Are You Ready To Lose Weight

I am getting rid of the weight for good.

NOW is not always the best time to lose weight!

Before you decide to lose weight:

Are you physically capable of exercise? Some of us may be too out of shape or have serious conditions (heart, joints, muscles) or diseases.

Are you over weight? In other words, do you need to lose weight?

Do you want to lose weight? If you do NOT WANT to lose weight, now is not a good time.

Losing weight for most of us is a 'temporary' journey based on an impulse decision. The result is that you fail once again and often gain more weight than you lost.  So, this time, are you ready for long term weight loss with a long term mindset?  Our training course, which is part of our free membership,  can help you to prepare for a permanent weight loss attitude. 

If you are losing weight for the wrong reasons, losing weight the wrong way, and losing weight when you are just not ready,  then your decision to start now may not in your best interests.

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