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Diabetes Lie Bammer
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The Diabetes Lie!

Diabetes is certainly real and can be serious, even deadly.  Anyone with diabetes knows about the health issues that diabetes can create.  If you have diabetes, what you may not know is that most diabetes treatment is allopathic.   


Most health professionals practice allopathic medicine.  Allopathic medicine treats the symptoms rather than the cause.  

In other words, most health professionals are using an allopathic approach regarding diabetes treatment rather that taking steps to help patients reverse their disease.  

I consider this kind of approach to be a 'near scam', since 'not fixing the problem' means that patients can remain patients for life!  I am NOT recommending that anyone stop or decrease any diabetes least, not yet.  

I do suggest:

I am encouraging anyone with diabetes or pre-diabetes to learn and research some of their other options.  The other options that I am suggesting are those that target the causes.  Most or perhaps all diabetics can eliminate their diabetes with the right kind of diet and healthy exercise.   

Our simple diabetes premise is the same one that we apply to weight loss.  

Find the cause and fix the cause.  A permanent fix equals a permanent solution.  

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There is a solution to diabetes, but it must target the causes. Fortunately, many many people have already been able to permanently reverse diabetes.  Excess weight is a main cause of diabetes.  Most people with diabetes who are able to lose weight through a healthy diet and exercise regime, also benefit from a significant improvement or even a total reversal of diabetes.   This fact simply proves that diabetes can be reversed.

Beware of Diabetes SCAMS!

Although diabetes may be technically 'curable', BEWARE of any company that claims to 'cure diabetes'.   The words "CURE DIABETES' is usually a huge red flag.

Any over the counter diabetic product...nutritional supplement, pill, patch herb, tea, juice,etc. that claims to eliminate your need for insulin, balance your blood sugar, revive your pancreas, as well as lose weight easily are probably scams.    

For emphasis allow me to repeat:   Any over the counter diabetic product...nutritional supplement, pill, patch herb, tea, juice,etc. that claims to eliminate your need for insulin, balance your blood sugar, revive your pancreas, as well as lose weight easily are probably scams. 

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Poor nutrition is often the cause of over weight and diabetes.  Super nutrition is the fix.

Many of these fake 'diabetes (or weight loss) miracles' are usually backed with scientific studies, clinical tests,  money back guarantees and personal testimonies.  So how can they be SCAMS?   Bogus studies, tests and testimonies can easily be manufactured.  A money back guarantee in no way makes these products valid and are often impossible to collect.

A recent phony diabetes scam is an email scam about a new diabetes medicine that will reverse diabetes.  The secret cure claims to be endorsed by Harvard University and NASA.  It is not endorsed by either and, of course, it does not work.

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Diabetes and excess weight are interrelated..  The scams are for both weight loss and diabetes are similar and so are the real and phony 'cures'.

Diabetes has been proven to be reversible for many people.  If you or someone you know has diabetes, it may be reversible, BUT the only way that has been shown to work is through diet and exercise.  In other words, I suggest that only a diabetic reversal program that focuses on proper diet and exercise be considered.   

Warning:  Should you decide to enroll in some type of diabetic reversal program, it is always good advice to see your health care professional before making any kind of weight loss or health decisions.  Of course, do not reduce or eliminate any diabetic medications or prescriptions until your health professional agrees.  

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Diet Doctor - How to reverse diabetes type2 video course.

Do Not Ignore Diabetes!

You CANNOT ignore diabetes!  Diabetes is called the SILENT KILLER for good reason.

There are common early signs of diabetes that you want to be aware of.

Do Not Ignore these 10 diabetes symptoms!

The Finger Nail Test!

Ever heard of the 'Finger Nail Test?  The following video explains how you can use this quick test.

Finger nail test for diabetes

What is your best diabetes defense?

See You doctor or health care provider.  Do this as soon as possible, but remember that most doctors use an allopathic approach to medicine.  This means that they often treat the symptoms, not the disease.

Learn as much about diabetes as you can.  The more you learn about this disease, the better that you will be able to treat it and reverse it. 

True Story:

A good friend of mine claims that diabetes is the best thing that ever happened.  Of course, I had to ask him why he would say such a thing. 

He said the diabetes was a 'wake up call'.   He had been abusing his body with poor eating and exercise and eating habits.  He felt that diabetes forced him to change those habits and lose weight.  Diabetes forced him to be healthy.

In my opinion, I hope that excess weight is enough of a wake up call for most of us. 

The Truth:

Diabetes Type 2 does not have to happen!  Pre-diabetes does not have to happen! 

The problem is that diabetes, pre-diabetes, and excess weight are sneaky!  They all usually happen slowly.  So slowly that we can overlook or even refuse to see or notice what is happening.

Even a few extra pounds can do us harm.

Why even slightly overweight is dangerous- -eye opening demonstration   Markus Rothkranz


Diabetes is serious and you cannot ignore it. 
Learn all you can. 
Be aware that modern medicine's approach to diabetes may focus more on the symptoms than the cause.
Be aware that the areas of weight loss and diabetes are huge targets for SCAMS.  To protect yourself, base your decisions on thought and logic and not on emotion. 

You Already Know This!

The idea is to wean yourself off any diabetes prescriptions or medications (not without approval) by improving your eating, your exercise, and your overall attitude towards good health.

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