Baby Food Diet Review

The Baby Food Diet Review

by George Pierce
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What is the Baby food diet?

The Baby Food Diet is recent Internet fad.  It is thought to have been started by celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson.  The Baby Food Diet is not a diet, rather it is a maintenance program for keeping those pounds off that you have already lost.  There is no 'official' diet.  In other words, there are no officially published rules and guidelines.

How does it work?

The Baby Food diet is replacement diet.  You replace one or two meals and/or snacks per day with baby food.  You can eat anything that is baby food, which gives you a wide range of foods., flavors, and options.

Does it work?  

It should.  You are replacing meals with small jars of low calorie baby foods, which will lower your caloric intake which is the basis for weight loss.

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No food prep.
Baby food is low in additives and calories.


Most baby foods are not very tasty.
Baby foods do tend to act as a cleanse.
Difficulty level is high.
Since you have no guidelines, nutritional deficiencies are possible.
Ounce per once, baby food is not cheap.
There is no exercise plan to go along with this diet.
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According to the American Diabetes Association, a diet should be pleasurable and palatable.  This is great advice and does NOT apply to the baby food diet.  There are many other 'replacement' diets that have been formulated by professionals that you will find easier, tastier, more satisfying and safer.  I give the Baby Food Diet, a thumbs down.

Thank you for reading, my friends, and I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

Kindest Regards,
George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight Founder

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