Are You Doing Weight Loss Wrong!???
by George Pierce

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Are You Doing Weight Loss Wrong!???

The sad fact is that about two out of three people need to lose weight!  About 63% of women and 73% of men are overweight or obese.  Twenty years ago, only 1 in 4 needed to lose weight. 
So almost everyone should be on a diet, right? 

Surprisingly, dieting has lost ground.  Dieting hit its peak in 1991 when about 31% of the population was on a diet.

Now, nearly 70% are overweight, but only 19% are on a diet.  More people are over weight, yet fewer people are dieting.  What is going on?

The good news is that 77% of us are trying to 'Eat Healthier'! 

What this means is that more and more of us are actually on the right track.  Losing weight and keeping the weight off is not about dieting, it is about making better choices, and improving our eating and exercise habits. 

Although 77% of us are on the right track, the overweight epidemic is still growing faster than ever. 

The availability of fast foods, sugary foods, low quality foods, and sugary drinks are part of the cause, but our embracing this kind of lifestyle is a major part of the problem.  In addition, long term weight loss success involves more than merely making changes in our eating and exercise choices, yet most diet plans omit or skim over what is missing.

The situation is further compounded by the weight loss industry which has left the general public confused and uninformed.  Diet and dieting are becoming less and less attractive.  “Diet is really a passé term,” says Jillian Bridgette Cohen, co-founder and CEO of Virtual Health Partners.  People want something better and more sustainable. 

Are people simply giving up?

The number of people that are concerned about their weight is less than ever before. The number has dropped from 56% in 1990 to 49% today.  This 7% drop means that millions more people are no longer trying to lose weight.  It is believed that many of them have simply given up on weight loss.  This trend is especially high with women and "particularly evident among black women," says study author Jian Zhang, an epidemiologist at Georgia Southern University.

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What seems to be happening is that for many of us losing weight is simply not working.  After several futile attempts, our brain may begin to relate dieting and weight loss to 'punishment' and a 'waste of time'.  Sooner or later, we STOP. 

It is believed that the longer that we are overweight, the more difficult it is for us to lose the weight.  Those people who are not taking action are ignoring or overlooking the health risks which will rob them of a quality life and shorten their life. 

Doing nothing is certainly wrong, but those of use that are desperately trying to lose weight feel that we are doing everything we can to lose weight, yet our results are sometimes minimal or short lived. 


And who is to blame? 

The weight loss industry and the medial community point the finger of blame at the dieter.  The real blame is not the dieter.  The blame is NOT you! 

You have simply not been  armed with the proper information and a few simple skills!

Diet plus exercise does NOT equal success!

As I mentioned earlier, there is more to weight loss than diet and exercise.  The information and training that is missing may be missing on purpose.  If the weight loss industry actually provides you with the additional information that you need and teaches you a few simple weight loss skills, you will succeed once and for all.  That is what you and I want, but not what they want.  They will have lost a lifetime customer. 

But you already know how to lose weight, right? 

According to the weight loss statistics, less than 5% of us succeed at long term weight loss.  This means that although the other 95%+ may have good intentions, they are not winning the battle to lose weight.    For over 20 years, I have been able to maintain a healthy weight and for over 20 years I have been researching weight loss, diets, and obesity. 

Initially I began this research in order to help myself 'maintain'.  My reasoning was that the more I know, the less likely I will be to gain back the weight.  As I researched, I realized that there must be reasons why some WIN at losing weight and reasons why so many do not win.

Are the ones that WIN at losing weight just lucky?

The answer is no.  What I have discovered are the reasons why the 5%ers WIN.  I discovered that there are Five Crucial Factors that are needed as your weight loss foundation.  Miss out on just one and you will not succeed.  I have learned that there are a few basic weight loss skills along with some tricks and a few secrets that no one teaches us.  All this help and information is available to you and for free. 

The Five Crucial Factors are posted in the Member Area and the information, skills, tips, tricks, and secrets are also free.  They are available in a 30 day training course.  The Five Factors, the training course, along with a Member Library, weight loss resources, and more are included in our free membership.  Membership is presently free for life. 

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Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you success on your weight loss journey.

George Pierce
Win At Losing Weight Founder

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Eye Opening Facts!

Scientists have discovered a 'fat' gene (FTO gene).  They believe that there are two to one hundred variations.  Those of us who have this gene are 60% more likely to be obese.

Obesity impairs memory.  Women tested better on memory after six months of losing weight.

Being overweight causes inflammation which acts as a trigger for diseases and cancers.  Losing even a few pounds can help reduce inflammation.

Studies show that eating dark chocolate in small amounts on a regular basis can reduce abdominal fat and extend life. (see Bonus Years Diet)

The belief that you should not eat between meals to lose weight is a myth.  Most experts agree that eating more often help to maximize your metabolism.  Consider eating smaller healthier meals and two smart snacks daily.


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Gaining weight slows your metabolism.  A slower metabolism makes it even easier to gain more weight and harder to lose the weight you have.

Adequate sleep is essential for weight loss and for maintaining weight loss.  7 out of 8 women who slept 8 hours per night lost 3 to 15 pounds in 8 weeks!

Think CRUNCH!  Healthy snacks that are crunchy seem to be more satisfying. 

Exercise does much more that aid your weight loss.  Your brain is 60% fat so healthy fat is essential in your diet.  Your brain needs oxygen and to remove toxins.  Exercise such as walking is needed for blood flow to the brain to supply the oxygen and remove toxins.  Studies show that every hour of exercise adds seven hours to your life span.

36% of adults and 20% of children are obese.  Obese means having a BMI over 30 which means diseases, cancers, and a shorter life span are highly likely.

The average fast food meal contains about 1100 calories. Most 20 oz. soft drinks contain about 200 calories.  Medium fries contain around 340 calories.  One Big Mac has 540 calories.

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The Healthiest Things You Can Order from the McDonald's Menu per Shape dot com:
Grilled Ranch Snack Wrap.
Bacon Ranch Grilled Chicken Salad. ..
Egg White Delight. ...
Pico Guacamole Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich.
Fruit 'N Yogurt Parfait.
1% Low Fat Milk Jug.  ...
Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad.
4 Chicken McNuggets and a Side Salad.

After sifting through hundreds of diet, I have found five rules that you can apply:
  1. Calories in vs. Calories out equals weight loss or gain.
  2. Focus on fruits and vegetables
  3. Avoid man made fats
  4. Avoid man made (processed) foods
  5. Eat carbs that come from whole grains and fiber


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