Coolsculpting Review


CoolSculpting Review

by George Pierce
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coolsculpt before and after chin

CoolSculpting is a non surgical weight loss procedure. 
It is a freezing technology that is used to eliminate fat cells.

What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a patented proprietary cooling process by Zeltiq.  The Coolsculpting system is designed to remove stubborn fat bulges that do not seem to respond to exercise and diet.  This process is based on the fact that fat cells are more sensitive to cold that other skin cells and tissues.  Coolsculpting reduces the temperature of the targeted cells.  This controlled cooling triggers a natural process called apoptosis which results in the shedding of these unwanted fat cells.

Does it work?

Coolsculpting does work.  Reduction in fat bulges are noticeable after about 6 to 12 weeks.  It can be used to eliminate fat in the area of the chin, back, bra area, love handles, tummy roll, arms, thighs, etc.  

CoolSculpting on CBS News Remove Fat Without Surgery
Freezing Away Fat?


The results look natural.
The process is convenient and relatively comfortable.
Coolsculpting is FDA approved.
About 72% of Coolsculpting patients consider it 'worth it'.
Risks are minimal.
Pain is minimal.


Coolsculpting is still a relatively new process (about 4 years US., 5 years Europe).
The price is approximately $2200.
Coolsculpting claims that the results are long lasting.
Some swelling is probable.
A burning feeling may happen.

E! News Talks to Molly Sims about CoolSculpting

There is one point in particular that Coolsculpting by Zeltiq claims that makes us skeptical.  

It is Coolsculpting's claim that 


In our opinion, this statement defies science. 


Coolsculpting commercial


If you are within 30 pounds of your ideal weight and have a stubborn fat bulge, Coolsculpting may be an option.  My biggest concern is that this process is still rather new, so long term benefits or side effects are not yet known.  

Since long term results are not known, but based on the fact that it works and that 72% of its users consider it worthwhile, we reluctantly give Coolsculpting a thumbs up.

Thanks for reading, my friends.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind regards.
George Pierce
Founder Win At Losing Weight


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