Cheater's Diet Review

The Cheater's Diet Review
by George Pierce
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The Cheater's Diet or Cheaters diet is a diet formulated by Dr. Paul Rivas.  According to Dr. Rivas, you diet during the week and cheat on the weekends and still lose weight.

What is the Cheater's Diet?

The Cheater's Diet is essentially a Mediterranean Diet from Monday through Friday and cheating on your diet on the weekend.

How does it work?

Dr. Rivas claims that the act of cheating on the weekends on purpose cranks up your metabolism.  Dieting slows your metabolic rate, intentionally blowing your diet on the weekends reverses the slow down.  In addition, your weekend cheating helps you to better maintain your resolve during the week.

The Cheater's Diet:

During the week your diet is about 50% fruits and vegetables, 25% protein, and 25% whole grains.
You are advised to eat three meals and two snacks daily 

Sample Meal Plan


2 eggs, You can have the any style (use Pam spray to cook)
A medium orange or 1/2 grapefruit
Coffee or tea (Use an artificial sweetener and non fat milk)


1/4 pound tuna in water served on a whole-grain pita or tortilla. Mix with olive oil or fat-free mayo or mustard or lemon with salt and pepper
Add lettuce and tomato
One vegetable serving (any kind)
Iced tea (diet) or water with lemon and artificial sweetener


Peanuts (fresh, dry-roasted, no salt or oil added)


Grilled chicken breast strips
Broccoli and peppers (steamed)
Wild rice


Hot cocoa (8 oz.) with artificial sweetener

From Monday to Friday avoid:

Saturated fats

From Monday to Friday try to include:

Fruits and vegetables
Unsaturated fats
Approved snacks

calories do not count on weekends cheater's diet

On the weekends  (9 AM Saturday to 9PM Sunday), you can add 10 calories per pound that you weigh to your caloric intake per day.  

Peanut butter
Cinnamon buns
Ice cream
Strawberry shortcake

Only avoid those foods on which you might binge.


Move whenever you can, such as recreational activities, five days per week
Walk at least twice a week beginning at 15 minutes and working your way up to 45 minutes.
Perform an aerobic exercise at least twice per week for 20 to 30 minutes.

Dr. Rivas also covers diet supplements as to what works and what does not work.  Dr. Rivas says that the following do work.

5 HTP: 50 - 100 milligrams. take about 20 minutes before each meal
Green tea extract: take 200 milligrams twice per day
Mucana Pruriens: take 50 milligrams twice per day
Yerba Mate: take 225 milligrams once per day
L-tyrosine: take 250 to 1,000 milligrams twice per day


Does it work?

 According to Dr. Rivas ( a weight loss expert), the Cheater's Diet works well. He says that he has seen over 15,000 people fail at dieting and that he has helped over 15,000 people to succeed at losing weight with the Cheater's Diet.

According to Dr. Rivas, dieting is like a rewarding but boring job.  Burnout is an eventuality.  Cheating avoids burnout.


During the week you are eating a healthy diet.
Portion control
Mediterranean style eating habits
You food costs should not change


Cheating on the weekends may be a health hazard, especially if you are diabetic, a heart patient, or have high cholesterol...always consult your health professional before making a diet or exercise change.
Most meals are made from scratch so you will need to take time to prepare them.
Dr. Rivas does not cite any research to prove that cheating actually does stimulate your metabolism.

cinnamon buns


The idea of avoiding diet burnout which is the idea behind this diet is what most people need in order to be able to lose weight and especially to maintain weight loss.  Unfortunately, there is no proof that cheating will reverse your metabolic rate.  

Dr. Rivas book cover claim:   The Cheater's Diet : The Medically Proven Way to Supercharge Your Weight Loss, Break Through Diet Ruts and Stay Thin for Good seems to have real merit, but it NOT medically proven in terms of clinical or scientific studies.  

I feel that we have to allow ourselves to 'cheat' and that we should build it into our weight loss strategy.  I agree that a little cheating helps us to to be able to achieve long term results.  I believe that it  enables us to better adapt to a healthier lifestyle and that it helps us avoid taste bud boredom.  

I am giving the Cheater's Diet a thumbs up.  Since weekend cheating may be harmful to some people, my thumbs up comes a warning.  That warning is to see your health professional before start this diet.   I would like to remind you that 'common sense' is an important part of making any diet work.

As mentioned above, you should always see your health care professional before making any changes in your diet or exercise, with this diet, I feel that advice is truly a must.  

Thank you for reading, my friends, I wish you much success on your weight loss journey.

Kindest regards,
George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight founder

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