The Alkaline Diet Review

by George Pierce
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What is the Alkaline Diet?  

The Alkaline Diet (also called the alkaline ash diet,  acid ash diet, alkaline acid diet, and the acid alkaline diet) is a diet that focuses on eating foods that affect our body's acidity levels.  Certain foods are thought to change the PH or acidity levels of our body, including blood and urine.  In general, this diet advocate avoiding foods such as cheese, poultry, meat, and grain, in order to increase our PH (increasing alkalinity).

How does the Alkaline Diet work?  

The alkaline diet originated as a method to raise the PH of urine in order to reduce urinary tract infections and kidney stones.  The idea is to avoid foods such as meats and grains, poultry, refined sugars, cheese, and processed foods which are believed to make our bodies acidic which is thought to be bad.  The diet focuses on foods that make our body more alkaline, this good.

You can eat nearly all fruits and vegetables as well as soybeans, tofu, some nuts, and seeds and legumes.You cannot eat dairy, eggs, meats, most grains, refined sugars, and processed foods.  If it is in a can, a box, or a package, it is probably a processed food.  Alcohol and coffee are also not allowed.

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The alkaline diet is based on healthy foods.
The alkaline diet may help with arthritis.
An alkaline diet can kill cancer.


The foods that you can eat are quite limited.
More time is needed to prep and cook your meals.
Many foods are off limits.
You have little to no support.
Difficult to eat out and stay on this diet.

Does the Alkaline Diet work?  

Yes.  The fact that the alkaline diet is centered around fruits and vegetables makes it a healthy diet that will help you to lose weight.  It is not the alkalinity change (if any) that helps you to lose weight, it is the foods that you are eating while on the diet that promotes weight losss.

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I consider the alkaline diet to be too restrictive for most people.  In addition, many of the high protein foods are missing and calcium rich foods are not allowed, so extra focus is needed to be sure that you maintain adequate levels with plant based foods.  

Even though the alkaline diet works, it  works for reasons other than alkalinity or PH change.  In addition, your food options are very limited. I give the alkaline diet, a thumbs down.

Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you much success on your weight loss journey.

George Pierce
Win at Losing Weight Founder

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Avoiding meat is not a dog diet!

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