Diabetes Implant Detects Caffeine Releases GLP-1

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Diabetes Implant Detects Caffeine - Releases GLP-1

Researchers are working on a implant that will release diabetic medication when it detects caffeine.  A new implant that will sense caffeine in the blood and release GLP-1 is an exciting breakthrough for coffee lovers with diabetes.  Swiss researchers are investigating an implant that will benefit diabetics that are currently using glucagon-like peptide 1, a diabetic medication that is referred to as GLP-1.

GLP-1 is typically used by Type 2 Diabetics.  Normally it is administered with an injection. GLP-1 helps to reduce blood sugar levels by stimulating insulin release in a response to eating and aiding satiety. 

The implant works on what is called a 'gene circuit'.  The gene circuit enables the cells to sense the molecules of caffeine when they enter the blood stream.  Once caffeine is detected, the implant releases GLP-1.

So far, the device has been shown to be successful in mice.  It will detect caffeine from soft drinks, tea, or coffee and release GLP-1.

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How the implant works is that it  consists of thousands of gel-like capsules.  Each capsule contains hundreds of the engineered cells. The implant is injected under the skin, the gel protects them from immune attack. yet it allows caffeine to enter and GLP-1 to go out.

The other benefit of the implant is that it may replace injections.

Unfortunately, more research and testing is needed before the implant will be publicly available.

Article source:  Nature Communications

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