Diet.

Does it work?

Yes, it should.  Your results may be better than expected.


Easy to follow
Includes exercise (10,000 steps are about 5 miles)
You should not have cravings
You should feel full

Dr. Oz and wife Lisa
Dr. Oz with his wife, Lisa.


You will need to prepare your food  (Dr. Oz suggests that you plan and prepare ahead of time)
Throwing away and not eating junk foods may not be easy


The Dr. Oz Ultimate diet is a low-fat dairy, low-fat animal protein, and fish diet. It also has fiber from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.  This will help you feel satisfied and is good for your heart, cholesterol, blood pressure and digestive system.  I am not a fan of Dr. Oz (see my article Do Not Trust Dr. Oz), but I am a solid fan of this diet.  

It is the kind of a diet that can help you to lose weight gradually for the short term and to maintain a healthy weight for life.  I give it two thumbs up!   I highly recommend that you add this diet to your list.

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