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by George Pierce
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What is Aspartame?

Aspartame is a sugar substitue or artificial sweetener used in some foods and beverages.  Aspatame arrived on the marketplace in NutraSweet.  It is about two hundred times sweeter than sucrose (sugar).   The sweet taste that it produces lasts longer than sugar, so it is often blended with other artificial sweeteners such as Ace K, to resemble sugar.  

Is Aspartame Safe?

Aspartame has a history of negative findings since its discovery in 1965.  Aspartame was considered to be linked with brain cancer, but in 1980, it was found by a Public Board of Inquiry convened by the FDA that Aspartame does NOT cause brain cancer in rats.  At that time the FDA commissioner approved aspartame in dry goods.   In 1983, the FDA added  further approval of  aspartame in carbonated drinks, along with other beverages, baked goods, and confections in 1993. In 1996, all restrictions from aspartame were removed by the FDA, allowing it to be used in all foods.  The bottom line is that aspartame is considered safe by the FDA.  Aspartame is also approved in over 90 other countries.  

Unlike some artificial sweeteners such as sacccharin, aspartame is digested rather than passing through our body.  Dr. Lendon Smith, MD. claims that aspartame is responsible for 92 different symptoms.  

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My opinion:

My overall position on added chemicals, manufactured food additives, in general, food ingredients that are NOT natural, is that we should avoid them.   I suggest that you and I take a 'better safe than sorry approach' regarding non-natural food additives.   

Before you make up you mind and for more help on this issue, 
please read:  Sugar vs. Artificial Sweeteners and 
Five Food Additives You Should Avoid.

My friend, thank you for reading.  I wish you much success on your weight loss journey.

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