Morning Banana Diet Review

Morning Banana Diet Review

by George Pierce
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The Morning Banana Diet is a diet that was created by Sumiko Watanabe, an expert in preventative care and a pharmacist.   The diet was developed by Sumiko for her husband, Hitoshi,  who lost 37 pounds on the diet.  It became a sensation in Japan when Hitoshi  wrote about it on Mixi, a large Japanese social network.  

The Morning Banana Diet, also known as that Asa Banana Diet is based on eating fruit and being in touch with your body relative to hunger and fullness.  The diet is not strict and not about counting calories.  You will eat much as you have been eating except you will push away from the table (stop eating) when you are 80% full, and you need to have your last meal before 8PM.  You will not have desert with your last meal of the day.  You must go to bed by midnight.

The diet allows you to have as many bananas as you want for breakfast with room temperature water or a serving of milk, thus the name.   The original diet allows four small bananas.

For Lunch you eat a banana and a small salad.  Some versions allow you to eat what you want for lunch, just stop eating at 80% full.  You can have an afternoon snack if you need it.  You can eat a banana for an evening snack, if needed.  The Morning Banana diet recommends that you avoid dairy and ice cream most of the time.  

For a short while, the diet was so popular in Japan that is caused banana shortages.


Bananas are a good source of fiber.  Fiber helps us to feel full thus lowering our food intake.  One of the fibers that bananas contain is called resistant starch.  Resistant starch ferments in our digestive tract which may increase fat oxidation and reduce long-term fat accumulation.

The Level of Difficulty is low. You can eat with few restrictions except for breakfast and to stop eating at 80% full.  The only food you will cut back on or cut out is dairy.

Exercise:  The plan encourages walking daily, but not if it causes you stress.   (Most experts agree that exercise is a great stress reliever.)  

Cost:  Your food cost should not go up.

In Time Magazine's article 'Japan Goes Bananas for a New Diet '  "Professor Masahiko Okada of Niigata University School of Medicine questions the hype around the banana diet"  He " described it to be a fad diet due to lack of nutrient balance."

Does It Work?

Although bananas are not known as a diet food or for promoting weight loss, they can help fill you up.  With the diet helping you to learn to focus on being better in touch with your hunger and fullness, and stopping eating sooner, your caloric intake should be lowered which can mean weight loss.


Relatively easy diet
Simple Plan, Simple Rules
Gradual transition to healthier eating
Weight loss can help you with lowering your risks from obesity related diseases.
The diet includes some good weight loss techniques and strategies that can become part of a long term lifestyle change.
 You are allowed to substitute bananas with other fruits so the diet will be less likely to 'get old' and you will be less likely of quitting.
The diet stresses the value of sleep, an important factor for losing weight.



Lots of freedom...this is a plus for many, but you may need more structure and restriction.
Your freedom of choice can lead to bad nutrition.
No support.
Meetings:  There are no meetings.
Limited dairy or no dairy.  


The Morning Banana diet is easier that most diets and should help you to lose weight.  In addition, it teaches you some important weight loss skills such being in touch with your body and exercising your 'push away muscles'.    I like the diet, but I cannot give it a thumbs up or a recommendation for one reason.   The diet allows the dieter to eat whatever you wish (except for breakfast). 

That being said, an easier way to lose weight may mean the end of a weight loss nightmare.  This diet may be a dream come true, but if you decide on the Morning Banana Diet, please keep this caveat in mind.   The caveat is to use your common sense.  In other words, if the two meals that you eat in addition to breakfast are 'healthy', this diet may be your key to easy short term and long term success.  If those two meals are not healthy, then this diet will not be healthy for you.  

Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kind regards,
George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight Founder
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