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Doctors May Be Wrong!

In general, modern medicine uses an allopathic approach.  What this means is that the symptoms are the main area of focus.  Instead of resolving the problem, modern medicine often alleviates the symptoms.  The result is that you stay sick!  Of course, this kind of medicine means that you remain a patient for an indefinite amount of time.  Resolving the actual problem means that you no longer need to see the doctor.


People need salt.  Too much salt can be a problem and is believed to lead to high blood pressure, kidney problems, heart problems, bloating, and more.  The minimum amount of salt (sodium) needed per day is about 200 mg.  Most people can handle about 1500 mg.  but many people take in more than 3,000 mg. of salt daily.  So what happens?  Your doctor puts you on a low salt diet. A low salt diet is a good thing, just be careful that it is not too low.  FYI:  Drink more water.


People need cholesterol.  If you have high cholesterol, consider lowering your cholesterol with exercise and diet or at least maintaining your cholesterol with diet and exercise.  Our brain is mainly cholesterol.  Many cholesterol medications have side effects.  Some experts feel that Alzheimer's is a possible side effect, so lowering your cholesterol naturally may prevent major brain issues later.

These are my opinions.  I have had years of research and experience in weight loss, but I am NOT a health professional.  Seek medical advice before making any health changes.

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