Chew Off  Review
by George Pierce
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chew off bottle What is Chew Off?

Chew off is literally a way to eat to lose weight.  Chew Off  is one of Chew The Fat Off's flagship products that is a healthy bite sized snack.  Take it with water to shed the pounds.

How does it work?  

It uses raspberry ketones to help you lose the weight.  Ketones in the blood is known as ketosis (read more about ketosis).  A state of ketosis causes your body to burn fat rather than carbs.  
Chew Off also uses hormones such as Norepinephrine and Adiponectin.  Norepinephrine triggers the release of glucose from energy stores,   Adiponection is a protein hormone that modulates a number of metabolic processes, including glucose regulation and fatty acidoxidation. 

Additional Chew Off ingredients include cranberry juice powder, which has the same benefits as cranberry juice; SunFiber®, a beneficial dietary fiber; along with a vitamin and mineral blend.


Easy to use.
Healthy bite sized snacks.
Lose weight.
Promotes ketosis.

Ketosis has also been found to help the brain and also to help depression, migraine headaches, autism, polycystic ovary syndrome and diabetes mellitus type 2 in small case studies.
In animal studies it is believed to have benefited ALS, Alzheimer's Disease, and Parkinson's Disease and has even been suggested as a cancer treatment.



Ketones may have long term negative effects on children such as stunted growth, weak bones, and kidney stones.

Does Chew The Fat Off work?

Enclosed are two testimonies that I received this week:

Dear George,

My name is Steve and my wife Delores and I are in love with Chew The Fat Off.

We both started the CTFO weight loss program at the same time. I was always the skinny guy with a gut and Delores had gained a lot of weight after our 3rd child was born and could never manage to lose it.

I have now lost 20 pounds and I'm at my ideal weight, and Delores has lost almost 40 pounds and is looking and feeling better than ever! I love my wife no matter how much she weighs, but I have to tell you รข€" CTFO has transformed our lives; we're biking and hiking and laughing at how great we feel and look. It's like being teenagers again.

People now ask us all the time What are you doing – you look great! So we tell them about CTFO and let them go to our free websites. They order their products and we get paid. Delores will tell you that she didn't do this to make money; she just wanted to lose the weight. But now that we've made thousands of dollars, it's like icing on the cake, or should I say icing in the shake. :-)

I know CTFO can help you and those you care about, just like it has us.

God Bless,

Steve F.

Hi George,

Nine women from my work decided to do a weight loss challenge. They asked me to join, and tempted me with the prize money of $1,000. Since I had just gotten engaged a few weeks prior (yay for me!), I figured I should join the challenge to lose weight and win the money for my wedding. We were allowed to lose weight any way we knew how.

 That's when I decided Chew the Fat Off was going to be my secret weapon. Well, at the end of the 8 weeks I was the biggest loser, which made me the biggest winner! I lost 23 pounds which was 11.7% of my body weight. Chew the Fat Off was instrumental in my success. Every weekend I would have a cheat meal where I ate whatever I wanted. My exercise consisted of about ten minutes of walking per day. 

I plan on continuing my new healthy lifestyle, and with the help of CTFO I am hopeful of losing my last twenty pounds. Bathing suit shopping here I come!

- April F.

chew off label


Although I do not endorse raspberry ketones, Chew The Fat Off is making a big splash in weight loss.  It is so easy to use and seems to work.  (see my review of raspberry ketones). 

Many users of Chew The Fat Off are ecstatic about their weight loss.  The testimonies are glowing. 

As far as I can see, however, the jury is still out.  

Most diet products that are as convenient and easy to use as Chew Off, do not work, so I am not quite ready to give this product a thumbs up.    

Chew The Fat Off, however, is sure that it will work for you, even when other products have failed, so CTFO is backed with a 60 day money back guarantee.   I admit that I am impressed.  Chew Off does seem to work well, even so, consider it as a TEMPORARY step or as an extra tool for weight loss.  

Chew Off works best in conjunction with Shake Off, which is a meal replacement strategy for losing weight.  

Learn More about Chew The Fat Off 

Thanks for reading, my friends.  I wish you much success on your weight loss journey.

PS.  When it comes to weight loss products,  I am usually very negative...why? I mentioned above, most of them do NOT work.  I hope that Chew Off is an exception.  
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